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The title for this story my be a little bit confusiong

But its from a chinese proverb

"Vacations aren't about "Getting Away" but about "Getting In Touch".

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March 2, 2010- Haha, update! So as some of you may, or may not know, I decided to go through all of my chapters and check them for their grammatical errors. I know in the beginning I never ran through my chapters before posting them, so some of them are probably a guess and desipher deal. The whole idea of the story won't change, but some things might be switched out or rewritten, but the overall BB-ness can only get hotter right? Right! So Enjoy my lovies!!!!


Temperance Brennan leaned over the skeleton from limbo, set out in perfect order. Her back throbbing from leaning over so many skeletons in the last few days, but at this point it didn't matter. Her eyes were dark from a lack of sleep, and her movements were slow and dragging. Her stomach growled in protest from the lack of food, and head pounded from over-work and dehydration.

To say the least Temperance Brennan was a mess, she had been over working herself and ignoring her basic needs just so she didn't have to face the outside world. And right now, the outside world was Seeley Booth.

The handsome, kind, and incredibly sexy FBI agent, that just so happened to haunt her every thought.

The tension between her and her partner had grown considerably over the past few weeks, leaving Temperance Brennan vulnerable and confused.

And everyone knows that when Temperance Brennan was feeling anything uncomfortable, she dives head first into her work, and doesn't come back up for air.

Angela Montenegro watched as her best friend labored away her feelings and the obvious attraction and emotional connection, to one gorgeous FBI agent.

"Sweetie," Angela interrupted "You have to take a break sometime."

"No I don't," Brennan said simply, still looking over her John Doe.

"You should take a vacation Sweetie. I'm going to come in one day and find you dead if you keep working like this."

"That's highly unlikely, I take breaks every now and again to fulfill basic needs of survival," she said weakly, but rationally, causing Angela's heart to break.

"When was the last time you ate? The last time you slept, or relaxed, or took a shower?" Angela asked desperately.

"I have done all of that today. I stayed the night and slept on my couch, took a shower in the decontamination shower, ate a bagel this morning, and finished some paper work that was quite relaxing," Brennan said in her usual apathetic tone.

Angela sighed defeated "Maybe Booth will be able to get you out of here…" she said quietly

"Don't! Call. Booth." Brennan spat, her blue eyes raging in anger.

"What happened between you two?" Angela asked, immediately curious.

"Nothing," Brennan lied.

"Sweetie, please tell me," Angela begged.

Brennan looked into her friends brown eyes, begging for the truth, before she sighed defeated, and opened her mouth to speak. "Ok, I'll tell you. During our last case, when we went to arrest Liam, Liam started shooting."

"Oh Sweetie are you ok? Is Booth ok?" Angela asked.

"I'm fine, but Booth received a very minor flesh wound."

"So that's why he had his arm in that sling," Angela said, finally understanding.

"Yeah," Brennan said reluctantly "But when we went inside, we had to fall back against one of the pillars, and he wrapped his arm around my waist and pulled me into his lap to keep me from getting shot. And then he held me to him like that until the FBI hauled Liam away."

"And what's the bad thing about all this?" Angela asked.

"I liked being that close to him. I liked feeling safe in his arms. I liked how his arm locked me to his chest," Brennan said, fear pouring in her eyes.

"Oh, I see it now," Angela said, taking a step towards her friend "All of those feelings scared you didn't they?"

"Oh hell yes," Brennan breathed.

"Sweetie I say again, you need a vacation, you need to get away for a little bit," Angela said concerned.

Brennan sighed and nodded "I'll think about it," she promised.

"Ok Sweetie. Don't stay down here for too long," Angela said walking to her friend and hugging her comfortingly.

"Thanks Ange," She whispered quietly, returning her hug.

Angela pulled back and rested her hands on her friend's shoulder "Relax Sweetie, everything is going to be ok."

Brennan nodded and thanked her almost inaudibly; her lips flicking upward as Angela give her a last encouraging smile before departing.

Angela's eyes remained dark and worried, her gaze set on her feet in thought, as she walked aimlessly into her office.

Hodgins huffed and walked into her office after her, his hands stuck deep into his lab coat pockets, his shoulders hunched tightly. "Hey babe can I talk to you?" he asked.

"Sure Hodgy, what's wrong?" Angela asked, slightly tilting her head.

"I can't go on that get away tomorrow," he said sadly "I am needed here. They need me to search for particulates and bugs on a couple different bodies, and it will take me a few days."

"Aww, well that's ok," Angela said "We can always have some fun here," she said with a seductive smile.

Hodgins' growled and moved forward, wrapping his arms around Angela and kissing her deeply, their mouths colliding forcefully, before they broke apart with a smile, Cam's voice echoing in the lab as she exclaimed "Save it for the utility closet!"

"Wait," Hodgins finally said "What are we going to do with the tickets and reservations?"

Angela smirked, her eyes narrowing, and now alighted, as the fox like smile turned at her lips, causing Hodgins to slightly tilt his head in interest.

"I know that look anywhere babe," he said with an interested smile "You just got an idea…"

Angela nodded and walked to her office door, closing it and turning back to her lover "I have an idea…" she said with a smile.

Angela burst into Limbo and grabbed her Brennan's arm unexpectedly, smiling and thanking God that she was loud enough to be spared the defensive karate chop. "Come on Sweetie!"

She stared at her, big doe eyes wide in confusion and misunderstanding. "But Angela, I have to finish with this body," she said, her voice the closest thing she could call a 'whine'.

"No you don't. Zack can finish it. You are taking that vacation," Angela said pulling her still, glad that she was finally following.

"Wait, where am I going?" Brennan asked.

"You will find out in due time Sweetie," Angela said, pulling Brennan into her office, finally releasing her arm and moving quickly around her office, grabbing her light jacket, and swapping it with her blue lab coat, finally handing over her laptop and her cell phone. "My car is outside, with a couple suit cases in it."

"But, what about Cam? Shouldn't I ask her if it's ok to go on a vacation?"

"Already talked to Cam, she gave you three weeks off," Angela said, gently nudging her friend to the sliding glass doors.

"Angela, I have work here to do," she retaliated, her voice flustered "Besides I've never taken 3 consecutive weeks off before. What am I going to do throughout all that time?"

"You know, what normal people do on a vacation. Relax, drink, take really hot long baths," Angela listed off, her hands shaking in excitement as she was able to move Brennan completely out of the Jeffersonian, and closer to her car.

"I can do all of those things in my apartment," Brennan said, grabbing a hold of the top of the car before Angela pushed her into the passenger's seat. "Why are you so fanatical about my departure?"

"Because Sweetie you need a break," Angela stressed; a winning smile on her face "Besides, you'll LOVE the place I set you up with…and the person," she said quieter, smiling as if she didn't say anything.

"I'm going with someone? Brennan asked, disgust raining her voice.

"Oh, relax. I guarantee you will LOVE your vacation partner," she ensured, her winning smile still in place as she gently pushed Brennan to her seat and closed the door.

"It's not a male hooker is it?" Brennan inquired unexcitedly, as Angela's door opened, and she sidled in next to her.

"Would you be disappointed if it was?" Angela shot back, her perfect eye brow climbing towards her hair line.

"I need intellectual stimulation along with sexual stimulation Angela," Brennan said matter-of-factly.

"Since when?"

"Since…" Brennan began, words forming in her brain…'Since I found stimulation in mine and Booth's bickering'…but refrained from leaving her mouth

Angela smiled; her smile holding as her phone announced its presence, her hand automatically going to the precise spot in her purse where it was located, before bringing it to her ear. "Shello?"

"I got him," Hodgins said merrily, pride sitting in his chest at the mission he completed.

"Good," Angela whispered evilly "She will be very happy."

"So will he."

A soft chuckle rose from her throat, before she uttered "Alright, I'll meet you later. Love you," across the line

"Love you too," Hodgins said meaningfully, before hanging up.

"Was that Hodgins?" Her friend's soft, and obviously nervous voice asked.

"Yeah," Angela said placing her cell phone back in her purse "He has your man candy."

Brennan sighed "You are lucky that I trust you, and that a series of uncomfortable hormones are being excreted to the point that I don't feel the need to voice I have no interest in cannibalism."

"At that I am," Angela said cheerfully, pulling up to the doors of the airport, and ushering her inside, with her bags slung over her shoulder. Angela checked Brennan in and led her to the terminal where she said her good bye, wrapped her arms around her and whispered into her ear "Have fun Sweetie."

"Thanks Ange," Brennan said, her nerves relaxing as the stress free mood of a vacation started to set in, "For everything."

"No problem, your travel buddy has the hotel information," Angela said.

Brennan sighed, "Ok," she said "I should get going."

"Alright Sweetie, call me when you land."

"I will," she promised, giving her friend one last hug, before waving and walking through the tunnel. She climbed up the steps and into the plane, easily finding her seat in first class and placing her carryon luggage above her head, settling into the comfortable, white leather seats, before her jaw went slackened, and she saw a man that caught her eye.

He had dark brown hair and dark chocolate brown eyes. His arm was wrapped in a sling and he had a cocky smile on his face to match his 'Cocky' belt buckle.

"Hey Bones," He said, taking his seat beside her.

"Oh you have got to be kidding me," Brennan growled, before she heard the flight attendant say "We will be taking off in a few minutes, please buckle your seatbelts and secure your carryon luggage"