So just so you know. The reason this short piece is so long in coming is because I work at a school and had to deal with the graduation of over 400 students. Then in a totally Bella (pre-vampire) moment I broke my pinky cleaning a bathroom and now it's taped up to another finger. If anything is misspelled or looks weird...well sorry. But I hope you get the idea and you enjoy it. Please Review!

"Now remember Emmett, do not let her out of your sight. I don't want to hear of her driving off without you again." Edward saying, eyeing his brother waiting to hear what he knew was going to come out of his mouth.

"Edward, really, I got her back. She's not quick enough in that jeep to get away from me. Besides if I let anything happen to her you'd still have to wait in line after Rosie to hurt me. And, frankly, I'm more afraid of Rose," Emmett grimaced.

Edward nodded with a glare, "Okay, just as long as we understand each other. I'll let Rose rip you apart but I'm setting the bonfire."

As Emmett took a step back wearily, Bella walked up, "I think you actually scared him this time Edward."

Emmett nodded, "I can't tell if he's just being over-reacting Edward or if he's serious this time."

Bella laughed, "He's always serious when he over-reacts. Don't you remember Italy?"

Rosalie stepped up next her husband but directed her words to Edward, "Don't worry. Renesmee will be safe with us."

"Okay, Nessie, now I want you to drive through that mud puddle over there," Emmett pointed in the direction of an small pool left by a recent rainstorm.

"But won't I get wet? Or stuck?" Nessie asked.

Emmett laughed, "That's kind of the point with a jeep. Getting' messy and getting unstuck. We are going to test out that tow wench on the front."

Nessie giggled, "Okay, Uncle Emmett, but Aunt Rosie better give me a bath before Momma and Daddy see me or you are going to be in BIG trouble.

Emmett nodded, "Try not to think about this too much too. Now go full bore into the puddle that's the best way to get through it."

Nessie pushed down the peddle and got a good running start so she could run through the muck, slinging dirt and mud in every direction. Giggling the whole way until she got stuck. "Uncle Emmett what do I do now?"

Emmett winked at his niece, "Now I'll show you how to use the wench. You'll have to get out though."

Nessie shrugged and stood up and jumped over the hood of the little jeep and joined her uncle on the other side of the puddle. Emmett chuckled to himself, what a little show off she was. Pointing to a tree he said, "Well hook the tow cable around that tree and then we'll just pull it out of the mud."

Nessie scrunched her nose, "That's it? That doesn't sound all that messy?"

"You'll have plenty of time to get messy. We are just practicing for now so you can do this on your own later on."

Nessie sighed, "Okay, but I want to find more mud puddles."

Emmett laughed, "That's my girl!"

After a long while of running through mud puddles and getting pulled out. And once breaking a tree before they actually got the little jeep from between two boulders that Emmett still wasn't sure how Nessie got the thing between without hurting herself or the car. They finally headed home and met up with a very worried Rosalie.

"Where have you two been? And WHY does Renesmee look like she's just had a mud bath? Edwards going to kill me. We will have to give you a bath at the main house before going to the Cottage."

Nessie looked up at Emmett, "Told ya!"

Edward frowned as he heard his brother and sister bringing his daughter home. "Something's up?"

Bella sighed as she laid her book down, "Isn't it always. What's wrong this time."

"Nessie's home and she, Emmett and Rosalie are singing 'Puff the Magic Dragon,'" Edward said.

"So what's wrong with that," Bella shrugged.

"They are teaching it to her in two different languages while they are mentally thinking of anything but what happened today."

"Ah, yep something is up. But then they may be doing that on purpose to make you think something is up just to bug you."

Edward grinned, "You are not helping."

Bella laughed, "Never said I would. You are way too over protective for your own good. When Nessie is with her Aunts and Uncles she will always come home in one piece."

"What about Jacob?"

Bella nodded, "Now him you might need to worry about when she gets older?"

Edward's eyebrows came together in annoyance, "You said you were safe with him."

Bella came over and sat on his lap and stroked his cheek, "I was, because I had you. She will be ALL his someday."

Edward growled, "Again, you are not helping."

Just then the door opened and his daughter came running in and jumped on both of their laps putting her hand on Bella's cheek; she couldn't hold back her thoughts. Edward heard every one of them as they tumbled forth.

Emmett groaned and thought to himself, as he took off running in the other direction, it's a good thing Bella and Nessie were both sitting on Eddie. It gave him a head start; he might even make it to the house beforeā€¦.OOOF!