Title: 7 Missed Calls

Rating: T maybe?

Pairing: The main pair is Silver with a little Dirty on the side.

Summary: Shishido had never given it much thought, it just wasn't important to him. But looking across the coffee table at Ohtori, he had the feeling Ohtori thought otherwise.

Warning: A lot of sighing, some burglary, some OOC-ness.

Disclaimer: I don't own Prince of Tennis, nor am I making any profit off this story. However if I did happen to own PoT, I would never have let Mizuki go in public in that horrendous purple sweater.

A/N: I kept getting confused with Mukahi's and Ohtori's names because I usually call them Gakuto and Choutarou. But I was trying to use last names to emphasize the closeness in the relationships between the characters. I probably screwed up here and there even though I tried to fix it. I also tried to labeled which part is which character(s) in an attempt to limit confusion. Let me know if it helped any, yea?

And instead of the PoT universe being set in middle school, I'm going to say it's in high school.

Cause I can. ^_^

_______________________________Mukahi Gakuto_______________________________

Mukahi was sitting on a bench in the clubroom waiting for Oshitari to finish changing, grumbling in annoyance. Oshitari who had been ignoring him for the better part of 5 minutes, finally gave in with a sigh. "What are you on about now?"

"Nothing..." Mukahi averted his eyes and began playing with the hem of his shirt. Oshitari's interest was piqued by the small blush that crept onto Mukahi's face.

"Really now." He said pulling his shirt on and plopping down onto the bench next to Mukahi. "You're a horrible liar Gakuto."

Mukahi fidgeted in his seat and after a long pause, said "I think I embarrassed Ohtori. Like really bad, in front of Shishido. And now I feel sort of bad about it."

"Hmm. You usually don't feel bad about poking fun at those two. What happened?"

Mukahi looked around the clubroom to make sure no one was around, then leaned in toward Oshitari.

"I....I thought they were – you know-...." He looked around again and dropped his voice to a whisper. "I thought they were sleeping together."

Oshitari's eyebrow shot up. 'So the aren't, hmm?' He thought, nodding his head for Mukahi to continue.

"So I asked if...if...um..." He made a guilty face. "I asked if they had a condom." Mukahi stood and began waving his arms around while he paced in front of the bench, the way he always did when he was irritated and flustered. " 'Cause you know, we ran out and neither of us has had a chance to get another box and all and ….. and …....and....." He trailed off and sat back down, looking at Oshitari like he expected him to be mad.

Oshitari just nodded and asked, "Then what?"

Mukahi sighed, obviously relieved by Oshitari's reaction, and continued on with his story.

"Well when I asked, Ohtori justed looked back and forth between Shishido and I. Then Shishido looked at me funny and said 'Why would either of us have something like that?'. I was honestly surprised and I just looked down at Ohtori then back at Shishido and Shishido's eyes got all wide and then he got all pissed then was like 'You weren't even implying that I....we....were.....?' And I was about to apologize for jumping to conclusions but Ohtori let out this weird laughy-breathy-sigh thing and I looked at him and he was looking at me like I just sprouted another head. Then Shishido said his name and Ohtori jumped up and ran out of the clubroom mumbling something about being late."

Oshitari sighed and adjusted his glasses, "That would explain why Ohtori was acting the way he was. You saw it too, didn't you? He was avoiding Shishido like the plague during practice." Oshitari stood and pulled Mukahi to his feet. They stood looking at each other for a minute before Oshitari leaned down and kissed Mukahi on the forehead.

"We can live without sex for a while. Well, a few more days anyway. And you have to apologize to Ohtori."

"I know."

_____________________________Shishido Ryou_____________________________

Shishido sighed as he stared at his cellphone. In the last hour he had called Ohtori at least 7 times. Obviously, he hadn't answered any of those times, and Shishido was seriously starting to worry. Never, in the entire time they have been doubles partners, had Ohtori avoided him like this. Even after that incident with Atobe's favorite pants.

Shishido jumped up and pulled a pair of jeans on. 'I'll just go over to his place then. It's a good thing he gave me a key last week, so at least he can't pretend not to be home if he is home.' He thought. As he was running by the living room his mother yell at him. "Ryou? Where are you going this late? It's almost 9pm."

Shishido paused in the entry. "I accidentally left one of my textbooks in Ohtori's bag. I need it to do my homework, so I was going to run over and get it, ok? I'll try and be quick."

She went back to flipping through her magazine. "Oh alright. Be safe. And lock the door behind you."

He locked the door like he was asked and ran all the way to the train station.

On the train he let his thoughts take over to pass the long train ride.

______________________________Mukahi Gakuto______________________________

Mukahi watched as the back of Oshitari's limousine turn the corner. Oshitari dumped him off in front of Ohtori's house and had said he'd be back eventually to pick him up and to make sure he apologized and explained this misunderstanding to Ohtori.

Mukahi just hoped Ohtori's parents weren't home. Although, considering it was 9 o'clock at night, he was sure they probably were.

He eyed the door apprehensively and wondered if Ohtori would open the door or if one of his parents would open the door. Then he remembered the back patio and how Ohtori's room had a balcony over looking the back yard. There was also a tree right next to Ohtori's balcony. Mukahi figured burglary was a better than having Ohtori's parents open the door, so he made his way around the side of the house and scaled the wrought iron fence.

____________________________Ohtori Choutarou___________________________

The fifth time his phone had started vibrating, Ohtori was tempted to answer it, if just to get Shishido to stop calling. Of course, Ohtori felt bad for ignoring Shishido, but he felt like he couldn't face Shishido right now. He also knew Mukahi hadn't meant for this to happen. However, the subject of sex was so touch and go Shishido made a point not to bring it up when Ohtori was around. And Ohtori was glad for it. He knew the basics of sex between men and women, but sex between two guys was foreign territory. And awkward to boot.

Plus, he had no idea how much Shishido knew about sex, but if he believed Oshitari, then Shishido was far from a virgin in every sense. He had never asked Shishido about it. He was afraid Shishido would take it the wrong way or that he would blow up on Oshitari.

So all he could do was watch his phone vibrate for the sixth time, and hope Shishido didn't take this too personally. Ohtori Knew this whole situation was his own fault and he'd feel worse if Shishido blamed himself.

He sighed, sinking down into the couch and stared at his missed call screen. He'd be the first to admit Shishido was extremely determined.

________________________________Mukahi Gakuto_______________________________

Mukahi surveyed the living room from his spot in the bushes. He'd been watching Ohtori stare at his coffee table for the last ten minutes, there were no lights on in the house, and there was still no sign of any parents. He had the feeling Ohtori was alone in his huge house. He hoped he was right because he didn't really want to climb the tree next to Ohtori's balcony. It was surrounded by some nasty looking rose bushes, and he did not want to explain to his parents, or the rest of the tennis club, that all the cuts he would undoubtedly get were from breaking into Ohtori's house. That would just be weird.

So he took a deep breath and walk up to the patio doors. He didn't want to knock and Ohtori, thankfully, noticed and came to open the door for him.

"Um.....Mukahi-sempai? Why are you in my back yard?"

Mukahi walked around him into the house, ignoring his question. "Is anyone else here?"

"No." Ohtori surveyed his yard as though he expected more regulars to come popping out of his bushes, but when none did he closed and locked the door. "My dad's on a business trip this week and my mom went to visit my sister. She's supposed to be having her baby soon and my mom doesn't want to miss the birth. How'd you get back there anyway?"

"I climbed the fence."

Mukahi slipped his shoes off and went to sit down in an arm chair. Ohtori's cell started vibrating where it was lying on the coffee table. Mukahi frowned when Ohtori silenced it and sat it screen down on the sofa. Mukahi had seen the 7 missed calls screen.

_____________________Ohtori Choutarou and Mukahi Gakuto__________________

It was a bit startling to have Mukahi wander up onto his back patio. It was even more startling to see Mukahi regarding his cell phone with a frown. He sank back down into his earlier spot on the couch and prepared himself for the worst.

"Is this about....earlier Mukahi-sempai?"


Ohtori looked sideways at his phone. "Why did you think we were sleeping together?"

Mukahi was surprised by the forwardness of the question. He expected this to be more difficult to bring up than it was. "You and Shishido have been dating for almost 2 months now. I guess I thought you guys would have progress your relationship to the point of at least keeping them on hand, you know, just in case. But maybe I was judging you unfairly. I guess I can't base other peoples relationship on my relationship with Yuushi."

The real problem clicked for Mukahi when Ohtori looked at him with a sort of contemplative determination and asked, "How long did it take for you and Oshitari-sempai to start sleeping together?"

Ohtori was leaning forward speaking with an intensity Mukahi had never seen him use before. He hadn't ever thought Ohtori capable of it. "I don't think we planned to, it just happened one day."

Ohtori was silent for a moment. He seemed to be considering something. "Are you the....um.....how did you two decide....who was....who?"

"Am I the what?" Mukahi was unsure where Ohtori was doing with this. "How did we decide what?"

Ohtori gestured wildly for a minute, looking frustrated. "Sex...in sex...."

"Oh, you mean......oh..." Mukahi's eyes widened in understanding. "I don't really.....know how that happened....Yuushi....has been with other people before we got together....he was with Shishido for a while.......and-" Mukahi broke off mid explanation because of the shock written across Ohtori's face.

"Oh shit.....you didn't know, did you?" Mukahi mentally kicked himself. Shishido hadn't meant for Ohtori to know that.

"He was with Oshitari? When? Why?" Ohtori had slid forward to the edge of the couch. Mukahi stood up and moved to look out the back windows. He could tell Ohtori was curious, maybe jealous, even a little upset.

Mukahi wasn't sure if he should tell Ohtori what he knew or pretend he didn't know anything.

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