Unexpected Love

"This is so wrong, but it feels completely right."

Gabriella Montez was the definition of perfect. She was beautiful, smart and could do practically everything. She had the voice of an angel and moved like a goddess. When she entered her senior year, she never expected to find love, with her teacher. Twenty one year old Troy Bolton starts his first teaching job at East High and immediately notices Gabriella. When Gabriella needs help in gym, Troy gets closer in more ways than one. Neither one of them expected this to happen but now both of them know that they shouldn't fight it because love will always win in the end.

This is an idea by Kingdomainia, she wanted me to write this so this storyline is hers with a hint of ideas from me. Hopefully I do you justice Kingdomainia.

Chapter 1 - Chemistry

Chemistry isn't always confined in the science labs, nor are they confined in the school hallways and premises. Chemistry can be around us constantly whether you like it or not. It isn't planned and it isn't gentle; it crashes into you, knocking you down, down so hard that you slip and begin to fall. You can't stop yourself from falling, you're just diving further and further into the depths of an unknown land. You can feel helpless but determined, scared yet strangely you're becoming stronger and finally, you can feel like you're tumbling in a downwards spiral yet your whole body can feel like it's floating, like it's flying higher than anyone has ever been before. You can feel like you're soaring into the arms of that one person that makes your body tingle from the top of your head, right down to your toes. It's the chemistry that continues to burn between the two of you, the chemistry that has an on-going flame that can never be blown out. And as you plummet down, you begin to wonder...who will be there to catch me?

Gabriella Montez wasn't sure if it was the way he flicked his hair out of his eyes or the way he smiled at her with those pearly white grins but what she was certain of was that he had captured her heart and kept it next to his. It might of been his strong embrace that made her smile gently and the way he stayed so close that caused her eyes to automatically close. But, she was sure, that it was his electrifying blue eyes that made her heart flutter. Those eyes that made her do anything he wanted, he had her under a spell and she knew that she couldn't get out of it and she wasn't about to any time soon.

To think about all the greatest love stories, of how those soul mates met, you think about, hands reaching out and touching by accident, one of them hearing angelic voice rise above the others. You think about childhood friends that became so much more. What you certainly don't think about is a young teacher accidentally spilling his coffee on one of his students to begin the perfect love story.

But that was how it started.


1st September 2003

East High School,

Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Gabriella Montez briskly walked down the hallway's of East High school, knowing already that this year was going to be a year to remember. She had anticipated this ever since she started at East High, along side her best friends and all the other students who were now entering their senior year. Although she was upset that her time at East High was drawing to a close, Gabriella couldn't help but feel that rush that ran throughout her body as she wondered about all the possibilities that lay ahead of her. Gabriella was one of those people who would could sit on her bed and think about the future, wonder what she would look like in ten years time, what she would have achieved, if she would actually achieved anything. Gabriella dreamed of being a someone, she didn't want a dead end job that paid near to nothing and then return home to a slob of a husband who didn't love her and ten kids that she had to run around after. That wasn't the life she wanted.

She wanted to entertain audiences that were in their thousands as they screamed her name with joy and she wanted fans that would buy anything with her face on it because they loved her that much. She wanted to share her passion for music with everyone around the world, show them what they could do. Show them that if Gabriella could do it then anyone could. She wanted to be the one with number one hits, the spectacular songs that would stay in your head because you wanted it to not because it did. That was what Gabriella wanted to do.

As Gabriella thought ahead to college, people stared at her with awe, knowing that she was the definition of perfection. However, Gabriella was always so oblivious to her own popularity, despite the constant, 'hey Gabby' and 'please sit with us!' comments that she constantly received around the school. Her friends were always telling her how popular she was but Gabriella refused to believe she was better than anyone else. Her sweet nature stopped her from building a big ego, instead, she merely had a big heart that had enough room for everyone.

Being too absorbed into her thoughts of the future, Gabriella rounded the corner and was unable to dodge the man that collided with her, spilling the contents of his coffee onto her white shirt. Feeling the burning liquid seep through her top, she let out a small whimper as it slightly burnt her skin. Ignoring the man's apologies, Gabriella remained focused on the coffee that seemed to have spread down the whole of her shirt. It was only when the man offered her a blue, chequered top did she look up and see a pair of shining, blue eyes.

"I'm so sorry!" He exclaimed loudly. "I...I wasn't watching where I was going and...and...this is all m...my fault." He stuttered looking into her chocolate coloured eyes. "Take my shirt, you can change into it." He held out his shirt which she gently took from him.

"Th...thanks." Gabriella stammered back. "I wasn't paying any...any attention to my surroundings so it was my fault."

"No, it wasn't." He shook his head. "I was texting someone and just didn't look up. I'm so sorry." He apologized again and Gabriella felt herself holding a breath as he stared anxiously down on her. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah, I'll be fine thank you." Gabriella replied. "Are you sure I should take your shirt? I mean, you've only got a wife beater on now..." She trailed off and blushed as she stared at his toned muscles.

"Oh, no it's perfectly fine." He replied and shot her a smile. "I've got a sweater in my bag, I can put that on. You need it more than me though." Gabriella swore she saw a slight blush as he quickly looked away from her. Glancing down, Gabriella noticed how her shirt had begun to show her black bra which was underneath. "I've um...I've got to go but I'll probably see you around." Gabriella nodded and watched as looked back at her, his blue eyes glinting as he did.

'I didn't even get his name!' Gabriella scolded herself. 'I should of asked him who he was!'

Snapping back into reality, Gabriella realised how badly her shirt was getting and needed to change immediately. Luckily, the coffee incident had occurred right outside the girl's bathroom so she slipped into a cubicle, ripped off her white shirt and stuffed it into her bag before putting on the mystery man's shirt. It was much longer on her than it had been on him so she rolled up the sleeves and let the shirt fall beyond her hips. Stepping out, Gabriella noticed that she didn't look that bad with this mystery man's clothes on but before she could inspect herself any further, the warning bell sounded and Gabriella rushed off to her new homeroom.


Those were the initials of her new homeroom teacher. Gabriella had expected Ms. Darbus again for a second time, she had even told the class that she was to be their homeroom teacher once more. But for some reason, Ms. Darbus wasn't back again, they had a new teacher and Gabriella felt slightly nervous entering the new classroom that would be her homeroom for the next year.

Cautiously and quietly Gabriella sneaked into the classroom without dragging too much attention away from the few cheerleaders who were in the same homeroom. If there was one thing the cheerleaders at East High hated, it was having attention taken away from them, meaning Gabriella wasn't always in their good books. Gabriella greeted a few people as she passed quietly before sitting down next to her two best friends who seemed to be in a deep conversation.

"I don't know what to do Shar!" Taylor exclaimed in a whisper as Gabriella turned round in her seat to listen. "I don't know if he likes me enough. Sometimes he is so sweet and then other times he can be a real jerk. He's always trying to impress his friend's all the bloody time and I'm sick of it."

"Then tell him that Tay, you have to be in control of this relationship." Sharpay replied confidently. "You are the one who wears the pants here, take control, seize it and never let go."

"Yeah." Taylor nodded in agreement, a smile spreading across her face. "Yeah, you are so right Shar. I can't let him order me about, telling me what to do. I have to show him who's boss."

"That's right!" Sharpay beamed. "The next time you see him, you march right up to him and tell him how it is. If he doesn't continue with a relationship then, you definitely know he's not worth any of your time and that there is someone out there who is a much better match. It would be his loss then." Sharpay explained.

"I'll do it!" Taylor exclaimed. "No more Mr. Nice Guy."

"When has there ever been Mr. Nice Guy?" Gabriella teased and received a hard nudge as Taylor acknowledged her presence and comment. "Joking! You know you're one of the sweetest people I know." Gabriella smiled. "So, I'm guessing you're talking about Chad?"

"How did you know?" Taylor asked, her jaw dropping slightly.

"It's pretty obvious how smitten you are with him Tay." Gabriella replied. "Plus, he's a college boy, they never know when to listen and they're always trying to impress someone; it just sucks when it's their friends." The three of them giggled loudly.

"You got it right there!" Sharpay held up a hand which Gabriella then high fived with a beaming smile.

"Okay, okay everyone! Settle down." Gabriella snapped her head up as she recognised that husky, deep voice. "Alright, my name is Mr. Bolton and I'll be your homeroom teacher for this year. For many of you, I'll also be your gym coach. You guys are so lucky. "He shot a smile and Gabriella swore she heard her heart pounding hard against her chest.

"Man, he is fine!" Sharpay whispered, Taylor nodded in agreement as Gabriella merely stared.

"Jack Barnes?"


"How old do you think he is?" Taylor replied quietly.

"I don't know, but he has to be in his early twenties."

"Sharpay Evans?"

"Here!" Sharpay shot her hand up in the air and Mr. Bolton nodded with a smile.

"His smile is so gorgeous." Sharpay swooned.

"He's gorgeous altogether!"

"Sarah Harding?"


"I think I have him for gym...what about you Shar?"

"Yeah, I'm in the same class as you so it's possible!"

"Taylor McKessie?"

"Here Mr. Bolton."

"He smiled at me!"

"He's smiling at everyone dumbo!"

"Gabriella Montez?"


"Gabriella Montez?" Mr. Bolton raised his head and looked around the classroom. "Is there a Gabriella Montez in this class?"

"Gabby, what are you doing? Say you're here." Sharpay prodded her with her pencil which caused Gabriella to jump slightly. Looking over at Sharpay, she saw her pointing to the front where Mr. Bolton had a curious expression across his face.

"Gabriella Montez?"

"Oh...um...yeah, I'm here." Gabriella raised her hand. "Sorry." She added quickly and blushed as he laid his eyes upon her. Those beautiful blue eyes that Gabriella seemed to be getting lost in already. As she stared at him, he stared back almost entranced by her beauty. It was only when Gabriella looked down as she bit on her lip, was it that he quickly returned back to the register.

Gabriella knew she was blushing, her face felt hot and she could feel the blood rushing from all over her body to her cheeks. She could also feel her friend's eyes burning into her skin and was too afraid that they would see her rhubarb face so she didn't turn around and question them. So Gabriella just kept her head down and pretended to read the History book that was in front of her instead of facing the curious expression's on her friend's faces. And as soon as the bell rang, Gabriella practically ran out the room not wanting the interrogation that she knew her friend's were going to give her.


"What was that!" Sharpay bellowed as she sat down at the lunch table, Taylor following sharply behind her.

"Excuse me?" Gabriella asked with a mouthful of pasta.

"I said, what was that about?" Sharpay repeated clearly, her expectant face staring at Gabriella, Taylor looking at her equally asking the same question.

"Yeah, for me to answer that, I would have to know what you are actually going on about." Gabriella replied calmly.

"You know bloody well what Gabriella Anne Montez!" Sharpay exclaimed and then adding, once she saw Gabriella's confused expression. "Don't tell me that you have forgotten what happened? It's only been a few hours."

"Sharpay, in a few hours, a lot can be forgotten." Gabriella answered. "And evidently, this is one of them."

"Seriously, this isn't something that can be forgotten easily." Sharpay replied slowly. "Trust me."

"Shar, I'm still lost."

"You know what I'm talking about Gabriella." Sharpay told her sternly.

"Completely and utterly lost." Gabriella replied slowly.

"Oh for God's sake!" Taylor exclaimed, throwing her arms in the air. "She's talking about our new homeroom teacher and you!" Gabriella looked up with wide eyes.

"I...I still have no idea what you're talking about." She stammered hoping that they hadn't picked up on the fact her cheeks were already heating up at the mention of his name. "He's a homeroom teacher, what's that to do with me?"

"You're seriously asking that question?" Taylor asked, her eyebrows raised and her arms folded.

"Yes, I am." Gabriella asked blankly.

"Gabby, we're your best friends." Sharpay began quietly. "We've known you since kindergarten and so I think we know when something is going on. Have you met him before? Out of school? Did you like...do anything with him, you know...in that way?"


"Have you had sexual intercourse with our new homeroom teacher?" Taylor asked bluntly causing Gabriella to choke on her food.

"Wh...what!" Gabriella gasped as she clutched her chest. "What the hell gave you that impression?"

"Oh my God! Are you really that oblivious?" Taylor asked. "It was pretty obvious, I'm surprised the whole class hasn't worked it out yet."

"Worked what out?" Gabriella cried. "I have not had sex with him!"

"Look, it's not exactly...normal for you and a new teacher to start staring at each other before you look down with a bright red, tomato like face." Sharpay told her quietly, her body bent down slightly in case someone else heard them. "Do you really not know him?" Gabriella shook her head. "Because from where me and Tay were, it looked like...you had maybe...met him before."

"Well...I had." Sharpay and Taylor's eyes went wide. "Earlier this morning!" She quickly continued. "He spilt his coffee on me and well...we talked for a little bit. I didn't even get his name, he gave me his shirt before walking off. That's all." Gabriella finished and continued to eat her lunch.

"He gave you his shirt?" Taylor asked loudly.

"Yeah, I had a white shirt on and well...it kinda went a tad see through; so he gave me his shirt." Gabriella replied. "Why is this suddenly a big thing?"

"Because he's hot!" Sharpay exclaimed.

"And a teacher!" Taylor added.

"Look-" Gabriella began but was sharply cut off by the bell. "Thanks guys, I didn't even get to finish my food! It's gym next as well...my life sucks." She moaned throwing the plastic fork into her pasta.

"Gym isn't that bad Gabs." Taylor rolled her eyes and sighed.

"It is when you're shit at it." Gabriella whined back.

"Least you have us with you." Sharpay stated. "We'll just...help you out of sticky situations."

"Good. We don't want a repeat of last year and the volleyball incident." Gabriella shuddered as Taylor giggled.

"It was pretty funny Gabs, you can't deny it."

"Yes I can because it was evolved around me." Gabriella pointed to herself. "It still gives me nightmares, now hurry up, I may hate gym but I've never been late to a class before and don't plan on it now."

"Okay, okay," Sharpay said as they slowly got up and walked towards the exit. "But don't think you're getting out of our questioning this easily Montez."

"Yeah, yeah, whatever." Gabriella waved her hand at them although secretly nerves began to fill up in her stomach. She didn't understand why they had appeared as the subject arose but she knew they weren't going to go away any time soon as Mr. Bolton was on her mind.


Not many people know what hate really is. Not many people have witnessed hate. And there are certainly not many people who would say Gabriella was an example of hate, yet she was just like anybody else, there was something she disliked but unlike most people, there was something she really did truly despise with all her will. It made her feel physically sick and she just wanted to go home every time the subject came up. It wasn't just a minor dislike to it, oh no, this was really, truly and without a doubt hated it. If you were to look up hate in the dictionary then you would find Gabriella and...


"Urgh!" Gabriella moaned as she slipped on her red gym shorts. "Do we really have to do this still?" She tugged the white Lycra shirt over her head. "Because I'm totally up for ditching."

"Gabriella Montez, you never skip. Not once have you ever skipped and I know that you will just regret it later." Taylor smirked knowing that she was correct and that she forever would be on this particular subject. "You know I'm right Gabby, so don't start trying on the pout." Gabriella huffed as Taylor gave her a look with raised eyebrows and folded arms. When Gabriella turned around to tie up her laces, Taylor nodded her head in satisfaction. "That's what I thought."

"Whatever." Gabriella mumbled.

"So, what do you think we're doing today?" Sharpay asked. "Because I absolutely love baseball."

"When did you ever like baseball, let alone love it?" Taylor asked in surprise.

"This summer." Sharpay smiled broadly. "Ryan said I should try considering I was just...pretty much moaning all the time. Anyway, we went to the country club and I started getting lessons. I realised that I loved it!" She squeaked. "And Anton said I had a natural swing."

"Anton?" Gabriella smirked. "So this is really about a guy you met? It's got nothing to do with baseball at all, has it?"

"Now I know what you are thinking, I fell in love at summer." Sharpay began. "But the answer is, no, I did not fall in love. I generally loved baseball and it had nothing to do with Anton's, gorgeous body, chiselled jawline, green eyes...no, it was just the baseball." She nodded. "But, of course, that didn't stop me from fooling around a bit." Taylor and Gabriella shook their heads with laughter.

"Please tell me you didn't have sex?" Taylor asked.

"No!" Sharpay exclaimed loudly. "We only made out a couple of times. Seriously, Tay, what sort of girl do you take me for?"

"Sorry Shar, I'm just glad you're not turning into Amy Watkins." Taylor giggled. "I swear, she doesn't deserve the head cheerleading spot."

"Of course she doesn't!" Gabriella exclaimed. "It's only because she has the male population after her and even then it's just because she's easy."

"Don't you mean, the male population are after her when you turn them down." Sharpay smirked at Gabriella. "She's the rebound girl."

"No, I don't mean that because it's not true." Gabriella replied casually but Taylor merely scoffed.

"Oh, come on. Stop being so modest, everyone knows that you are the most desirable girl in school." Taylor told her. "Amy is definitely the rebound girl."

"Guys, if I was so desirable, then wouldn't I have guys asking me out all the time?" Gabriella asked.

"You are ridiculously oblivious." Taylor shook her head. "You seriously don't see the guys staring at your ass as you walk by? You don't see them fighting over who will talk to you?"

"I don't see it because it doesn't happen." Gabriella shot back.

"Some merely stare from afar because most of the male's are too timid to come up to you and ask you on a date plus most of them also know that you are way too good for them." Sharpay answered smugly.

"Whatever, you know, you two need glasses if you see that."

"You need glasses if you don't see that." Taylor replied and giggled as the three began to walk to the entrance of the gym from the changing rooms.


"Have you seen the new gym teacher? He's so hot!"

"His muscles are amazing!"

"I swear, he's a model. He just can't be a teacher looking like that."

"He's the hottest guy I have ever seen in my life."

"Did he just look at me?"

"I want to see him shirtless, I mean, I can practically see his muscles through that shirt anyway."

"I'm sure I've seen him in a movie I saw during summer."

Gabriella heard the various comments that circulated around her gym class between the girls as they giggled and whispered about the gym teacher. According to everyone else, he was extremely good looking with the body of a God; whether or not that was true, Gabriella wasn't sure although she assumed that they were correct, after all, no teacher had ever created such mayhem because he was that attractive. Turning her head slightly, she caught parts of the conversations the males of her class appeared to be having.

"I heard he is immense at basketball."

"I think he got offered a place in the Lakers, the Knicks and the Phoenix Suns."

"Well I heard he got offered a place to be the coach for the Lakers, the Knicks and the Phoenix Suns."

"I don't think he's that young, do you think he'll actually play with us or just order us around?"

"He'll definitely play, I was told he was like...twenty or something."

Gabriella shook her head, school was certainly known for gossip spreading like wild fire. It was like, Chinese whispers, you would make something up for it to be repeated word for word by the next person but by the end of the circle, someone would have added a slight something and then the next person would add something different too and it spirals out of control. Then, you never knew what was the truth and what wasn't. Gabriella never knew whether or not she should believe the gossip that floated throughout the school halls, which was why Gabriella tried not to listen to them which was always increasingly difficult as the school year would continue. Each weekend, something would happen which would create drama, it would only be stopped when the next load of drama would appear.

"Well the new gym teacher has definitely created some attention." Sharpay looked around at the gossiping teenagers, the giggling from the girls and the deep chuckles from the guys. "He must be good."

"Or maybe he's just good-looking." Taylor corrected. "Apparently he's the finest teacher East High has ever had."

"You know, you guys really shouldn't listen to that." Gabriella told them. "Most of it is just bullshit."

"Ah, but it's always fun, nonetheless." Sharpay replied. "Anyway, I have a feeling this one might be true, even the basketball ones."

"Afternoon everyone!" The classes attention turned towards the front where Mr. Bolton stood rubbing his hands together, a large smile across his face. "I'm Mr. Bolton or Coach Bolton depends if you're on the basketball team; which is what we're starting with this term."

Gabriella felt her take a large intake of air at the sight of him once more. His dazzling blue eyes seemed to twinkle in the light and Gabriella couldn't take her eyes off him. He had changed into a tight white shirt that showed off his muscles and black shorts that came just above his knee.

"Right, well I'll just let you guys get into pairs and we'll start off with some easy passes, it'll let me see your strength and this way it'll just ease you into this term." He grinned. "Go ahead." He nodded and there was a slight rustle as the students turned to one another asking for partners.

"Well, I'm going to go with Martha." Taylor turned to Sharpay and a distant Gabriella. "I've got to talk to her about math homework."

"Cool, I guess that leaves me and you Gabs." Sharpay smiled broadly at her best friend. "Gabby? Gabby!"


"Partners? Taylor's with Martha...so do you want to be my partner?" Sharpay asked, slight confusion in her voice.

"Oh, right, sure. Sorry, I just...zoned out a bit there."

"Yeah, I wonder if it had anything to do with our new gym teacher." Sharpay smirked and looked at Gabriella who began to blush a deep crimson.

"Whatever, let's just try and throw a ball around."