Maxxie sat down on the bed. Tony started talking again.

"Poor girl 's totally out of it. She's completely wasted."

Maxxie got up and started towards the brunette.

"Tony," he said sternly, "you gotta stop fuckin' around."

Tony put a finger up to his mouth then slowly took it away.

"I'll do it." He said wildly.

"…" Taking Maxxie's silence as a yes, he pulled off his shirt and placed his lips on the blonde's. Maxxie pushed in, heart pounding with lust. Maxxie's shirt was the next to come off. Their lips met once again before Tony laid small kisses on his neck, then going down his stomach. Maxxie groaned and Tony saw the erection.

"That turned on, are we?" Maxxie let out another indecipherable sound and moved in closer to Tony's warmth, pulling his arms around the brunette's waist. Maxxie sighed in content once their skin was touching. Tony was shocked by how sensual Maxxie was being, and was touched that Maxxie was obviously not doing this just because he wanted sex and was depressed and not to mention drunk. Did Maxxie love him? Suddenly very unsure, he cautiously wrapped his arms around the blonde. This, in turn, made their groins touching. And, surprising them both, the brunette had a boner.

Just then, Tony felt something warm and wet on his chest. He gently pulled Maxxie up, to see he was crying.

"What's wrong?" He said, genuinely meaning it.

"Iloveyousomuch!" Maxxie said in one big word, but Tony understood.

"…You do? For how long? Then why didn't you draw me?" Maxxie blushed,

"Ah… about a year and a half?" Tony's eyes widened.

"You've wanted me for that long?" He asked, "Why didn't you ask?" Maxxie blushed even harder, and continued.

"I didn't draw you in front of you 'cause I thought you'd notice the shit-load of detail I would've put into it. And then figure it out, and tell the others."

"In front of me? Details?" Maxxie shyly pulled away and went to his book bag, pulling out a special drawing book Tony had never seen before. He handed it over. Amazed, Tony flipped through it. All of him, and, like Maxxie had said, in extreme detail. "You… you did all of these?" Maxxie nodded.

"But you probably hate me… I mean you just wanted to experiment and it must feel weird being straight and doing this with me when you know I love you…" Maxxie turned to go but Tony stopped him, holding him to his chest.

"Wait no! I… I don't know if I love you but… I obviously like you. Does this explain nothing?" He asked, gesturing to his pants. Maxxie opened his mouth to say something but Tony interrupted. He realized if he wanted Maxxie to stay he better start speaking the truth, and all of it, fast. "And… I've never felt this way about Michelle before, and it's such a great feeling. And plus, what kind of friend would I be if I let you walk out like that? I…" He stopped and pulled the more-than-willing Maxxie into another kiss. This one was deeper, and more passionate. Tony's tongue begged entrance and Maxxie's lips gladly parted. Maxxie didn't fight back as Tony's tongue explored his mouth, but instead busied his hands tracing patterns on Tony's pants.

But that's what the alcohol took affect. Maxxie trembled slightly before falling into Tony's arms. Tony realized that Maxxie was still drunk, despite the romance. He sighed and did what any good seme would do. He brushed Maxxie's hair with his fingers,

"I'm sorry, Tony…" he began to say.

"Shh…" whispered Tony, leading the brunette to the bed.

"But don't you want to—"

"I'll be here tomorrow." Tony smiled assuringly and Maxxie nodded, almost asleep. He fell into bed and was already sleeping. Tony smiled and went in behind him, pulling covers over them both. Maxxie snuggled closer to Tony, who happily placed his arms around the slender male's waist.