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It is nothing more than a glimpse. Perhaps not even that. Just a sudden flash of brilliant emerald and soft rose. A pale hand with nails painted in glittering polish. The impression of a silk robe that might have the Uchiha fan emblazoned on her back. An expression marred by regret and twisted in pain.

He stands there frozen. By the time his sluggish mind can decipher what it is that he is seeing the dark curtain is swishing back into place. Just like that and she is gone.

Sasuke feels awkward. Foolish. Stupid. Exhaustion seeps in until his limbs feel much too heavy. What a mess, he thinks. He wants to hold her and touch her soft hair. He wants to comfort her until the headache leaves her.

He can just see her…

Her long hair is a pink curtain that hides her face from him as he soundlessly opens the door. Although he can't see them he knows that her eyes are slightly glazed. Has she been crying? Are her eyes red and puffy? The number of disposable kerchiefs that are scattered haphazardly on a basket on the floor seems to suggest so. Her hands are clasped tightly in front of her, white knuckled and trembling, as she sits on the side of her bed. The dark blue robe bearing his family symbol hides most of her form from him. Sasuke doesn't move forward, still uncertain as to how to break the quiet. It is an uncertain sort of silence and he thinks that there is something peaceful about that.

Sakura shifts and raises her head slightly but he knows that she still can't see him through the curtain of hair. However, the slight raising of her head is enough for him to see the nightgown of crimson silk that she is wearing under her robe. His blood quickens just a little bit.

It is one of the few things that is from the land of her birth that she continues to use. Her reason is that it is from a favorite cousin of hers who is branded as a traitor—just as she now is. Sasuke still isn't sure which he wants to know—who this cousin is or what type of person would buy such a nightgown for a female relative.

He certainly would never have purchased such a thing for any of his cousins.

Still, although the origins of the night gown puzzle him as a husband, it is a garment that he greatly appreciates. He will need to reward the servant that packed it.

The neckline plunges to reveal just enough of the swell of her breasts to convince a man to pull at the lattice of thin straps that keep the flimsy gown secure on her shoulders.

Straps that are, conveniently enough, detachable.

It is a slinky, shapely piece that fits her slender form perfectly. This is one reason why he is so wary of this cousin (he already has a list of interrogation tactics that he needs to run by Shikamaru for their possible use if he should meet the man). He likes the feel of that thin silk when he places his hand over her hip.

If this memory that makes Sasuke's breathing just a little more ragged and has him moving forward.

It isn't until he is right in front of her, touching her soft hair, that Sakura looks up. Her green eyes are wide and startled. There is an emotion lingering there that he can't identify and, he decides as he wraps the lock of hair of his finger, it is not one that he cares for.

"You shouldn't be so defenseless."

Her skin turns a bright pink and her eyes darken with the anger that she rarely shows him. She opens her mouth to say something—he finds himself strangely wanting her to yell at him—but all that comes out is a hitched breath as he tucks a lock of hair behind her ear. Her skin flushes darker when his hand lingers on the soft skin just underneath her ear lobe.


Her voice trails off as he continues to look at her. Her expressions is weary, drained, and he feels a brief stab of guilt. Sasuke leans his face closer to hers until the barest distance of air is all that separates the two of them. His thumb shifts down to brush against her throat, just right over her pulse.

He can feel the blood beating, quicker and quicker as she stares up at him, but Sasuke is uncertain if it is hers or his. All he knows is that he just wants this fight to be over with. He wants her to apologize so that things can go back to the way they are supposed to be and they can enjoy the rest of their time at this villa, together, before they have to return home and he has to worry about Pansuke.

"Don't you have something to say to me?" He smirks when her green eyes flash once more with indignant anger. A simple flex of the fingers against her skin is all that is needed to make that anger fade and cause her breath to hitch again.

Sakura eyes flick down for her skin cannot possibly get any redder. They flick back up to meet his but it takes a moment before she is able to find the words.

"It was stupid. I shouldn't have—I'm sorry."

Male satisfaction and aniticaption heats his blood as he kisses her, a small reward for her concession.

When he pulls away her breathing is just a little bit faster, and Sasuke feels that it is time that he has made amends in his own way.

"Lay down."

Sakura's pink brow furrows in confusion at the obvious command. He nearly smirks when a little bit of that emerald fire enters her eyes.


The refusal is…surprising to say the least. Sasuke faintly increases the grip he has on her cheek and neck and places his other hand next to her on the bed. For a moment he just studies the pale skin that he is almost touching. Sakura's blush spreads down to her neck and he cant help but think that it is dreadfully endearing. Then he moves forward. It isn't until his mouth is brushing against hers—not kissing, just the slightest touch of his lips against her—that she flinches.

Sasuke moves the arm that is pressing against the bed and wraps it around his waist.

"I'll make the pain go away, Blossom."


He cuts her off before she even gets a chance to question him about the sudden endearment. Sasuke nips at her lower lip and relishes in the delicious way that she squirms against him as he pushes her down onto the bed. She doesn't try to fight the kiss.

Sakura reaches a hand up and it curls loosely around his wrist. He relishes in the warmth of the contact and holds her tighter. He nips and sucks at her bottom lip as he deepens the kiss.

Then she twists her hips just so.

Sasuke moans against her mouth and everything is just suddenly too much. His hands start to tear at her clothes and it is only her muffled protest that makes him pause. His hand is gripping the thin silk of the favored night gown, and his breath is harsh, ragged, against her neck as he tries to find some semblance of control.

That control is lost when Sakura shifts against him and reaches for—

Something wets hits him on the forehead and for the briefest of moments Sasuke is confused. He glances around, wondering where the hell Sakura has suddenly disappeared to and why he is suddenly outside and—

Why are there noodles on his shirt?

"Peeking on Sakura-chan, teme? And you call my father a pervert!"

Because of that brief, potent fantasy Sasuke finds himself feeling a little uncomfortable. Certainly he is in no mood to deal with Naruto.

"You know it might be better if you apologize to her first."

He narrows his eyes at his old friend. Apologize? He isn't the one who has anything to apologize for.

Sasuke doesn't say any of this. He just scoff and turns away.

Both pride and Naruto's presence prevent him from turning around to see Sakura watching him through the window.

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Sasuke-rin is making a big mistake if he thinks that she will just immediatly apologize when he can't even do the same, ne?