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Chapter 4: Leave it to Emmett

Bella's POV:

I left Edward and went into the locker room to change. So many thoughts were running through my mind, and I just couldn't reign them him. How did this happen? Was the biggest one. Along with WHY did this happen? Angela walked up to her locker to change, which was next to mine.

"Hey, Bella!" she greeted me. "What's up?"
"Not much." I muttered.
"Are you okay? What's up with Edward?" she asked, looking worried, "You know, if you're having any problems you could talk to me." I wish I COULD talk to someone about this. Someone who wasn't on Team Vampire OR Team Werewolf. Someone that was Switzerland, like me. Someone HUMAN. But I knew I simply couldn't. But I could maybe tell her as much as possible without going all World-War-Three-with-mythical-creatures on her.

"Well, it's just the whole thing with Jacob being here today. Him and Edward….don't exactly get along. Jacob's kind of acting like a jerk." I said. Maybe I should of said Edward's been acting like a jerk......I shook my head ridding the thought.

"Ahhh, I see. Well, maybe it's time to see how each other live." She said, grinning secretly. Shock washed through me at her comment.

"W-What?" I stammered.

"Well, Jacob goes to school on the reservation, right? He doesn't know how things go over here. And Edward isn't use to Jacob." Relief washed through me. "Right. Thanks." I mumbled.

"Anytime." She said, grinning to herself as we walked into the gym. Edward/Jacob's body was leaning against the wall, getting strange looks from Mike and a couple other guys. I walked over to him, trying to put on a smile.

"You okay?" he asked me. I nodded and drank some water from my water bottle.

"Edward, have you drunk any water today?" I asked, raising my eyebrow.
"Humans need to drink water to keep from dehydration." I told him, "Drink some water." I tried to hand him my bottle.
"Bella, I'm fine." He said, waving it off with his hand.

The coach came out then and told us what we would be doing today. We ran around the track and then started playing basketball. Edward was on my team, and trying to keep the ball away from me so I wouldn't get hurt. Edward was all over the court, and he was actually panting and sweating. That's a first for him. I was worried though because of his no drinking water issue....

About half way through the period, Edward walked over to me, breathing extremely hard. "Edward, water." I muttered to him. His eye lids were drooping, and the next thing I knew, he hit the ground. "ED—JACOB!!" I screamed, and people came rushing over. Shit, good thing I caught myself.

I took his face in my hands, and poured water in his mouth and face. "Wake up, wake up, wake up!" I mumbled furiously. After a minute he woke and coughed up some water. Everyone dispersed and I gave him a meaningful glare like a mom gives her child who just misbehaved. Edward looked at me sheepishly, and took the water bottle out of my hand and drank the remaining water.

When Gym was over, we rushed out of the changing rooms and to my truck. Jacob was there.

"What do you want, Jacob?" I demanded.
"Bella.....I'm sorry!" he pleaded. He kept a safe distance from me though, and he was shaking to keep control of himself. Edward stood between us, and he was shaking from his anger.
"You know what......I wish that you two would just switch bodies back already so then I would have nothing to do with you!" I snapped as I opened the door of my truck. "You know, that is the difference between you and Edward. Edward actually cares about me!" I finished as I slammed the door of my truck closed and we drove away.

I didn't look back at his face. I couldn't. Because pain would be etched on it. On EDWARD's face. In EDWARD'S body. So I drove on.
"Bella, I know this is hard on you......" Edward said as I pulled into the driveway of the Cullen house. "Having part of me here, and part of me there…" I turned to him, and jumped on him.
"I don't care that you're in his body! I don't care that it won't be the same! I don't care! I NEED to kiss you!" I yelled before crushing my lips to his. For once, he didn't pull back. Our mouths parted as I kissed him deeper. He didn't stop, or draw lines. It wasn't the same because the body was different. But it WAS the same that I was kissing the soul I loved, the man I loved......Edward. He started unbuttoning my shirt. But then, thought occurred to me….we couldn't go THAT far. It wouldn't the same.

"Edward....I think we should wait for that." I said, pulling away and gasping for breath.
"I couldn't agree more. I'd rather I be in my own body for that." He said, smiling. We got out of the truck and walked into the house.

"Ewwww, Edward, GET OUT!" Rosalie screeched, throwing a lamp at him. He dodged the lamp and it flew into the wall, shattering.

"OHHH! ESME'S GONNA KILL YOU!!" Alice said as she skipped down the stairs.

"Where's Jacob?" I asked.
"He's out hunting with Jasper and Esme." I groaned. This was ridiculous.

"Hey, Eddie-boy!" Emmett boomed, walking in from the kitchen.

"Emmett, why were you in the kitchen?!" I asked, raising an eyebrow. He grinned sheepishly and held out a glass to me that was filled with about an inch of pink smoothie, and the whole glass was covered in sticky pink stuff.

I ran into the kitchen and gasped.




"Whoa, I was just trying to make you a snack!" he said as he walked in behind me.

"EMMETT YOU EXPLODED THE KITCHEN WITH SMOOTHIE!!!" I yelled. The entire kitchen was covered in pink smoothie, and the blender had fallen over onto the floor. Pink was splattered on the ceiling, dripping onto the floor. Many things were out of place, knocked over or on the ground.

"ESME'S GONNA KILL YOU!!!" Alice repeated, staring at the kitchen.

"Emmett....." Edward started. Rosalie slapped Emmett in the back of the head.

"Oww! What was that for, Rosie?"

"What the—" I heard Jasper say, walking into the kitchen.

"EMMETT!!!!!" Esme screamed. Jacob/Edward's body walked in, and erupted into laughter.

"Shut up, mutt." Emmett said, glaring at Jacob. I stalked past Jacob without meeting his eyes. The weirdest thing happened next; I heard a snarling noise, and then a loud crashing noise, and then a ripping noise and more snarling. I turned around to find a huge hole in the wall, and shreds of clothing on the ground. The front door was knocked down, and I ran outside to find an extremely large wolf and Edward's body fighting.

The rest of the Cullens ran out and watched as the wolf snapped at Jacob, who was trying desperately to reach me. Emmett and Jasper pulled me behind them.

"STOP IT! BOTH OF YOU!!" I screamed at them. Jacob tried to get around the giant wolf, but Edward blocked every move.

Emmett and Jasper jumped in and restrained Jacob when he didn't calm down, and I clung to Alice. Edward stayed as a wolf, while Jasper and Emmett hung on to Jacob.

Finally Jacob calmed down and looked at me with hurt eyes, which I looked away. I refused to look at him.

I felt something nudge my shoulder and I turned to see Edward looking at me in a wolf form. I petted the fur on his side and frowned. God, what was wrong with all of my sentences today?

"SO EDWARD! HOW DOES IT FEEL TO BE A DOG!!" Emmett bellowed, erupting into laughter, followed by Jasper, Rosalie, and Alice. Edward let out a low growl.

"Ohhh, I'm so scared." Emmett said, laughing.

"Jacob, how does it feel to be a vampire?" I asked. "Something I wish I were....." I added under my breath. Everyone's eyes snapped over to stare at me, and I heard Edward growling. Shit—stupid super awesome hearing.

"It feels like crap! I don't know how they can live like this! This thirst feels like someone shoved a hot iron down my throat. I want to hug you, Bella, but I can't! Millions of thoughts are running through my head of how to kill you, to get to you. Your blood is taunting, I don't even know how to be near you, I don't understand how he can kiss you......" Jacob said. Realization crossed my features. Jacob couldn't even handle being near me because of his thirst. Edward kisses me on a daily basis. He's with me at all times—he even sleeps on my bed with me! He handles his thirst on a daily basis for ME! He loves me, so, so much. He puts himself through pain on a daily basis just to be with me, to love me.

I looked at him with tears in my eyes. He looked back at me with understanding and comfort, like he was telling me it was ok.

Then the wolf collapsed to the ground, at the same time Edward's body did. I screamed for both of them, and soon enough Edward's body stood back up. He rubbed his head mumbling.

"They're back." Alice said.

"Edward!" I yelled, running over to him and jumping into his arms. He picked me up and kissed me. I latched my legs around his waist as I plunged into the kiss enthusiastically. Surprisingly, there were no boundaries. He licked my bottom lip, asking for entrance. I opened my mouth and his tongue found its way into my mouth, rubbing circles on my own. He tasted so good.

"Ehemm," Emmett cleared his throat, holding back laughter. We broke away, and I was gasping for air. Jacob walked up from behind a bush in a pair of sweatpants.

I ran over to him and gave him a hug, despite his being a jerk. "I'm so, so sorry." He said to me.

"It's okay." I said as I pulled away. But then a thought occurred to me......

"Hey, didn't you say a switch happens when a witch is disrupted by their conflicts?!" I asked, and everyone went into thinking mode.

"So, who's the witch?!"

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