So I'm new at this and didn't really mean to post this so soon. But since it's up could you please tell me what you think and offer help on where to go with this. It was just an idea I had after watching my five year old drive around the yard in her Barbie jeep and it cracked me up to think how the Cullen's would really get into this kind of kid friendly thing. Plus I'm horrible at writing in first person so I wrote this in third.

Sorry again. Still learning and I realized I had just one line of a next section and it didn't make any sense where it was.

By the way I do not own any of the characters in this story (obviously!) Thanks to Stephenie Meyers for creating such an interesting place to play in.

"Where is everyone this morning?" Bella asked as she, Edward, and Renesmee walked in the back door to the kitchen of the main house.

Esme looked up from her drawing and smiled, "I don't really know. They said something about car shopping."

Bella frowned, "Do we really need more cars?"

"Not more cars. Just faster cars," said Edward with a chuckle, then sniffed, "Jacob isn't here yet?"

Esme shook her head, "He was out on patrol last night and after that went home to rest and get his car. He was hoping he could take Renesmee down to the beach later."

Renesmee put her hand to Bella's face and asked her, "Can I go with Jacob?"

Edward, after hearing her thought, grumbled, "We'll see. First it's breakfast time for the half-human."

Bella laughed at the inside joke.

Hearing the sound of Jacobs Rabbit come roaring up the drive Nessie put her hand to Bella's face "Please, Mommy, can I go?"

Bella took a deep breath unnecessarily and sighed with a grin, "What do you think Edward? Jacob hasn't got anything stupid planned does he?"

Edward laughed, "Do you mean right now or just in general?"

Bella rolled her eyes, "I mean right now with our daughter. I have no doubt that he's planning all kinds of stupid things otherwise."

Nessie put her hand to Bella's face again, with more insistence, "May I go?"

Edward nodded, "Yes, you may go. He just wants to take you to the beach so make sure you have your bathing suit and extra clothes."

Nessie jumped off her mother's lap squealing out loud, "YAY!"

Bella took her hand and they ran back to the cottage to get her clothes while Edward met Jacob at the door.

Jake looked confused as he walked in the front door. Usually Nessie was there waiting to jump into his arms. He wasn't really expecting Edward. "Where's Ness?

"She and Bella went down to the cottage to Nessie's clothes ready," Edward stated.

"Dang it! I wanted to surprise her. Do you HAVE to tell her everything?" Jacob growled with good humor.

Edward shrugged, "Esme told her this morning that you were coming back to pick her up. I couldn't really keep it from her after that. So what's the other surprise that Rosalie, Emmett, Alice and Jasper have planned?"

Jake shook his head dejectedly, "They wouldn't tell me. The death quadruplets said I wouldn't be able to keep it from you if I knew. So they just told me to get Nessie away from the house."

Edward sighed, "That tells me more than I needed to know. Those four working together is very dangerous."

Emmett came walking through the front door and asked "Where's Nessie?"

Bella grumbled, "Renesmee is with Jacob down at LaPush."

Jasper grinned excitedly, "Good we have a surprise for her."

"What are those?" Bella asked suspiciously as Emmett toted in one box and Rosalie carried in the other.

"Barbie Jeep" said Emmett.

"Barbie convertible," said Rose.

Edward chuckled, "Giving her a choice?"

Alice smiled, "I can't read her so, yeah, and why not? She might as well learn to drive now. She's only got maybe 4 or 5 more years before she's physically able to pass for 16. And if she's going to learn to drive like a Cullen she's going to need practice."

Bella growled, "My daughter is not driving like a Cullen! She can drive like a normal human and not have to have her Grandpa arrest her!"

Edward chuckled again, "Like Charlie would ever arrest her. She's got him wrapped around her little finger. All it would take would be for her to promise never to do it again and give him her puppy dog eyes and he'd let her off with a warning."

Emmett jumped in, "Besides Carlisle said we could build an obstacle course so that she could learn the right way. So when she's driving in town she won't cause any trouble."

"Which are you more excited for, Emmett, the little jeep or the obstacle course?" Bella asked with a laugh.

Emmett grinned back with an evil twinkle, "Both! Now if I could just get them to let me build a full size course for MY jeep."

"Not on your life or death!" Esme spoke up from somewhere upstairs.

Emmett sat back to review his handiwork. He, Jasper and Edward had been deciphering the mutilated English/Chinese instructions for the last couple of hours to get the whole thing together. Strange you'd think one of them would have studied Chinese at some point in the last few decades.

Edward chuckled at the thought, "Who'd have thought that any of us would have needed it for putting together kids toys?"

Jasper laughed, "It is a strangely human thing to be doing for three vampires. I have to say thanks, Edward, for letting us be uncles."

Emmett shrugged uncomfortably. He wasn't much for the mushy stuff. "I think it needs a real light bar."

Edward nodded, "And a real stereo."

"Do you think we can find a five point harness that small?" asked Jasper.

"And a brush guard," added Emmett.

"With a tow wench," Jasper said.

Edward smiled, "we're going to need to rewire the entire thing and put in a bigger battery.

Bella grinned at Alice and Rosalie, "You don't need to go to all this trouble. She's going to love it just because it came from you."

Alice rolled her eyes, "It's got to be perfect. I won't have it any other way." Then she turned to Rose as she saw a vision of the car in the future, "Oh that's a perfect color Rose. I'll go get started on the interior design. And we'll have to replace the radio and speakers. That little one just won't be enough for Edward's daughter."

Rose nodded, "I'm going to need to rewire everything because we're going to need a bigger battery."

Nessie put her hand to Jacob's face and asked while pointing in the corner of his old shed "What is that?"

Jacob looked up and laughed, "That's my old motorcycle. I haven't rode it in awhile."

"Can you take me for a ride?" Nessie asked, looking hopeful.

"Not if you don't want your dad killing me. At least not right now. Maybe when you get older and can handle one yourself. AND only with a helmet and leathers so there's less of a chance that you'll get hurt, and NEVER around your Grandpa. Do you understand?" Jacob said seriously towards her.

"Okay Jacob," she thought solemnly. "But you know I won't get hurt."

"I know but if you haven't noticed Edward is a little overprotective of you and your mom. Try not to think about this around him. It would only bring up something that we shouldn't need to worry about for awhile," He said with a smile, "now let me try and get this old Rabbit running so I can get you home."

Just then Jacob's cell phone started ringing. Looking at the caller ID before he answered he frowned as he said, "Hello?"

Bella answered, "Jake, can you keep Nessie overnight? We…uh…have something going on here and she can't come back yet."

Jacob glanced at Nessie, knowing she could hear the conversation. "Is everything okay?"

Bella laughed, "Oh, yeah, everything's…fine. We just need some time to get… things together."

Jacob smiled at Nessie and winked, "Yeah, she can stay down here. She can sleep in one of my old T-shirts."

"Thanks, Jake. I've got to go now."

"Hey, Bells."


"You're still a terrible liar."

He heard Bella groan, "I know, but I was the only one free to call you. I told them someone else needed to. 'Night Jake"

"'Night Bells. Talk to you later," Jake said. He hung up the phone and looked over at Nessie. "Looks like you're staying the night. I'll work on this old lump of metal in the morning when I can see." As Nessie danced in place happily, Jake slammed the hood down on his car. He really wished he had the money to get something better but there wasn't much he could do about it right now.

It had been a long evening after Bella had gotten off the phone with Jacob. They'd spent all night in separate groups sorting out the cars. Everything went well after a couple of small fires on the Barbie Jeep's wiring and a blown fuse in the garage when Alice tried to plug in a sewing machine on the same outlet with an air compressor. When they'd all agreed that the cars were as good as they could get them. They split up in their marital pairs and took some time to be alone. Bella and Edward walked back to their cottage at human speed holding hands, taking their time and enjoying each other in a little extra free time. It was then that an idea hit Bella, "Is there some kind of bet going on about Renesmee's cars?"

Edward chuckled, and squeezed her hand, "Not yet, but it wouldn't surprise me if one comes up before this is all over."

Bella shook her head, "or several bets once Jake gets in on it. I really wish Jasper and Emmett wouldn't goad him like that. He doesn't have the money to keep up with those two."

Edward laughed, "Do you know what they are doing with the money they win off him?"

Bella stopped and turned to look at Edward fully, "No."

"They've been giving it to Alice and she's been putting it into the stock market in Jake's name," Edward said with a smile.

"Jake's not going to like that," Bella said trying not to smile.

Edward shrugged, "So what? He's part of our family. He'll learn to deal with it."

"Look, I know he imprinted on Renesmee but that doesn't mean that they'll be together in the future. A lot can happen between now and then," Bella said with a worried look on her face.

Edward reached up and pushed a lock of her hair out of her face. "You looked just like Esme in her worried mom mode. You are right that a lot can happen, but like it or not Jake is tied to Renesmee. We may not have the normal ties of a family but we all love one another. And I want Jacob to be able to take care of Renesmee. We are using his money to help him. We aren't giving him our money. I can't help it if he hasn't learned you don't bet against Alice. The boy keeps thinking that since she can't see him he can throw her curve balls."

Bella laughed and shook her head and started walking away, "I guess it's good we are doing something for him now. By the time he completely figures out how Alice works he'll be a Billionaire."

Edward cleared his throat unnecessarily, "he almost is now."

Spinning back around Bella looked surprised, "How much is almost?"

"Not telling. A man's finances are his own business," Edward said, trying to sound important but failing miserable.

"Then tell me, does Jake know anything about his own finances?"

"No, not really, we figured we'd give him some time to grow up a bit and struggle so he understands what he's got," Edward said with a sheepish grin.

"And you're also afraid he'll lose his temper and phase."

"That too," Edward nodded.