"That's our destination," Riku deadpanned. Heartless appeared before them, and the group fought them quickly. "That's where we have to go." They quickly walked up to the main gate, and walked through. Riku lead them quickly to the library, and sat at the table. Everyone stood around for a few seconds, waiting to get attacked.

"Heartless don't come in here," Riku assured.

"Good," Axel said nonchalantly. Everyone else sat down at random tables, most sighing. "I think we need a quick rest."

"Anyone mortally hurt?" Kairi asked. Everyone shook their head.

"Because you can just see the blood dripping all over the floor where someone walked," Axel said sardonically. Kairi rolled her eyes.

"We should get moving in a few minutes," Sora advised, leaning heavily on Riku's chest. Riku stroked Sora's arm gently, leaning against the back of the chair heavily. Everyone separated to go research books.

Demyx was sitting on one of the tables in the back, strumming his Sitar quietly. Axel was reading a book about the Origin of Nobodies. The two men sighed at once, and Demyx stopped playing. One of his hands found Axel's, and he held it lightly.

"I love you, Axel." Axel smiled, standing up.

"I love you too." Gently, they kissed. Soon, the light kiss became deeper, and the gradually deeper. Demyx fell back on the table, brining Axel with him. Both legs went around Axel's waist loosely. Axel ground their hips together, finding Demyx's lips, and kissing him more. Demyx moaned into Axel's mouth, rocking with his lover.

"Axel," Demyx moaned incessantly, grinding harder. Axel panted, and kissed Demyx with all of the passion in his body, and left the smaller man out of breath. Slowly, Axel coaxed Demyx out of his pants.

"We should probably get going!" Kairi called from the door. Demyx and Axel walked out from behind the bookshelf. They both had small smiles on their faces. The quickie that they had just had satisfied them both to go on, and not touch each other…. No matter how hard the urge was. Kairi pushed down the handle, and the gathered group walked out into the foyer. A cloud of black sprang up from the ground. In it was Maleficent and Namine. She was sitting, tied, in a chair.

"Namine!" Roxas called, reaching out for her. Maleficent laughed a little bit, and Namine was lifted up, out of their reach. "Namine!"

"Roxas!" Namine called back, struggling. Suddenly, a large black and purple dragon was before the group, roaring loudly. As if by magic, everyone was thrown against the wall. The only one to break free was Roxas, and he stood in front of Maleficent. He lunged at her, and was thrown back. Quickly landing on his feet, Maleficent breathed fire throughout the room, scorching everything but the people against the wall and Roxas. He had dodged it. Roxas yelled, and hit the top of Maleficent's head, and she disappeared into the ground with a loud shrieking hiss.

Everyone was released, and Roxas barely caught Namine in time. She had fallen away from the chair, landing in Roxas's arms. A hearty laughter filled the room, and the floor was suddenly covered in cool smog. It curled up, massing in the air.

"What now?" Demyx groaned, leaning heavily on Axel. A human form started to quickly take form in the air. Riku jumped up, and slashed at it, to no avail.

Riku. A familiar voice seemed to manifest inside Riku's mind. Riku…. Remember me? Riku groaned, holding his head in his hands when he landed onto the ground. So you do. The voice was sardonic, sarcastic, and deep.

"Ansem…. I should really say Ansem's Heartless." More laughter filled the room. The source was the fog mass. "So you took over Maleficent like you took over me."

"Yes, Riku." Sora loped over to Riku's side, helping him up.

"I had a feeling that the Heartless Xehanort was back," the King said.

"Well, you were right," Axel whispered. Sora groaned, and the Heartless panted his feet on the ground. "We might as well fight." He threw one of his Chakrams at the man, and it passed right through him.

"He's still mist. He has yet to solidify," Namine pointed out.

"Yeah, I guessed that." Axel caught the Chakram, sighing. He threw it again, and Xehanort dodged. "I'm guessing he's solid now." Namine laughed without humor.

"Yeah." The group made a circle around Xehanort, and rushed forward at once, slashing at the man. Some of them hit some of them didn't. Riku had slashed viciously at Xehanort's side, slicing it open with his Way to the Dawn. Xehanort clutched his bleeding side, and was finished by Sora cutting his neck.

Loud cheers filled the hall. Demyx jumped in Axel's arms, and they kissed each other roughly. Sora jumped on Riku, wrapping his legs around the larger man's waist.

"You did it, Riku-kun!" Sora shouted, kissing Riku's lips. Everyone's attention was now centered on the other two men.

"WHAT!" Kairi shouted, pointing at Demyx and Axel in disbelief.

"Uhh…." Demyx was looking at his toes in embarrassment.

"Yeah, we're together. So what?" Axel asked, wrapping his arms around Demyx's waist, smiling. "We love each other.

"When did we come to this conclusion?" Namine asked.

"Last night, I think," Demyx concluded, smiling.

Aerith started dancing around the room with Yuffie.

"Xehanort is gone! Xehanort is gone!" she sing-songed. A large grin was pasted on everyone's face. "We need to have a festival." Leon groaned.

"Really? What is it? The third time that he died?"

"It's the last time, though!"

"Okay, so we should have a festival," Leon mumbled, sighing.

Fireworks shot into the sky, lighting everything up in colors of blue, red, yellow, green, purple, gold, and many others.

"It's so pretty!" Demyx shouted, jumping up and down, trying to grab at the lights. Axel was smiling, and grabbed Demyx's hand, pulling him into a tight hug.

"Our adventure as Nobodies is over. Did you feel it?" Demyx smiled, and nodded.

"Yeah. I felt a heart in my chest…. For the first time." Axel spun them around.

"We're finally complete," Axel murmured against the smaller man's lips. "How about we go live in the country somewhere. Close the city boundaries, where nothing can touch us? You can practice music, and we can cultivate the Earth. We won't have to go to a grocery store, and we can raise Chocobos and Cuccos." Demyx hummed a little bit, sighing. "We can get a few horses, and people can come and visit us."

"That'd be perfect." Axel let the smaller man go, except for one arm was still tightly tucked around Demyx's waist.

"I love you, Axel."

"I love you too Demyx. More than you could ever know."

Sing to me the song of the stars.
Of your galaxy dancing and laughing and laughing again.
When it feels like my dreams are so far
Sing to me of the plans that you have for me over again.