Twilight: Torn In Two

Rated M

Pairings: Bella/Rosalie (Or as I deem it; Rosabella)

Summary: What if when Isabella moved to Forks, it was Rosalie who was heavily attracted to her blood, and Edward who couldn't stand her? What if Rosalie had a unigue power too, and couldn't stay away from Bella? How would Twilight have gone instead?

Author's Note: I was bored. And wanted to write a Bella/Rosalie femslash, as I don't think there are many out there. Tell me what ya think, flames are more than welcome, as I don't really give a damn. Enjoy. ^_^

WARNING: As this story is AU, Rosalie and Edward will be slightly OC: meaning their roles will be switched; Edward will not like Bella, while Rosalie (after awhile) will not be able to stay away from her, and have a special gift of her own. So if you flame me for their different behaviors, I will just message you back with an LOL because I think it is funny you feel the need to tell me this, when I made it obvious in this warning.


I was giving up my life, but I was doing so willingly, and desperately. Anything to keep her safe. When you are gifted with that one person, who you knew at the bottom of your soul was your other half, what reason did you have in not doing anything you could to protect her?

As the predator sneered at me in a mocking way, I closed my eyes and pictured my angel. Her long, wavy blonde hair; her topaz eyes. That sensuous, devil-may-cry grin that let me know she was up to no good. Even my impending doom didn't make my heart weep as much as it did when I thought about never being able to hear my angel's laugh again, or to feel her icy touch, that left my skin scorching.

Tears welled up, and I opened my eyelids to see the predator sauntering towards me. As long as he didn't touch my angel, I would die happy. Far off, I could hear my angel's voice screaming my name. My mind was probably playing tricks; there was no way she could find me, I knew that. She would be safe, and in time would get over my death and move on.

She would live. With that knowledge, I turned to face my soon-to-be murderer.

I smiled.

A/N: Short intro, I know. But, gotta set the mood, ya know? Well, tell me what you think. I have to work long hours for the next few days, so I will TRY to post another chapter tomorrow...if not, then Wednesday, the day I don't work. Oh, and I have the new chapter to "Submit" almost done; just editing it. It will definately be posted on Wednesday. Ciao! ;)