His eyes are shining with tears as he looks across the battle field. I feel my heart break for him he's trying to do it all. He saved us, but all he can think about are those who lost their lives.

I want to go to him but I know they won't let me. I was injured in the fight, my own father did it. It's pretty bad, a cut that goes from my right shoulder to my left hip. They've ripped apart my robes and shirt to examine me.

I sigh in defeat as he sees me, he's falling apart. I can tell by the look in his eyes. In that moment I don't care if I'm hurt. I shove past the mediwizards an run to him; I embrace him as he breaks down at last.

He cry's on my shoulder as I hold him close. I never want to let go but as he wraps his arms around my waist his hands touch my wound and I flinch. He pulls back and looks in horror at the cut on my exposed chest.

"Dray, why aren't you getting healed?"

"You needed me babe, I came," my voice sounds weak to my own ears.

"You should have let them heal you, I can take care of myself," he says wrapping an arm around me as I start to sway.

"I know but I like taking care of you," I say smiling weakly.

"Come on prat," he says dragging me back over to the mediwizards to get healed.

They're trying to pull me away from him but I refuse, I've just gotten to him and I don't want to let go. He's trying to pull my hands from his robes, but I hold on as tight as I can.

I whisper, "No," and he gives a nod and tells the healers to just go ahead and heal me.

He presses a kiss to my forehead as I fall peacefully into unconsciousness'…


Hey this is something I had to write for my Language Arts class. It was originally only to the part where Harry breaks down but I added more so you'd actually have at least a little bit of reading to do…