E/O Drabble Challenge

A/N: I wrote two drabbles this week. This one for me and Mistaken Identity for the special request.

I just wanted to see a little more of Dean at the end of episode 21.

Length: 108 words

Thanks for reading!


Dean lay amid the rubble, chest heaving, choked sobs escaping his injured throat.

"Dean, it's time."

Castiel stood at the door of the room, the door Sam had closed on him for good.

Dean struggled to his feet and swung wildly at the angel's face. Castiel caught Dean's fist in his hand and Dean was brought to his knees.

The pain from Castiel's grip was nothing compared to the pain in Dean's heart.

"I've lost him, Cas. I called my little brother a monster. The only thing that ever mattered to me was saving Sammy and I failed."

"I'm sorry."

Dean bowed his head, fresh tears falling.