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Practice the next morning was awkward.

Atobe had walked into the clubhouse to find everyone changing quietly, and had known something was very wrong. His regulars were never quiet, save Hiyoshi and Kabaji.

He scanned the room.

Shishido had his ipod in and was shooting pissy glares at Mukahi whenever their eyes met.

Oshitari had a novel in his hand, but judging by the way his eyes weren't moving, he wasn't reading it.

Mukahi's facial expression said he was guilty of something, and he kept looking over at Shishido every five seconds.

Jiroh was lying on a bench pretending to sleep, however it was obvious he wasn't because he usually snored.

And Ohtori was, surprisingly, no where to be found.

"Where is Ohtori?" Atobe asked.

Oshitari looked at him, then looked at Shishido.

"I don't know." Shishido said as he pulled his ipod off and tossed it in his locker. Then grabbed his racket and made his way to the door. "Hiyoshi, if your ready come warm up with me." Hiyoshi got up and followed Shishido. As they passed Atobe in the doorway, Atobe noticed the bags under Shishido's eyes.

Atobe wasn't psychic but he could put two and two together. He turned back to Oshitari, who had apparently decided pretending to read wasn't needed anymore. "What happened?"

Oshitari was about to answer when Ohtori came running into the clubhouse.

"Sorry Bucho. I woke up late." He said as he pulled off his shirt. Atobe 'Hmm-ed' and watched Oshitari walk out of the clubhouse.

"Ohtori, you'll be playing with Kabaji today. Hurry up or you'll have laps."


Ohtori was relieved as he watched Atobe leave the clubroom. Mukahi followed seconds later, and he was left alone with a sleeping Jiroh. He sighed and sat down.

To be completely honest, he was tired. After he had thrown everyone out of his house he had collapsed into bed with every intention of sleeping all of this off. But his mind wasn't about to have that happen, so he laid there while his thoughts ran in circles. He had finally fallen asleep at 3am and then had to get up at 6am to come to practice.

He put his head in hands and laughed quietly. After all of the work he put into this relationship, he was going to ruin it like this.

His head snapped up when he heard movement from the other bench. Jiroh was sitting up and looking at him.

"Look Ohtori. I don't know what happened or whatever, but...." He stood and came to sit next to Ohtori. "But, everybody seems so high strung today. Especially Shishido. If you tell me why I can try and help." Ohtori couldn't really say no, he had no one else to talk to. Plus, he was afraid that if he tried to fix this himself he'd screw everything up even worse.

So he told Jiroh the entire story from beginning to end. As he was explaining everything he felt ashamed about the way he had overreacted. He deserved to be yelled at for what he did, but Jiroh was just sitting there quietly listening. When he was done and Jiroh just smiled, and he understood what Jiroh was doing.

Ohtori looked at his shoes and smiled. "Thank you, Jiroh-sempai."

"Ah. I thought you would get it without me having to tell you." Jiroh laughed as he stood up. "We're late for practice! Oh no, Atobe's going to give us laps!" Ohtori laughed as Jiroh pulled him from the clubhouse.

Sure enough, Atobe gave them laps but only 12. Which was light compared to his usual punishments.

And leave it to Jiroh to help Ohtori figure out that he had blown this entirely out of proportion. If Shishido and Oshitari didn't have anything going on anymore, what happened in the past should stay in the past. Ohtori really had no right to tell Shishido who he should date, and he had less of a right to freak out about who he use to date. Now all Ohtori had to do was make-up with Shishido, and that's all she wrote.


Shishido still hadn't heard from Ohtori since last night. He hadn't eaten much at all and he had barely gotten any sleep. To say he loved Ohtori would be an understatement. Ohtori had loved him even when he had fallen to the lowest low in his life. He had hit the bottom hard, but Ohtori was there to pick him up and dust him off. He lost his faith and Ohtori gave that back to him. He knew it was sappy and crazy sounding, but that's the truth.

Of course, he'd never told Ohtori any of that. He has his dignity to maintain after all. But he loved Ohtori with everything he had and he could only hope Ohtori knew that.

He flipped his cellphone open and looked at it. He had spent the day avoiding his friends, especially Atobe, because he did not need them to know how close he was to breaking down.

He tried to distract himself by shooting nasty looks at Mukahi and watching him squirm. But he really wasn't even mad at Mukahi. Shishido knew this would come out eventually, but he had hoped it wouldn't be this soon.

He wasn't proud of the relationship he and Oshitari had had when they were younger. In fact, they both tried forgetting about it as much as possible. He and Oshitari had been young and they had made a very bad choice. A choice that they both regretted now more than ever. It was difficult to have a good, functioning relationship with people they loved if they had to be reminded of their mistake every time they went to school.

He flipped his phone closed and grabbed his house key off his desk. Figuring he'd walk down to the park and back or something.


Ohtori found himself outside Shishido's family's apartment after he got out of music lessons. However, instead of using the key Shishido gave him or even knocking, he just leaned against the opposite wall and stared at the door.

He hadn't thought about what he would say when he got here.

He frowned and slid down the wall into a sitting position. He wondered if Shishido was going to be angry. The shame he felt earlier came crawling back into his mind and he wondered if Shishido would even want to see him. He figured not, so Ohtori just sat staring at the door.

A few minutes later Ohtori was startled when the door opened and Shishido stepped out of it. The two just stared at each other.

"It's kind of cold out here, you know. Why don't you come in?" Shishido asked, moving so Ohtori could walk around him. Ohtori took the hint and went inside, mumbling a "Thanks."

When Shishido had gotten them both tea and they were seated in the living room, Ohtori decided it would be easier just to get to the heart of the matter.

"Shishido-san I'm really very sorry."

"Back to Shishido-san, are we? It's my fault. I should have told you." Shishido said sitting down his tea.

"Well, yeah you should have. But I overreacted. I was just....frustrated I guess, by how slowly our relationship was progressing, and I guess I just kind of snapped. It didn't help that Oshitari-sempai decided to barge in right then either."

"The snapping on Oshitari part I can understand. He has that power over people. But what do you mean our relationship is progressing too slow?"

"I mean....I think.....I think we should have sex."

Shishido's jaw was on the floor. "You-But-I......You've never talked about this before!"

Ohtori cleared his throat and mumbled, "I don't want to talk about it! I want to do it! It's embarrassing to talk about...."

Shishido, much to Ohtori's distaste, started laughing. "Please," He choked out. "Don't tell me this whole thing has been about our lack of a sex life."

Ohtori blushed and sank down into the couch cushions. "Maybe."

They both laughed until their sides hurt over the stupidity of the situation. When they were done laughing, Shishido picked his tea back up and took a sip. Ohtori said in a conversational tone, "And I have a box of condoms in that hidden pocket in my tennis bag, Ryou."

Shishido nearly dropped his tea cup.


_____________________________Oshitari's House___________________________

Mukahi threw down his pencil and sat back in his chair. Oshitari looked up from his textbook and raised an eyebrow.

"You're going to fail your mid-term if you don't study."

Mukahi eyed Oshitari for a moment. "Hey Yuushi. Who do you think was better in bed? Me or Shishido?"

Oshitari thought he might just cry.

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