The Day Draco Got Harry a Present…

Hey guys, I finally decided to give into my sisters boyfriends demands about making a AFF about him soooo here it is! It's pretty weird…if it totally sucks sorry!!!


"Harry Love I got you a present," Draco said stepping into the living room.

"What is it," Harry asked.

"Well why don't you see for your self." Draco said smirking.

Harry quietly took the unwrapped box from Draco and opened it…and you'll never guess what he found inside…a kitty holding a sniper.


"I thought-" Draco started to say before Harry tackled him to the floor pinning him there and ravishing his lips.

Well that's the story there is no more except there will not be a sequel soooooo I shall tell you what happens after Harry tackles Draco…well it leads to hottt sex and Draco and Harry end up getting married and Draco gets pregnant and that is the end…OH you wanna know about the kitty do you? Well after the hottt sex and Harry and Draco are sitting on the couch petting the kitty they decide to name it Max. Max lives with the Potter-Malfoy family for 27 years and protects the happy family of Harry, Draco and there daughter Emily Rai…After the family all dies Max goes on to enlist in the kitty marines where he then goes on to fight for kitty rights and from there he becomes the president of the united states.