It is complete, the final chapter of Kharlan Chronicles. It is hard to believe that I have been posting this story for over a year. I certainly did not plan for this story to become so big, but it just shows what can be done with one small idea and plenty of free time. I am sad to see it end, but it is like all good things. I have another Tales of Symphonia project in the works and I hope to post it in the coming weeks. I do not want to spoil it, so just keep you eyes open.

Thank all of you for your feedback and reviews. I hope the story was enjoyable to all. Now, onward to the epilogue.

Chapter 51: Two Worlds

Mithos shifted several times in his chair as he tried to get comfortable. He has been sitting in the library of Welgaia for weeks on end looking for a solution to saving Martel from the Great Seed. If only they didn't cremate Martel's body. Since she had not been dead long, there may of been a chance to put her soul back in her body. However, it was pointless to go through what ifs now. The only thing he could do at this point is to find a solution to a problem that has plague even the spirits. How to bring someone back to life. He didn't care if it took him a thousand years. He was going to save Martel.

The echoes of footsteps got Mithos' attention and he looked up to see whom it was. Yuan stood before him with a melancholy look on his faces. He had been wearing that look since the day he split the world in two. He could understand why Yuan felt the way that he did, but he would someday understand that there was a method to his madness.

"The last of the Valkyries has finally been cleared from Derris-Kharlan." Yuan said in a neutral voice. "We managed to get them all home."

Mithos nodded. "Good, that is one less problem. Has Kratos done what I have ask of him as well?"

"He has not return yet." Yuan said. "He is still delivering the bodies of Malachite and Cryus to their families."

Mithos nodded sadly. "I guess that is fair enough."

"What is it that you ask him to do anyway?" Yuan asked.

"Just some errands in Heimdall." Mithos said neutrally. "Even if I am the Beschermer, I don't feel comfortable returning there. Not anymore..." His voice trailed off.

"Since there is nothing left here, I will be leaving for Sylvarant." Yuan said his face remained completely blank.

"Yeah, I will call you if you're needed." Mithos said as he went back to his book. Yuan nodded one last time before he left.

Mithos tapped his figures against the hard cover book as a thought entered his mind. Since it could be years before he finds a way to save Martel, he should get to solving the problem of discrimination as well. Things won't get any better if he does nothing.

He looked over to the edge of his desk where a disk sat. The disk contained all the research that Lucious was conducting on exspheres and Cruxis Crystals. Yuan went back a couple of weeks ago and retrieved it from Malachite's office. What was on it that was too dangerous to leave unguarded? He didn't know why, but he somehow felt that exspheres held the secret to finally ending discrimination.

He closed his book and picked up the disk. It was better to start looking over the research now. There was much to look over.

Yuan transported down to the hot desert of Sylvarant and attempted to calm the sickness in his stomach. He still was not use to transporting. It was a hard skill to master and he was not sure how Malachite and Zilveren managed to do it.

Yuan's face fell as he thought of his brother. His name still invoked such pain in his heart. He didn't understand what could have pushed someone like Zilveren to such a point. A point where he was willing to murder an entire race for the peace of the world. He guessed he never really knew his brother. However, at the same time, he knew Zilveren really did cared about him. It was just the darkness in his heart was stronger. Wherever he was, he hoped he had found peace. Along with Malachite.

"So, you've finally returned." Eric said. Behind him was a construction site and there were several people working in the hot sun.

Yuan nodded. "How is the base coming?"

"Fine, but I still don't understand why we're building the new Silver Ghosts' base in the middle of the desert."

"It is too dangerous to stay in any major city now." Yuan said. "Both worlds are still very much in chaos."

Eric shook his head. "Hard to believe that child I met in Heimdall could split the world in two like an egg."

"Yeah..." Yuan trailed off.

"So, what are you going to do with the Silver Ghosts?" Eric asked.

"We are going with the original plan." Yuan said. "Both worlds need to be rebuild and that is what we're going to do. Since we have people on both sides, we have a better advantage over others."

Eric shrugged. "I guess."

"By the way, I do not want this organization to be call the Silver Ghosts anymore." Yuan suddenly said. "The Silver Ghosts was Zilveren's organization and this is a new era."

Eric raised an eyebrow. "So, what will you call the organization?"

Yuan blushed slightly. "I haven't thought of a name yet."

Eric snorted. "You can't really change the name unless you have a replacement."

"It will come to me." Yuan said in a dismissive tone. "In either case, this organization will be vital for the futures of both worlds."

Eric nodded his head. "And what about Mithos?"

Yuan closed his eyes. "He...he will have to find his own way at the moment. I don't share that close bond that Martel had with him, but maybe Kratos will be able to help and guide him. With luck, he will find his way back someday." He opened his eyes and looked over the future base.

Kratos looked over the graves of Cryus and his father with a blank face. They were entombed side by side in the family's mausoleum. It took allot of doing since the king of Tethe'alla wanted to bury Cryus with his own family, but his mother intervene and used her influence in the courts to changed the king's mind.

"He would have been happy about this." Lady Aurion said as she stood by her son's side. "He admired that man more than life itself."

"I regret not allowing myself the chance to truly know him." Kratos said. "If I did, maybe something could have change." Noishe nuzzled his master's arm in comfort. Kratos responded by gently petting him.

"As Crimson has always said, we don't live by what ifs." Lady Aurion said. "If we did, there is allot of things I would had change."

"I single handily destroy our family." Kratos said in shame.

Lady Aurion laughed humorlessly. "You Aurion men have that effect. In order for Crimson to inherit his family name, he had to do much the same."

"I must be going." Kratos said. His eyes were becoming misty. "There is one more task I must complete."

Noishe whined.

"You should stay here for now." Kratos said sternly. "I will return to get you when my mission is done."

Noishe whined again.

Kratos' eyes fall. "I know, but it is what Mithos ask of me. I am certain it will all work out." He then turned to leave.

"Kratos." His mother suddenly called to him. "I couldn't say it before, but I want you to know that no matter what happens you can always come home."

Kratos sighed. "This place stopped being home along time ago. But, thank you for the gesture, mother." He left without another word.

Lady Aurion sighed as she looked at her husband's grave. "He is definitely your child."

Noise whined in agreement.

Ratatosk settled down deep within the caverns of the Ginnungagap. His power has greatly weaned since the death of his tree and he was barely keeping things together. Because his powers had drained so rapidly there was a danger that the gate to Niflheim could bust open. Although he could of careless about what would happen to the inhabitants, he still did not want the world over run with demons. It was his sacred duty to protect the world from the demon world and he had every intention to fulfilling that duty despite his current feelings.

By being so close to the doorway, he was ensuring that the seal remained. However, that also made him too weak to perform his other duty. Namely, keeping the monsters of the world from going out of control. However, he didn't really care so much about that. After what those humans and half-elves had put him through, they deserve to suffer at the hands of monsters.

"The door is secure Lord Ratatosk." Tenebrae said before his master. "No demon has been able to pass through and the demonic energy has greatly lowed since our arrival."

Ratatosk nodded. "Excellent."

"What are we to do now?" Aqua asked, curling her hair with one of her fingers. The other centurions also surrounded Ratatosk, awaiting their orders.

"I will stay here for now." Ratatosk said. "My body must abject to not having the Kharlan Tree to maintain it. That could take millenniums."

"What are we to do in the meanwhile, My Lord?" Ignis asked. He was a small snake like creature with dark greens eyes and red-orange scales.

"You should rest as well." Ratatosk advised. "Without the tree, there is not enough mana to monitor."

"What about Mithos?" Glacies asked. She was similar looking to Aqua, but her hair was must shorter and took on a spiky appearance. She was also shorter and cuter looking. Her color pallid was an icy blue and white and she had icicle like marks all over her body.

Ratatosk's eyes burned at the mention of that name. "As much as I would love to rip him limb from limb he is under the protection of Origin and the other summon spirits. He is also hiding away on Derris-Kharlan. I am now, I'm too weak to challenge him."

Tenebrae shook his head. "It is a great shame what that boy has done. Even though I traveled with them for only a brief time, I thought he was a person of outstanding character."

Aqua nodded. "I wonder why his sister hasn't knocked any sense back into him. She seemed like a person who would take no mess."

"None of that matters." Ratatosk huffed in anger and frustration. "Mithos is beyond my control, however, he will pay dearly if he ever chooses to come here."

Tenebrae nodded. "I understand, Lord Ratatosk."

"My strength is at an end." Ratatosk said in a tire voice. "I will sleep here for the time being and guard the Ginnungagap. You centurions return to your shrines and wait for my return."

"Yes, Lord Ratatosk." All the centurions said as they disappeared.

Ratatosk settled down for his long sleep. "When I've awaken, I will make them all pay. Humans and half-elves alike will feel my fury. Especially that half-elf, Mithos." He swore as his eyes closed and the world faded into nothingness.

Kratos flew quickly over the new world known as Tethe'alla. Since Kratos had not fully learn to used basic spells yet, it was still far too dangerous for him to even attempt transporting. So, he chose to use his wings to fly from Meltokio to Heimdall. Although using his wings was still new to him and he had not build up the endurance for long flights, he still made it to Heimdall within an hour. Kratos was tire, but he pushed his fatigue aside as he walked into the elven village.

Since he was a friend of the Beschermer, the elves let him in with no fanfare. However, that didn't stop the dark glares they gave him. He couldn't really blame them considering what had happen. Those glares did not go away as he walked towards the elder's house. He didn't have to go inside since Johnov was standing by the door.

"You have allot of nerve coming here, human." Johnov all but growled. It was obvious that all formality was dead.

Even so, Kratos bowed humbly to the elder. "I wish to see Origin."

Johnov glared hatefully at him. "Haven't you and that half-elf done enough using his power?"

"I am aware, but this is personal business." Kratos said calmly.

"Go ahead." Johnov said as he waved his hand at him. "You don't have to ask my permission for anything."

"I thought I would still ask." Kratos stated.

The elder huffed and went inside his house. He loudly slammed the door behind him. Mithos did nothing to help half-elves' relations with the elves, but there was little point worrying about that now. He had a mission to complete.

He began his walk towards Torent Forest and attempted to ignore the angry elves he met along the way. It took him about thirty minutes before he was standing before Origin's stone.

Origin appeared before him in a flash of light and had a stern look on his face. "I was wondering when you would come."

"Then, you know why I am here." Kratos said in a matter-of-fact voice.

"You have come to seal me in order for Mithos to maintain his power over me." Origin return with a deadpan voice. "As such, he is blocking the path of anyone besides him ever becoming the Beschermer."

Kratos' eyes soften. "Origin, I give you my word that this is not permanent. When Mithos return to his senses, I will free you again."

"And what makes you think Mithos will ever return to his senses?" Origin asked.

Kratos' eyes harden. "I will bring him back. I made a promise to Martel to take care of him and I will do that until my last breath."

"You can do what you want." Origin said in tire voice. "The role of Beschermer is no longer needed since there is no tree to protect."

"Origin..." Kratos started.

"Be done with it, human." Origin said coldly. "I no longer have the will to deal with your kind."

Kratos sighed. "Very well." Origin disappeared and Kratos walked over to the stone. He gently put his hand on the cold stone and released his mana into it. Using the spell that Mithos had taught him, Kratos used his mana to seal the stone with Origin in it. Now, Origin could never be summoned again and Mithos' pact would remain until the day Kratos died. He pulled away and bowed to the stone.

"Forgive me, Origin, but I still have fate in Mithos." Kratos said. "I truly believe he is destine to bring order to these worlds. When the time comes, I am certain he will make everything right again."

With his task complete, he turned back to return to Derris-Kharlan. Where Mithos awaited him.

Final Author's Notes

That concludes the Kharlan Chronicles and I hope it was to everyone's enjoyment. There are just a few things I want to clear up about the characters and story:

Mithos- The main hero of the story and by far the person who goes through the most character development. Mithos was hard to write in the sense that we only really know Mithos as Yggdrasill. We got some information here and there about how he used to be like, but nothing that was too detail. I also do not like how some fanfiction tends to make Mithos into either a whining brat or a somewhat disturb child even before he completely lost himself. I feel if Mithos was anything like that, he would have never gotten the loyalty of Kratos and Yuan. Instead, I primarily based him on Lloyd at the beginning of the game. I think it was fitting since he did call Lloyd his shadow.

However, Mithos differs from Lloyd in several key areas. Namely, he is not as sympathetic towards people as Lloyd is, especially towards an enemy. Also since Mithos grew up in the harshness of war, he began to learn that lives are cheap and sacrifices must be made for the greater good. A lesson that Lloyd never accepted. He is also more selfish than Lloyd since he chose his friends and his own feelings over the safety of the world or others. Although Lloyd did not like what Colette had to do to regenerate the world, he did let her go in the Tower of Salvation, although he greatly regretted it afterwards. He also moved on to do the task before him even when his friends were hurt, kidnapped, and even thought to be dead.

Mithos also has a little bit of Genis in him since they have many similarities. Both of them are highly intelligent, jaded towards people, and both heavily depended on their sisters. They both also have sharp tongues, which get them into trouble. However, Mithos is not a prodigy like Genis and is a little naive in some areas.

The most difficult thing about Mithos was grooming him for his sad, but eventual fall from grace. Unlike what some stories try to do, it could not happen all at once. It had to be a slow and steady progress since Kratos and Yuan would most likely abandon him sooner if he completely lost his mind right away. Which is why at the end of the story Mithos still has some of his sanity and has yet to fully becomes Yggdrasill of Cruxis.

Martel- Of all the canon characters, she was the most difficult to write and develop. Throughout the game of Tales of Symphonia Martel is a goddess. Because of that, we are given only this rose color view of her character. With Martel it is very easy to make her into a canon-sue. I had to make Martel a flaw person, but at the same time not to betray the essence of her character. To do that I made Martel a mix of Colette and Raine.

Martel has Colette's innocence and a strong hope for the world. She also tends to always look on the bright side, which contradicts the harshness of war and everything involve with it. She is also naive, but that naivety is tested and eventually broken as she sees and experience more of the cruelty around her. Although by the end of her life Martel loses her innocence and her naivety, she refuses to abandon hope for something better unlike many of her comrades.

She is little like Raine because she is wise for her age and very book smart. She knows allot about magic and the summon spirits. She also knows how to keep Mithos in line, something that Kratos is not able to fully do. Unlike Raine, however, she can do it without resulting to violent outbursts. I also tried to give her some of Raine's motherly nature and she kind of became the mother of the group who took care of everyone.

Kratos- Possibly the most popular character in Tales fandom. I have read allot of stories about Kratos and he tends to take over any fanfic, even if he is not the main character or focus. He kind of became the Wolverine of the Tales of Symphonia universe. I did not want that to happen in this story. Kratos is an important character who has a side story that is just as relevant as the main plot, but I didn't want it to completely take over the story. Which is why Kratos' backstory is not fully explored and only seen in conversations and dream sequences.

Another thing about Kratos is that people tend to make him more of a badass than he actually is and they also downplay how flaw he really is, which is a subject I wanted to explore. Kratos fatal flaw, in my opinion, is his willingness to place his sword and trust in another instead of himself. Even at the end of Tales of Symphonia, he wanted Lloyd to be the one to defeat Mithos instead of him doing it himself. In that sense, he places his sword and trust in the hands of his son. I think this is caused by insecurity in himself and his abilities. If Kratos truly had a strong sense of himself, he could have ended Mithos' rule a long time ago.

There is also the question on how Kratos sees fate. Although I didn't go into allot of detail about it, he seems to believe that everything is run by fate and people have no real control of their live or the outcome of things. Which is why he chose to believe in Zilveren and then Mithos. He truly believes they are fated to protect or save the world and it was his duty to make their dreams come true. I also think this is a cover up for his insecurities and he justified his own weaknesses by saying it is fate or fate's will. I think it is easier for him to say that is out of his control than to admit he had control but is not confident enough to act on it.

Yuan- Possibly the least talk about of the original heroes. I think that has to do with the fact that we really did not know his story except that Martel and him were engaged or married. You have to really look for information about Yuan and even the canon information does not really create a solid past. So, I base some of Yuan's background around wonder-chef's great story "The Best of Friends" to fill in the holes from the canon information. By doing so, I connected him to Kratos more than I wanted in the beginning, but it all worked out.

Personality wise, Yuan was a joy to write. He is primarily base on his Dawn of the New World personality because I think the Yuan we saw in that game is who Yuan was before he got turned into one of the Four Seraphim. Namely, he is a wise person with great knowledge about magic and elven lore, but he is not as stone face as Kratos. He does like having a good time, but he knows when things are dire. I think as Mithos went completely insane and his best friend just went along with things it made him bitter and delusional. Which is why Yuan had a stick up his butt in the first Tales of Symphonia game.

Noishe- Dear sweet Noishe, I really did not get the chance to develop him the way I wanted. It had more to do with the fact that Noishe is not a fighter and I did not think Kratos would risk Noishe being killed since he knows the important role he will play in the future of the world. It is also fairly hard to develop a character who does nothing by whine or bark. In the case of my story, squawk and screech. So, you really cannot develop that deep conversation and development like you can for other characters. I truly hope to do better next time and give this character the time he deserves.

Ratatosk- Given the role he plays in Dawn of the New World and who he is, he needed to play an important role in the story. Since Ratatosk was never shown in his summon spirit form, it was kind of hard to picture what he would looked like. When I was first writing his appearance, I pictured him looking like the Ancient Chattur'gha from Eternal Darkness because of his booming voice. But, I thought it would be unflattering to make Ratatosk look like the seafood special or a giant enemy crab. So, I gave him a more humanoid appearance, but at the same time I wanted him to look threatening.

Ratatosk has a harder edge than any of the summon spirits, except for maybe Volt. I actually went back and forward about him knowing about Zilveren's plan since Ratatosk wanted to do something similar in Dawn of the New World. However, I sided with him not knowing since I didn't think Zilveren could not hide the fact that a major part of his plan was to kill the Kharlan Tree.

Zilveren (The Dark King)- The main OC of the story. Zilveren is a very complicated character with allot of layers that made him difficult to write. He is so complex that I could easily write an entire story around him, but I do not care to read stories about other people's OCs, let alone one of my own.

When I created Zilveren I made him a mix of Yggdrasill and the OVA's version of Dhaos. Like Dhaos, he is very charming and somewhat cold hearted, however, he is extremely wise and always seems to stay in control. Even in the end, the only times his demeanor was shaken was when Malachite summoned Pluto and when Mithos defeated him as the Dark King. Even then he return to a relative calm. He also hold the same views as Dhaos has on half-elves in the OVA, which can be seen by how Dhaos mocked Reisen about building the mana cannon to prove himself to the humans.

He is similar to Yggdrasill in the fact that they were both heroes and well respected among their comrades. They also both ran massive organizations in which not everyone was in on the main plot. Zilveren also slowly loses his sanity as he becomes delusional with the world as he tries to stop the Kharlan War. It eventually reaches a point where he becomes completely devoted to creating a perfect world. Even if it means mass genocide of an entire race, betraying his friends and comrades, breaking his vows with the spirits, and undermining his own core principles. Like Mithos, Zilveren became a twisted shell of his former self at the end.

However, there are several a major differences between Zilveren and Yggdrasill. The first being that unlike Yggdrasill, Zilveren does feel guilt and regret about what he has done. Through the entire game of Tales of Symphonia, Mithos only express regret once and that was in a Z-skit with Noishe. All other times, he is completely convinced he is right and remains unremorseful even as he was about to die. Although Zilveren never actually showed it, his guilt is seen in the fact that he actually split his soul in two and was constantly battling with himself. At the end of the story, what was left of Zilveren's soul sided with Mithos.

The second major different is that Zilveren put the planet itself before anything else, even the people in it. Although Zilveren blames the half-elves for what has happen to the tree and only wants to wipe them out in his true ideal world there would be no people at all. There would only be the Kharlan Tree, the spirits, and nature itself. Zilveren by the end of his life despised people in general and thought the planet would better off without them. Yggdrasill on the other hand does not really care about the planet or the people. He only cares about Martel. As Mithos said himself, the world could die, but he would be perfectly happy with just Martel.

A third point is that although Zilveren betrays everyone he has come in contact with, he does not like having betrayers on his team. Especially those who does treason for the sake of personal gain. This is shown on how he punished Ratto for betraying his comrades for what he deem as shallow reasons. Mithos seemed to almost encouraged betrayal by the way he treated Zelos and how he allowed Kratos back into his graces after he had been actively against him.

As for what exactly is the Dark King, he is not an 'evil' version Zilveren. He more represents Zilveren's determination and devotion. When Zilveren ripped his soul apart over his guilt, the Dark King became the voice that kept him on his path. He was the one that kept telling Zilveren that the end justified means and everyone would be better off. Zilveren became so divided in time that the Dark King became a different personality all together, although he remained loyal to Zilveren. Which is why the Dark King accepted Zilveren siding with Mithos although he thought it was wrong and his philosophy was the right one.

Malachite (Vessel of Daemonium)- Malachite was a character who grew out of a need to have someone who was Zilveren's equal. Someone that the group could contact and ask for advice since Zilveren was not always going to be around to fulfill that role. However, as I made this character, she grew a life of her own. I also made her a summoner because I wanted to include the Summon Spirit Pluto in some form, but there was no reason for Mithos to make pact with him. Which is where Malachite's backstory grew from.

Like Ratatosk, I went back and forward about whether she knew about Zilveren. I was thinking about Malachite having a change of heart at the end after witnesses Mithos' bravery and her using Pluto to kill Zilveren as an act of redemption. However, as the story progress, I scraped the idea for various reasons. You could call this a case where the character wrote itself.

Gem- He was created to fill the role of protector at the beginning of the story. Gem had no major role in the plot, but like Malachite the character wrote itself after awhile.

Unconsciously, Gem began to represent the innocence that is taking during war. He is only sixteen and he is made to kill and murder another human to survive, but he seems perfectly okay about doing it. However, he still has a strong sense of justice and still what to help people. So Gem was trying to maintain his humanity during a time where everyone was expected to lose it. Him being killed in cold blood by his own brother also shows just how low humans have become during the war and how human life is worthless even in the presence of blood.

Eric- Believe it or not, Eric was originally made to be the betrayer. Which is why I made him somewhat unlikable at the beginning of the story. However, as I warm up to the character and began to develop him, he under went a major remodel.

I made his backstory to show the fall of humanity. The war itself turned humans and half-elves alike into monsters capable of many unspeakable crimes. Although Eric comes across as cold and indifferent, he realizes this change before anyone else and is deeply traumatize by it. He pretty much feels that all of humanity is damn because of the darkness in their hearts. Which is why he is only looking for self-redemption instead of trying to change others.

Eric also began to symbolize the lost of faith in humans. Humans lost their faith because of the endless death and cruelty that surrounded them and the spirits indifferent to their pain. However, despite Eric's lack of faith, he desperately wants to believe in something. Which is why he wants Martel's ideals to be right and starts believing in her despite him saying how foolish she is. This need for faith and hope is what will eventually lead people to the Goddess Martel.

Ratto- Since I took the betrayer role from Eric, I had to create another character for the role. Unlike Eric, I gave Ratto no redeeming qualities. He is loosely base off of the character Iizuka from Rurouni Kenshin, which is why he has a very laid back, almost lazy at times, attitude.

Ratto came to represent the worst of human nature. Everything he did was out of pure selfishness, greed, and jealousy. The reason why I made Ratto like this is because Mithos needed a strong reason to really hate humans to the extent that he does in Tales of Symphonia. In Mithos' mind, all humans became like Ratto to him and he is unable to think otherwise as his sanity slips. It does not help that Ratto did aid them in curing Martel of her sickness.

Crimson- Kratos father was really meant to be the major antagonist for the second act of the story. He was really the first one to beat the group not once but twice. He was made to be a bit of a racist jerk and to give people an idea what kind of home life Kratos came from without going into much detail about his backstory. Crimson was also made to be a counter to Kratos and to push him to greatness.

Crimson is not really base on anyone, except to be the stereotypical hardass teacher/villain. However, as you learn more about him you begin to see that he actually does care about Kratos and everything he does is to make Kratos a better soldier and for him to beat his own weaknesses. He acted as a bit of a lampshade for me to show what I believe to be Kratos' flaws throughout the story.

Cryus- He was originally made just to be a rival to Kratos, but held no important part in the story. However, I developed him more and he eventually became Kratos' stepped-brother. His story is sad in a sense that he depends completely on Crimson's approval for everything and he so desperately wants to take Kratos' place by his side. He developed this way becomes Cryus had no real bond with his murder family since he was always at school. However, they were still his world and that was lost to him. To help him deal with what had happen, he made Crimson his new world.

Cryus' feelings on Kratos are not warm at all. Although they tried to have a brotherly relationship when they were younger, Cryus jealousy eventually made it impossible. He also could never understand Kratos' friendship with Yuan, which drove the wedge further.

The Fahrer- The Fahrer was design to be the constant threat to Mithos' group all way to the final act. They were to show the beginnings on how exspheres were abused to be created. They were also meant to show that the half-elves also became corrupted by the harshness of war and discrimination.

The Fahrer was actually meant to be just a mercenary group in the story who only motives were greed. After I introduced the first Farm, however, I changed my mind and decided to give the Fahrer a more redeemable motive. It actually worked out much better than I could ever plan since the Fahrer planted the seeds that would lead Mithos to doing allot of the crap that he did Tales of Symphonia.

The Kharlan War- The Kharlan War is a subject in the sense on how I decided to approach it. Most stories go into detail about the battles on both sides and the other stuff that surrounds it. I thought about going into more detail about the war itself, but I decided not to go there. The story is primarily told from Mithos and his friends' point of view and none of them were really involve with the war itself. I decided to focus instead on the effects that the war had on the human condition. Namely the rampage of slavery, genocide, rape, greed, and so on. I wanted to show the harshness of the world through the character's eyes and let people see for themselves how the war had pretty much brought nothing but death and misery to people.

As for why exactly the war started, I decided it was a moot point. As Eric said, the war just became an excuse for people to indulge in their dark desires. After fighting for so many centuries, the war has no meaning, which is the real tragedy of the entire situation.