Summary: Edward actually kills Bella on that fateful day when they meet. He and his family move away to hide from their past. Unfortunately, Edward starts having regular apparitions of Bella come before him. How can Edward erase the past to realize his one true love is right in front of him? Will these two star-crossed, ill-fated lovers have their true destinies course corrected for them? Read to find out!

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Chapter 1

Today is the three-year anniversary of the day that we moved into this dreadful town. It's a real reason to 'celebrate' in my family. Three whole years of monotony and secrecy with absolutely no screw-ups, congratulations to us. We've gotten close sometimes but as far as major problems go, we're scotch free in Forks.

If only I didn't have to repeat high school over and over like this. Teenagers are so predictable and annoying to deal with on a daily basis. However, keeping up appearances forces me to be a team player and just endure it.

I looked around the empty Biology room. I was always so early; I wondered if these humans ever got tired of walking so slow all the time. They probably don't notice how fast I walk to class. They are so oblivious to all of our other mannerisms that walking faster than them is probably low on the list of our tells.

As the class piled inside, I saw and heard the thoughts of many of my classmates all of their thoughts seemed to be focused on this new girl in the class and if they would get the chance to sit next to her. I looked away. I was so tired of all of these teenage hormone induced fantasies about each other. It was almost too much to bear. Oh well, at least it was the guys this time, fantasizing over some girl. It was much worse when the girls would fantasize about me.

Finally as one of the last people to enter the class, the new girl, someone had said her name was Bella, and took the only seat left in the room open for her use, the one right next to mine.

At first I intended to smile and wave at the girl and let her know that I wouldn't be as hostile as some of my other classmates often thought me as. But as soon as she got close enough for me to smell her did I realize how much of a problem this was going to be for me. She just smelled so good. I knew I wasn't going to have the self-control I needed to wade out this environment. It was as if I were a recovering drug addict someone was waving a bag of heroin under my nose and saying come on you know you want some.

I could remember exactly what it felt like to sink my teeth into human flesh and find that sweet release of human blood, thick juicy and delectable in every way. I could feel my wrists tense up as my body prepared to strike.

As much as I wanted to drink the blood of this poor innocent girl I could not do that to my family and expose the entire biology class to what we are. That just didn't seem fair to them. So I clenched my fists even tighter at my sides.

I couldn't even look into her mind to see what she made of my strange behavior or predator-like gaze that she must have gotten from me. Her mind was completely empty.

I could feel my body leaning closer to her to sniff her scent more. I covered my nose trying to use my hands to resist what the rest of my body was trying to get me to do.

She looked up at me, startled by my composure but very curious all the same. The ends of her mouth tilted up in a nervous smile. She was probably trying to figure out how to break my stone cold stare and find a way to make a comfortable atmosphere at our table with the icebreaking smile. But she didn't know what I was thinking at that moment.

I started envisioning myself dragging her out of the classroom, locking us in a broom closet, and then before she could scream or scare me out of it, sucking out every ounce of her blood.

Then I knew that I had to get out. Right in the middle of the lecture I jumped out of my seat and left the building. I didn't look back once. I ran out into the woods and caught the first deer I could and then another and then one more on top of that.

Five deer and one rather small black bear later, I felt satisfied enough that I could walk back full enough to rationally explain what had occurred to my family.

On the way back I decided to walk extra slowly trying to figure out how I was going to explain to my family how completely overwhelmed by the situation I was. More so than I had ever been. Even when I was a newborn vampire I had cravings of normal humans but when I killed them it was just for that simple satisfaction. I felt that if I had the chance to drink this girls blood that it would end all of my hunger for blood altogether. That was truly something I had never experienced before as a vampire.

I had reached the end of the woods and was approaching the road when I smelt her.

She was standing by this red pick up truck that had seemed to get caught in a ditch by the side of the road. I walked out into the open startling her a bit.

She looked way too relieved to see me. Obviously she didn't know what I was thinking at that very second. She may not have been aware of how alone we were, but I was.

Her hand flew to her chest, "Wow you scared me." She exhaled pointedly, "Do you think you could help me out here? I'm not used to driving in the rain and I just veered for a second and well I suppose you can figure out the rest."

I didn't say anything. I couldn't open my lips when my teeth were basically biting into them to keep me from doing something that would ultimately affect the rest of my life.

She looked a little more turned off by my confusing presence. I suppose I would have been too. I mean I was acting like a psychopath. "So do you have a cell phone so I can call my dad?"

I don't know exactly what happened next but she narrowed the 50 foot gap that was currently between us and, with her eyes narrow as slits, she realized that she already knew me, "It's you!" she exclaimed. Fear climbed into her eyes. She tried to back away, but she was too late.

At that moment a huge gust of wind blew all of her intoxicating scent right in my face and I lost control. No amount of deer or bear could stop me from consuming myself in her blood-lusting scent.

I pounced on her before she could scream or even react to what was happening to her. It was just like my fantasy in the classroom earlier. I had her whole body and pinned to the ground. I bit into her neckline, relishing for half a second in the stimulating dangerousness that only excited the situation, my malicious intent mixed with the taste of her perfect blood. It sang to me, sweet soft and beautiful. I drank and drank until I could start to feel like myself again.

As soon as I came around to my sane senses, I flung myself away all the way back into the woods pinned to a nearby tree. I saw lying on the ground right near her poor trapped truck, the body of a bloodless girl. She wasn't moving. And I knew the worst had just happened.

What had I just done?

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