*sits in Cullen's kitchen*
Me: I want some cookies!
Emmett: OK!
Me: Not YOUR cookies…..

Me: Jasper's!
Emmett: WHAT!
Me: His are scrumptious
it makes up for me not owning Twilight…

Vampire or Werewolf?
Taken place in Eclipse, just before graduation.

Chapter 1: Muscle

Bella's POV:

I fell asleep in Edward's cool arms, the last thing I remember, Edward singing my lullaby. He broke off to whisper in my ear, "Sleep, my Bella, I love you more than life itself." Then I fell into a peaceful slumber.

I woke up to growling sounds, and the sound of movements, like pounding. I sat up in my bed, my eyes half closed. "Edward?" I asked, groggily. I looked across the room and my eyes widened in shock.

Jacob had Edward pinned against the wall, and Edward was growling menacingly at him, snapping at him, and trying to get around him.
"JACOB! GET OFF OF HIM!" I screamed, running over to them.
"Bella, stand back." He got out between clenched teeth.
"What the hell is going on?!" I screamed.
"Bella, please, just listen to me. I can't explain it now. He's out of control," I was shocked. How could Edward be out of control? He is so developed in control by now, that he can even stand to be around my blood, while breathing. "Grab my phone and call Emmett!" what? Jacob's phone? Jacob doesn't have Emmett's number… "Grab EDWARD'S phone!" he sighed. I ran over and grabbed Edward's phone and hit speed dial. The phone rang once, and Emmett answered.

"Yea Edward?" he answered.
"Emmett, it's me, we need some reinforcements over here NOW. I don't know what's going on, but we need some muscle—"
"YESS!" he cut me off. Oh, I couldn't resist….
"….That's why I'm calling for Jasper." I cracked up laughing. I could practically see his frown. "BELLA!" Jacob yelled.
"Whatever, Emmett just get over here! NOW! And bring Jasper!!" I yelled then hung up.
"I'm losing….grip….." Jacob said. "My body's….too strong….." he was sliding backwards. What? His body's too strong? I'm so confused….

Then Jasper and Emmett swung through the window. "He's out of CONTROL!" Jacob yelled. Emmett leaped over and pinned Edward to the wall, while Jasper sent calming waves toward him.
"Jacob, what happened?" Jasper asked.
"I'm not Jacob…..I'm Edward."
I heard before my vision blurred, and darkness enclosed me as my face met the floor.

A/N: Do you guys like it? I hope so!! It's the BEGINNING!