E/O Drabble Challenge Request--wrote this per Muffy Morrigan's special request. She wanted blood, impalement, chest wounds and Sam suffering. I think I got it all!

Length: 106 words (100 words is so dang hard!)

A/N: Use your imagination and insert this drabble somewhere into season 4 because it's a nod to Sam's "addiction" and what the consequences could be if the wrong person saw him giving in to it.

I wrote two drabbles this week. The second one was for me. :) It's After the Fall.

Thanks for reading!


So much blood…….


Dean fell to his knees beside his little brother. A wooden stake was protruding from Sam's chest.

"Missed the heart," Sam said weakly.

Dean managed a grimace. "I'm calling 911."

Hanging up the phone, Dean worked to keep the wound from spilling more of his brother's blood.

"Who did this to you?"

"Some guy seemed to think I was a vampire." Sam tried to laugh but immediately groaned in pain.

Dean grasped Sam's hand. "Good thing he didn't know the real way to gank a vampire."

"Yeah, lucky me."

"What I don't understand is why someone would think you're a vampire, Sammy?"