The Attraction


Primarily NarutoxLightning

Naruto x Fang

Naruto x Vanille

Fang x Vanille


Story Start


They were still quite a bit of ways from Oerba. A makeshift camp was being set up my Naruto clones and Hope while Sazh and Snow went scourging around for food. Vanille though was sitting on a hill of grass as she watched Lightning and Naruto spar. Despite the naive air that Vanille projected she was rather perceptive. She noticed that something was bothering their unoffical Co-leader as her attacks seemed off; maybe even a bit sloppy.

Switching to gun mode she fired several Ruinega powered bullets at Naruto who jumped back and formed a green barrier called reflect. It was one of the spells that L'Cie weren't blessed with and the magic was something Naruto learned from one of his previous journeys. An aura of purple radiated around Lightning as she cast a few buff spells before switching to blade mode and going on the offensive.

''Man...watching those two go at it is enough to make a gal sweat.''

''Oh Fang.'' Vanille said as she looked up to see her companion. ''Where'd you go? When we woke up this morning you were already gone?''

''Just went for a walk to stretch the old legs.''

'' you think...I mean...'' Vanille fumbled over the words, she wasn't sure how to go about the question on her mind. '''s nothing.''

''Now come on nille it must be something. '' Fang said as she joined Vanille on the grassy hill. ''Or maybe it's someone!" she hinted at the dueling combatants with a smirk as Vanille looked down, a blush coloring her cheeks a light pink. Unknown to Fang she was only halfway right in her summation. ''Well you should go for him before the super soldier decides to take her frustration out on him in a way that doesn't include her gun-blade, but then again knowing Light...'' Vanille found herself blushing even harder at Fang's insinuations.

''I...I don't know I mean...'' she wished it wasn't so hard to convey her feelings.

''Gotta live each day like it's your last. No telling how long we're going to go out for a crystal nap once we complete our focus.'' For Fang, becoming a Cei'th was not an option. And all things considered with the fact the duo completed their previous focus centuries ago it only backed up Fang's confidence that there was no way they were going to fail.

''You make it sound so easy! Telling someone your feelings that is.''

''Well of course it is! Just tell the bloke you're taken by him. Naruto seems to like a feisty girl so you might want to fling a fireball or two at him to get his attention and tell'em the truth.'' The word truth made Vanille winched. There were still things she was keeping from Fang and she couldn't help but feel guilty. Maybe she should talk to Naruto; he might have some advice that would help her convey her feelings.