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I'm messing with canon a bit, the Torchwood crew are at a point just after Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (series 2 episode 1) whilst the Doctor and Donna are in an A/U at mid-series 4.

Chapter 1 - Unwanted

"Jack!" came the Doctor's chirpy voice from the Hub entrance, accompanied by the sound of the heavy Hub door rolling open giving entrance into the underground world of Torchwood Three. "Don't mind us, we were in the area, thought we'd just pop in to say… hi…"

He trailed off as his eyes swivelled around to where the Torchwood team were gathered, cowered in a corner behind Jack, who had his arms in the air in front of three life forms standing before them.

One of the creatures turned around slowly, and the Doctor almost reeled with shock. Two bulbous black eyes stared at him aloof, a small black hole visible as a mere pinprick in the place its mouth should have been. Its nose was big enough to mistake for a Hoover, whilst its head looked more like a pear with grey skin. It probably would've looked comical, if it didn't have – what looked like – blood dripping eerily from its small pinhole mouth.

"Oh sorry," the Doctor said after he'd managed to recover, beaming away happily. "I didn't know you had people 'round for dinner, Jack."

Jack decided introductions were needed. "Doctor, meet the freaky alien guys. Freaky alien guys, meet the Doctor."

The Doctor gave an insanely cheery wave. "Hello!" he greeted, before turning back towards the Hub door, beckoning someone beyond the metal. "Hurry up, Donna!"

"Cobbles!" A red haired middle-aged woman appeared in the doorway, looking nothing short of annoyed at the Time Lord standing in front of her. "Heels! Cobbles! And you're tellin' me to hurry up?!"

The Doctor visibly winced. "Okay, okay sorry." He turned back around, expecting to see the aliens over the other side of the Hub still, but instead found one mere inches away from his face. He jumped in shock, stumbling backwards a few paces and almost into Donna.

"Oi, watch it!" Donna exclaimed, but then she saw what he was looking at. Her jaw dropped. "Blimey," she said, "now that's ugly." The Doctor stared at her. Donna seemed puzzled. "What?" Then she realised. "Oh yeah! Translator circuits! He can understand me!"

The Doctor sighed and rolled his eyes.

"Scan them!" a low-pitched voice hissed from across the room, one of the ones next to Jack. The one in front of the Doctor obligingly raised something slim and silver and waved it over Donna, then the Doctor. It stared at the results on the device for a moment, before raising a hand to point at the Time Lord.

"This one be perfect," it said in a poor representation of English.

The Doctor grimaced. "Uh oh," he muttered as the apparent 'leader' of the creatures took a step forward, regarding the Doctor with interest.

"Yes, he be good," it said, and in one swift movement it drew something sleek and black and pointed it at the Doctor, and then fired off a shot.

"You shot him!" Donna gasped as the Doctor suddenly jolted, hands snapping to his abdomen before he collapsed to the floor with his face contorted in pain, curling in on himself and convulsing in agony.

"Us return soon," the life-form leader said as though it were a typical day at the office, and in the blink of an eye, the life-forms had transmatted out. Donna fell to her knees next to the Doctor and cradled him in both arms as Jack instantly dropped his arms and bolted over to the collapsed Doctor, trying to lift the Doctor's hands from his abdomen to check for a wound but the Time Lord forcefully pushed him away.

"Doctor?!" Donna was yelling, frantic. "Are you okay?!"

"Yeah Donna I'm absolutely fine! I've just been shot in the stomach, that's all!" the Doctor yelled back, still convulsing violently.

Donna's expression of concern quickly turned to one of irritation. "You might be dyin' Time Boy, but I'll still slap ya!"

"Doctor!" Jack interrupted, still trying to pull the Doctor's hands off of his wound. He couldn't see any blood. "Let go!"

The Doctor was visibly getting weaker and weaker as his strength began to wane, but he still kept his hands firmly to his stomach. "No…" he moaned, "please… don't touch… hurts…"

Jack slipped his arms beneath him and went to lift – but the Doctor's cry of agony at the movement made him hesitate and freeze. The Time Lord was sweating profusely, trembling and gasping for air.

"Doc, I'm tryin' to help! Lift your hands!"

The Doctor's only form of reply was to pass out. Jack took the opportunity to move the unconscious man's arms off of his stomach and pull up his shirt. A frown appeared on his face.

"There's no wound," he announced as Owen moved over, checking the Doctor over for himself.

"Could be internal. Get him to the medical room."

As he began to surface, the Doctor could hear echoes of voices from close by locked in the depths of conversation, but the words were indecipherable. He tried to move but sudden pain shot through his abdomen and he cried out, trying to curl in on himself in an involuntary reflex but someone grabbed him by the shoulders and held him in place firmly, cradling his head. Jack.

"It's okay Doc, shush, we're gonna find out what's wrong and fix it, all right?"

The Doctor groaned in pain before nodding, spasming slightly as someone gently pressed down on his abdomen. He opened his eyes to his surroundings, taking in the whitewashed walls and heavy medical equipment, and the crowd gathering at the top of the stairs to watch. Jack followed his gaze and instantly waved his hands, shooing them out of the circular room.

"Do you want something for the pain?" Gwen asked, and the Doctor furiously nodded.

"I've got some aspirin," Donna offered.

The Doctor grimaced. "Gonna need a little more than aspirin," he gasped, and Jack couldn't help but smile.

"He's allergic to anything to do with aspirin," Jack said, and Donna frowned, confused.

"You're allergic to aspirin?" she asked, perplexed.

"Deathly," Jack replied. "One aspirin could kill him."

Donna breathed through her nose, lips pursed. "Can't be fun when you've got a headache."

Jack looked up at Owen, who was still examining the Doctor's stomach. "Got anything?"

Owen was frowning. "Nothing but morphine, and I can't give him that. Need a CAT scanner… Since we don't have one, gonna have to ultrasound it."

"Whatever, just stop his pain," Jack said, anxious for his friend.

"I can't find anything," Gwen announced from across the room where she was going through drawers and drawers of medical packs. Jack cursed under his breath, holding the Time Lord instinctively to him.

"Just gotta ride it out, Doc. Stay strong," Jack muttered near the Time Lord's ear and he nodded again, still groaning in agony. Owen was already spreading gel-like substance over the Doctor's stomach as Jack continued to hold him in both comfort and to still him.

Silent seconds passed, and Owen's frown seemed to get deeper and deeper as he glanced back and forth between the Doctor and the screen displaying the ultrasound. A minute had passed before he finally spoke. "Does the male of your species carry the offspring?"

The Doctor shook his head, teeth gritted.

"That'll be why you're in pain then," Owen said, staring intently at the screen. "They've implanted their spawn inside you to grow, shovin' any internal systems out of the way, causin' some pretty severe internal damage…"

"What you talkin' 'bout?" Donna enquired, confused as she looked around at the gathered people, whose faces had seemed to drop. "Spawn?"

"Donna," Jack began, slowly and unsurely. "The Doctor is pregnant."

A/N: Chapter two introduces the actual plot! I know, exciting, isn't it.