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The Epic T Rated One-Shot Contest
Hosted by Daddy's Little Cannibal and Bronzehairedgirl620.

The rules are as followed:
1. No lemons.
2. It must be rated T.
3. It has to have a line (not an actual character) about a cannibal.
4. It has to have a line (not an actual character) about a fireman.
1. No lemons.
5. Cannon pairings.
6. It has to be a one-shot, you're allowed to continue it when the contest is over with.
7. Must copy and paste this to the beginning of every story you enter (you're allowed up to two entries, collaborations are accepted).
1. No lemons.

Summary: Edward and Bella go for a car ride. For the Epic T-rated Contest and in memory of my twin sister, Daddy's Little Cannibal.

Warnings: lemon ; P

Author's Note: My twin sister, Daddy's Little Cannibal, has wanted me to write Twilight one-shot for months. I kept putting it off because I was working on Follow the Yellow Brick Road, and I wasn't interested in taking on a new project (even a little one). I can't tell you how terrible I feel for putting this off. I hope wherever she is, she's reading this story and going, "God, Jo, your writing is terrible!"

Close Call

(Drives on curb) "That's how you know you're close."


"I can't believe Emmett spiked the punch again," Edward shook his head. He chuckled.

I smiled and rolled my eyes. "At least we didn't have to call the fire department."

He slowed to a stop at the red light and turned to me, "Thank you for coming with me tonight. It meant a lot to me. Even if my brother thinks you're a cannibal."

I blushed, "No problem."

The light turned green and Edward creaked forward. A car zoomed by, running the red light. Edward slammed on the breaks, causing us to jerk violently forward. I gasped for breath and slammed my hand over my heart. I looked out the passenger window, and saw the car swerve back and forth. I turned to Edward and asked, "Are you okay?"

"Yeah," he replied, "You?"

I nodded. I looked back at the car. It made a violent right turn. "Do you think he was drunk?"

"Maybe." He placed his hand on my hand, "God, I thought we were going to be hit."

"At least if we died," I smiled, "I would have died with you."

The End

Author's Note: Thanks for all the support. I was surprised that so many people cared for her. Lindsey (Bronzedhairedgirl620) has told me many people have been asking about Steph's obituary. I will not be disclosing any information on it. It feels like an invasion of privacy and personal information (like our last name) will be put into view. For our safety and personal privacy, we both will not be giving out any information about the funeral.

She will be missed by all. RIP Steph.