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This definitely a little AU, because it occurs in FF: AC, when Cloud is fighting with Sephiroth. Well, Cloud is starting to lose, and he needs someone to help him. Tifa tries to help and almost gets herself killed. Someone who is thought to be dead comes back and intervenes. That's what it is so far. Well, have fun… this is one of my first fighting scenes, so lol.


Cloud panted as he felt a flowing flesh wound. Blood was pouring out of him. He was getting dizzy and he couldn't hang on much longer. Sephiroth just stood there and grinned at him evilly. He wasn't even the least bit tired.

"What's wrong Cloud? You need some help?" he laughed while he questioned Cloud. Cloud groaned. He had to prove himself and get over what was holding him back.

"Cloud! Watch out!" Tifa yelled as she flew past him. Her leather gloves were on and she was throwing punches at Sephiroth. Sephiroth laughed as he dodged every one of her punches and kicks. She started cursing. She did a jump kick. Sephiroth took that moment to hit her in her midsection. Tifa flew back and landed on her knees. She wiped the blood from her mouth and started all over again.

Every time she threw a punch, he would dodge and hit her twice as hard. She was breathing heavily after five minutes. Blood was pouring from all of her cuts. She just grinned and continued on fighting. Cloud watched in amazement.

Where does all of her energy come from? He asked himself. There was only one other person that he had known who could fight like that. And he'd go down fighting, even in the end. He had protected Cloud from death, even though Cloud had thought that he didn't deserve it.

"She's waiting for you," he had said. "I made a promise and I'm going to stick to it."

Cloud had never found out what the promise had been. He had just gone back to the city and protected Aerith until her life ended. He had failed in that regard too. But, all you could do was keep on going, right?

Tifa panted as she took yet another hit. She was starting to slow down. She couldn't believe that she had gotten this far. She grinned to herself as she started to throw another punch. She didn't have the chance to dodge the sword blade that went right into her left side. She groaned and fell. Everything went black.

"Tifa!" someone called out. She opened her eyes and there was all white around her. There were yellow flowers too. She groaned and lifted herself up.

"You can't be here yet," Aerith called out. Tifa winced and turned. She looked at Aerith right in the eye.

"What do you mean?" she asked.

"He's gone back for you… you can't be here, not just yet," she said elusively. She grinned. "You have to go back to Cloud. He needs someone to look after him or else he gets into trouble." Tifa was looking around for the figure that she hadn't seen in almost seven years.

"He's not here," Aerith called out. She pushed Tifa toward the red light. "I know that you don't want to go back to all the pain, but you have to… he's waiting for you. Remember, never dilly dally shilly shally."

Tifa laughed and nodded. She hugged Aerith one last time and was sent back to the living world.

"Did we do the right thing?" Aerith asked herself. Angeal nodded in the background. She sighed. "I will miss him, though."

Tifa groaned in pain. She felt a searing burn in her side and knew that she was back from the dead. She opened her eyes. She saw Cloud leaning over her. He smiled his half smile and she winced.

"Why aren't you fighting?" she whispered. Cloud dropped his head.

"Because I can't," he said and let her have a full view.

A man with spiky black hair held the Buster Sword and was swinging it at Sephiroth madly. Sephiroth was actually starting to get tired with the effort.

The man was laughing at the effort. Sephiroth finally acknowledged him.

"You've gotten stronger, puppy," he growled. The man stopped and turned his face toward Tifa. Tifa gasped as she saw Zack's face. He grinned his cocky grin and blocked Sephiroth's attack. He winked at her before he started his assault on Sephiroth again. A half hour passes before Zack starts to show weariness. Finally, he relents. He looks right at Cloud.

"This was your fight," he said. "You finish it." He jumps back and shoves Cloud into Sephiroth. Cloud grins and does his final attack. Sephiroth doesn't stand a chance.

"What happened to you?" Zack asked Tifa as he examined her wounds. She groaned when he touched certain parts of her forearm. He frowned. "You broke your forearm. You probably busted both bones. Man, you couldn't keep out of trouble for one minute, could you?"

Tifa shook her head. She put her head on his chest and sighed. She heard his heart beat, and one single tear escaped from her eye.

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