(Because I love hockey, and I love Russia, and I love Canada. Is this historically accurate in any way shape or form? Absolutely not. Why is it not in my drabbles? Because I'm going somewhere with this. Hopefully.)


Almost every week since Matthew grew up and became a country, he had gone over Russia's house to play hockey.


It had started when he noticed Ivan skating on a frozen pond, hockey stick in hand. It dazzled him, the way he glided, almost flew, over the ice. The force behind a slapshot. How powerful Russia looked! Timidly, not wanting to get caught, he creeped closer, trying to get a better look. Matt had frozen ponds all over his country! Maybe Russia could teach……No. Canada would never ask Ivan for anything like that, anything at all! He was scared to be in the same room with the larger counrty, even with America and England around. This game, whatever it was, seemed too violent for Matt, anyway. Even though he was an expert skater, that stick now looked too unmanageable, and that black thing too much to keep up with. No, this obviously wasn't the game for Canada.

"You wish to play?"

Russia's invitation shocked Canada. He was about to deny profusely, to apologize for watching him practice, to leave blushing and stuttering. But then, something odd happened. Canada saw Russia's clear smile, not a trace of the creepiness that he usually saw. Ivan was serious. He had certainly wanted to play, that was for sure. Well, why not learn to play? What did he have to lose?

"Y-yes. Will you teach me?"

And that was it. From that day on, Canada had gone over top Russia's house to play. No matter what was going on, any sort of war or emergency, Russia had always expected Canada at the same time, same place. Through the Cold war, when Canada wasn't allied with Russia, when they were enemies, they still played their weekly game. And it was odd, because outside of their weekly game, they barely talked. Russia rarely acknowledged Canada's existence. But it was okay. Canada knew that Russia wasn't looking for a friend, or an ally in him. Just someone to play against. Not a friend, per se, more like an opponent. And that was enough for Canada.


He was getting ready to leave, his sports bag packed to the brim with hockey pads and other such things. It just so happened that America, who was headed to Canada's house for whatever reason, saw him go.

"Matt! Hey, Matty, wait up!"

Canada flinched. This wasn't supposed to happen. And how many time had he told Alfred not to call him "Matty"?!

"Hi, Al."

"Where are you going? What's in the bag?"


"Here, lemme see."

Matt backed up a couple of steps, to get out of reach from his elder brother's grabbing hands. This was really not supposed to happen!! Surely Russia didn't want anyone else to know about this!

"No! leave me alone, Al!"

Canada attempted to run away, but with his bear, and the bulky sports bag emblazoned with a red maple leaf, America needed only to grab his collar to stop his feeble escape attempt.

"Either you tell me what's up, Canada, or I hand you over to France in your boxers."

"You would not do that to your own brother, Alfred!!"

America pulled out his cell phone, and scrolled through his contact list deliberately slow, smirking widely.

"Okay, okay!! Fine. I'll tell you…."

"Awesome." He stashed his cell phone on his pocket, and pulled out a cheeseburger from God knows where. Alfred took a huge bite, and faced Canada. "So? Wass de big zeecret?"

"I was going….Uhh…."

Canada was thinking on the spot, trying to think up a good enough lie to throw America off his track. He always left early for his game, but America might make him late. Matt shuddered to think what Russia would do if he was late, or worse, not show up at all.

"I'm, umm…."

"Uhh, umm, err, whatever! Just tell me, Matt! Come on, it can't be that bad, can it?"

Matt breathed a deep sigh. Might as well just tell America so he could laugh his head off and Canada could go.

"I'm going to Russia's house. We're going to play hockey…."

"Hockey? What's that?"

"It's a game you play on ice. Ivan taught me it a while ago. Can I go now?"

"Oh, yeah. Yeah, sure, go on."

"Thank God."

America let Canada go, and he scurried off, leaving his older brother deep in thought, a rare occurrence. Matthew grit his teeth as he made his way to Russia's house. Oh, he hoped that this wouldn't cause any trouble…..

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