This is the story of another Harry Potter. Not the likeable, nice absolute Dumbledore-adoring golden boy of the canon books. This is my take of a (to me) more realistic outcome of someone in Harrys situation, with his background.

Canon-Harry is not by any means perfect, but he IS a very nice guy. A little too nice and untraumatized in my opinion, seeing as how much his life has sucked.

I am going to try keeping everyone else as canon as possible (though they may as time progress develop differently than they did in canon) as I do not want them to out of character, though I realize I may fail at this somewhat as it is not an easy thing to do;)

Anyways my story will begin much like canon, with the defeat of Voldemort and Harry´s newfound status as an orphan.

Chapter one – the boy who lived to be abandoned by his world

The Dursleys lived on number four Private Drive and were everything they are already known to us all for being; Narrow-minded, boring, ordinary in every way and most prominently ridiculously proud of these facts.

No closer description is needed as I think we all know these people from canon, so let´s move on shall we?

The day of Voldemorts defeat went by unnoticed by these ignorant people. The following day though would be memorable to even these mundane people.

Vernon's odd day, filled with strange-looking cats and overly joyous weirdoes hugging him for no apparent reason, had ended, but before this day was to end the life of the Dursley family would change significantly due to a new very unwelcome addition in the form of an orphaned little abandoned hero-child.

An intentionally odd man we all know now as Albus Dumbledore appeared on the quiet street late at night when all the normal, unremarkable people of Privet Drive had gone to bed.

"I should have known I would come across you here Minerva", he said knowingly to the cat which had been stationed determinately at the brick wall next to the Dursley´s residence all through the day.

A pointless discussion followed suit as I am sure we all remember, with Dumbledore convincing poor McGonagall of the truth in the rumors of the Potters death and Voldemorts consequent, if temporary, defeat.

In no time Hagrid arrives, as we all also should know, on Sirius flying motorbike.

Now for the events of this night; Dumbledore who appears to stand over the ministry have decided, by himself, that Harry should be placed in the care of Lily´s estranged sister who none of them know at all, rather than in the care of any of the many friends of the Potter family.

McGonagall is reluctant but easily persuaded by the much overly estimated Dumbledore and his reasoning on blood-wards safety (although if they wanted to there must be several other options of security they could explore, especially with the help of the ministry) and of preventing the baby from suffering from a big head and arrogance in the future.

Hagrid who obviously worships the ground Dumbledore stands on does not even think to really object other than putting forward some loose complaints about muggles in general and a lot of sniveling.

Dumbledore for some unexplained reason puts baby Harry down on the doorstep to really mark that this is plain abandonment and nothing else. The rational thing to do would be to simply ring the doorbell and talk this over face to face with the Dursley family so that they can get a clear understanding of what has actually happened.

But hey, Albus can´t risk ruining his image of unashamed insanity with doing something logical like that.

Instead he just leaves the baby out in the cold night on some strangers doorstep with a note "explaining the situation", which must be one of the top ten most insensitive ways of telling someone their sister has just died.

With his work done the great Dumbledore shooed his two employees away, leaving him by himself to stare at the bundle of blankets lying on the porch which he knew to contain someone who would from this day forth be known as the savior of the wizarding world.

"Good luck, Harry", he mumbled before sweeping away, not to even really check up on the little savior for a decade to come.

Well, at least the baby was not likely to get a big head, I mean being abandoned by ones entire world on a doorstep can´t exactly be a confidence-booster.

No, no one would check up on the boy who lived, a small child was of no more use to Dumbledore before he was older. The question is how keen this little boy is going to be on helping the world who turned their backs on him.

Remember, really he shall have no roots in this to him supposedly unknown wizarding world; therefore he should not feel he owes them anything, should he?

I wonder if not the great mind of Albus Dumbledore is rather overestimated, as because of his decisions Harry Potter, the boy who lived will be like an unstable potions experiment; he could turn out any way.

All the control Dumbledore cares to have in the upbringing of the boy who lived only to be abandoned, is a squib living nearby making sure he is still alive, has not been placed somewhere else and is not allergic to cats.

How will this uncertain experiment turn out? We shall see…