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Eeks...a pointless little one-shot. It sounded better in my head. :(

I watched the last ten available episodes of KHR on Youtube last weekend, and I gotta say, it's pretty good (but the manga is better! :D).

This is the first fanfic where I'm using the anime as reference...gulp...Wish me luck, ne?

Master, do robots have hearts?



Those were my thoughts as one of the Deathstalk Squad members advanced towards him, ready to crush bone and flesh under their muscular arms.

I drove up to the big, fat, mutated monster and clamped onto his leg. No way would I let my beloved master be hurt...not after all that he's done for me...

The ugly woman with the Afro shouted a command, and the monster leaned down to crush me and the master.

Activating teapot launcher. The master's favourite Japanese green tea soared into the monster's face. Ha, take that. Next: strawberry shortcake with vanilla icing. And after that, popcorn. Hmm...laptop, too?

I raised up my hands and blocked an attack, but I knew that I wouldn't hold for long. In a battle of power...I was sure to lose. I didn't have any fighting ability. But as long as I could protect master...

Video clips of the master and I played in my monitor, and I silently hoped that the master would get away. I could feel my joints breaking...

My feet sank into the floor, and electricity buzzed around me as I felt my system drive crumbling.

A few moments later, I used the last of my power to huddle in front of my master in an attempt to block an attack. I would never let anyone hurt him. Never.


Of course, Mini Moska. Of course robots have hearts. They're not like a human's...but you have one.