E/O Challenge: "Chest" (didn't quite make it to real impalement, sorry Muffy...hope you feel better soon!)

Disclaimer: Not mine. Rated T for one word and generally dark thoughts. I swear, I am an extremely happy individual!

Spoilers: When the Levee Breaks. This scene was really interesting to me, even though (suicidal?) Sam kind of pwned Bobby (!)…so, enjoy and please review! Sam fans, we must stay strong.


Sam steps forward until Bobby's rifle is practically impaling him, gently takes the end and places it on his chest, right over his heart. Only a trigger stands between him and sweet, sweet death; it's something that should have been his years ago. There's a part of him that wants so desperately for it to just be over… He can't deal with this shit anymore, can't even share it with anyone. Not even Dean, who locked him up like an animal.

"We're trying to help you!"

"Then shoot."

Dying is normal. It means he doesn't have to be a monster.