Crusaders of the Silver Cross

Prologue – when the melody echoes, the clown vanishes...

"Allen, Lenalee and Kanda have been sent on a recognition mission in Istanbul. There were rumors about a Innocence user in the vicinities of Büyükçekmece, one of the districts in the lower Istanbul. Various testimonies about strange facts opened Central's ears, and a top team was made. Besides the three exorcists, Link and another two finders were sent as well. However, the Order didn't expect a full level 4's horde, and a strange Noah woman pulling their strings. When they turned to capture Allen, a huge war consumed the streets, and thus turned to a survivor's battle…"

Istanbul – Turkey – Third Day

"This wasn't supposed to be like this. People were dying, the city was destroyed, and Allen was separated from them. One of the finders has died in her arms, and Lenalee's mind only had time to process the missing member of their team. The Noah's were after Allen, for reasons not knowed until now, and this was breaking her heart apart. Kanda had almost lost an arm and Link was running out of energy. The other finder was trying hard to not slow them down, but the level 4's were approaching.

-I'll hold them down – the samurai said, Mugen shining in his hand

-No! We can't separate anymore! – Lenalee spoke, her tension rising even more - We already lost A… - she stopped after finishing the sentence.

They have been separated from Allen in their very first day in Istanbul, and they've been fighting for their lives for two consecutive days, but she couldn't believe herself that Allen was lost. Not for the second time. She didn't want to feel like that again.

-There's someone you need to find – Kanda spoke again, his voice harsh like always was, but she could notice a hint of worry in his tone. With a small smile, the finder in her arms and Link following closer, she took of to look for the Destroyer of time…


Allen was tired. Running for hours, fighting high level akumas and trying to escape from a mysterious Noah could really worn you out. He danced in the street with the Sword of the Exorcism firmly in his right hand, fighting for life and to found his lost companions. The industries in the city were the only things that remained somewhat intact, but the places for him to hide were running low.

-Now that's a fine mess. How could we get separated in the first day of the mission? – he said, trying to relieve the tension to organize his thoughts.

Hiding in a wine cellar, he cursed himself . The smell of alcohol impregnated the air, and Allen could only protect his nose and mouth with a piece of his own uniform, while attempting to get out without being noted by the akumas.

And then, a voice echoed in his head, and Allen found himself inside his mind, in a strange place, looking for someone who extremely resembles himself…

The 14 th.

-What's the problem boy? Scared? – The noah spoke with a strong yet sooth voice.


-I'm you… or else, you're me. Let me out boy. I can control them, set you free of the suffering.

-What the hell are you talking about? – Allen screamed – When you get out, you'll kill my friends! That's the kind of person a Noah is!!!

-It seems that you're misunderstanding something, lad. Or else, at least two things – His noah-self continued – First, the Noahs aren't human beings, persons, or anything you called us. What, you think we're at the same level as a simplistic man? Think, boy!!!

Allen was surprised with the seemed angry outburst of the 'immortal' one, but remained silent as the Noah spoke again.

-The second thing… About killing your friends, who told you that? he scorned, and this infuriated Allen – I could actually came to like them. Maybe they would forget about you…

-Shut up!!!! – Allen screamed, being more angry than he ever was – You're not a part of me, nor I'm a vessel for you!! I create my paths, and you won't have anything that I've achieved!

-Calm down, boy! I was teasing you…

Allen calm down, and the 14 th was actually surprised… Then he was laughing.

-What're you laughing about? – Allen spoke again, the rage starting to rise once more

-I didn't think you would calm down. Sorry, nevermind… So, you still didn't said who told you about me.

The exorcist didn't want to elongate the conversation, so he decide to blurt out.

-My master, General Marian Cross told me about you.

-Ah! Cross-chan… This bring memories. We've many adventures, y'know? How is that womanizer doing? Still drinking as a pig?

-He disappeared in the night he told me about you. – Allen said, still uncertain how to fell about that

The Noah straight himself, serious, and glared at Allen. The boy, not wanting to show fear, glared back. And then, the Noah smiled

-I like you boy. Really, you do look like your master – The 14 th said, and Allen didn't looked much happy with the statement. Even if he respected his master, he didn't want to become him.

-It's a shame that you'll disappear… You could be useful boy. Very, very useful…

-I'm not going to disappear!

-Yes, you'll. It's just a matter of time. You see, I'm necessary. Cross did tell you to listen for me, didn't he? Even he didn't believe in you… - As the Noah continued, Allen was more silent than ever – It's all about the other side of the war boy. You're so focused with salvation and duty, that you're missing the subplots.

Allen was more and more intrigued. He decided to speak, but the Noah beat him

-I betrayed the Count, boy. We're in the same side, even if ours motivation are different…

-What are you talking about?

-I'll leave for now boy. It's was good to talk for a while.

The Noah was disappearing, but he left a few last words to Allen: "It's almost time, boy. I'll leave a present for now…"

The 14 th disappeared, and then the scene changed : Exorcists corpses were laid in a camp with countless silver crosses. Next to him, he saw Lenalee grabbing his coat and smiling, while blood dripped from her mouth…

And then, a scream echoed in the night…


Lenalee was alone. She didn't like to split the group, but it was better separate to cover more ground. Link set out with the finder, vowing to find Allen Walker.

She was approaching a pillow fabric, when she heard a scream and her foot slipped, making her collapse into a mountain of feathers. After bring herself up, she splint in the direction of the scream, whom she recognized: Allen.

When she was near from the source, a explosion consumed the sky, and her mind has gone blank…

Speeding, she saw the level 4 retreating, and the mysterious Noah intoned a sorrowful song, saying that the Clown of God had vanished…


Okey Dokey, here's my first fic... I tried to set the story as much I could.

This is a prologue, so the real story begins in the next chap

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