What the hell are you doing? People become cops for two reasons, alright. They need the paycheck or they like to carry a big gun and tell people what to do. Now you, you surely don't need the money. I don't think you're a freak. So what the hell are you doing here?

I'm a cop, same as you're a cop.


A rookie walks my way.

Someone new, someone different, someone who plays by the book.

I don't like him.

Trouble's written all over him.

He's a tard.

A rich tard from Beverly Hills.

Doesn't even look fit for the job.

Give him a chance? Won't make it through the second day.

He's already thrown up, been ridiculed by Dewey.

But karma comes around, he's Dewey's savior.

A crack shot, I tell ya, even if he doesn't look like a cop.

A good kid.

A good kid who's been through shit like me.

The only thing we've got in common

So a chance, huh? I'll give him one. Maybe.

I can't promise one just yet.