Savanna Phillips

Hour 2

Chapter 18: Finally

"Were going home, were finally going home." Ellen said to her father.

"Yes we are, the war has ended so it is safe to return to Denmark." Mr. Rosen said.

"I will miss Sweden…But not as much as I have missed Copenhagen and Annemarie." Ellen said.

"Annemarie is a good friend, she risked her life for not only you
Ellen but for me your mother and even for people she did not know."

"She has always been a good friend; She protected me the night the soldiers came, the first night I stayed with the Johanson's when you and mama went into hiding."

"How did she protect you?"

"She took my necklace so the soldiers wouldn't know who I was."

"I see so wear is your necklace now?"

"I don't know, Annemarie said she would keep it hidden for me until it was safe to wear it again."

"Oh good. Ellen this is one of the many reasons Annemarie is a good friend. If the soldiers would have come back and found your necklace they could have hurt the Johanson's very badly."

"I know papa, and I hope they are all fine."

"We shall find out very soon, we are set to leave tomorrow, but for now I think it is time you went to bed."

"Alright, good night papa."

"Good night Ellen."

When Ellen woke up she could hear her parents talking in the kitchen. She wondered what they were talking about, so she got up and went to go see.

"Good morning Ellen." Mrs. Rosen said warmly to her daughter.

"Good morning mama, good morning papa."

"Good morning Ellen," Mr. Rosen said before picking up the paper off the table.

"Ellen why don't you go get dressed and I'll make us some breakfast?"

"Okay mama," Ellen said before she walked back to her room.

As she got dressed she couldn't help but smile. She was going back to Denmark after 3 long years, she was finally going home. She was going to see Annemarie again (hopefully.) She would be where she belonged.

After Ellen came back into the kitchen the Rosen's ate there breakfast in silence. It wasn't a bad silence where nobody wanted to talk to each other, it was just they were all thinking.

After breakfast the Rosen's packed up the few clothes they had and left for the place Annemarie's uncle Henrik had said he would meet them.

When they got to the place Henrik had said they would meet, he was not there. So they stood and waited until they saw two figures approaching.

"Sorry were late!" said a girl walking with an older man.

"That's quite all right young lady." Mr. Rosen told her.

"Kirsty woke right as we were leaving the house and wanted to say goodbye to Annemarie before we left." The man told them.

"Annemarie, you look so different I didn't recognize you!" Ellen exclaimed.

"You look different too, you are taller, and your hair is longer, but your face is the same." Annemarie said.

"You look just like your mama Annemarie, very beautiful." Mrs. Rosen told her.

"Thank you Mrs. Rosen." Annemarie said blushing.

"Well we should go, everyone is waiting for us." Henrik told them.

"Then let us go." Mr. Rosen said.

"Oh Ellen, I almost forgot! Close your eyes and hold out your hands." Annemarie told her.

After Ellen had done so Annemarie took off the Star of David necklace she had been wearing and put it in Ellen's hands.

"Okay open," She told Ellen.

When Ellen opened her eyes she was over joyed, she grabbed her friend and hugged her tightly and whispered in her ear. "you kept it all this time?"

"Of course I did." Annemarie whispered back.

"Okay, now let us go home, back to Denmark." Henrik said.

"With that said they all made there way back to Henrik's ship to sail home, back to Denmark, back to Copenhagen.