Chapter 7


A decent sized cave rock was thrown at my head at warp speed.

"Please listen to me, I know this will be hard for you to understand but I know you!"

She tried to go for my neck; I retreated out into the open.

"Its Edward, Bella! You know me! I know you do!"

She hissed softly digging her nails into the soft grass as she prepared to chase me through the forest. "You don't know anything! Nobody can help me."

"Please, let me try" I turned to face her and opened my body to face hers. "I know exactly what you're going through, who do you think made you like this, to begin with?"

Her nails scratched into the grass deeper and damp brown dirt shot out of the ground as she raised her hands in the air and screeched.

That probably wasn't the best thing to mention at a time like this, nice going. Bella's red eyes glowed in the darkness; I could see there was no soul behind those eyes. Her anger and hatred toward me was growing with every passing second. I knew I would be no match for this angry newborn vampire in my weakened vulnerable state. I wouldn't even be able to defend myself properly if and when she would try to kill me. I could never hurt a hair on her head, even if she was a monster in disguise.

I sat down on the grass, at peace with my decision. "I'm sorry that I couldn't help you Bella, I really am. I wish you knew what a good person you really were and how much I really and truly loved you." I refused to look at her as I said my carefully articulated final words, closed my eyes and prayed for a quick end.

"What the HELL, Edward? You're just going to give up, what kind of man are you?"

Bella's words echoed in my ears. They were piercingly loud. Confused, my eyes shot open, there was Vampire Bella just as angry looking as ever, obviously still trying to figure out what to do with me. I could tell that those particular words that I had heard did not come from the creature in front of me.

"Bella!" I stood up and screamed her name as I turned in a circle scanning the dark trees for my Bella. "Is that you Bella?"

The Vampire Bella had made up her decision, and started charging me when my back was turned. Obviously she took my sudden alertness as a sign that I wasn't as willing to die peacefully as I had led on.

"Edward look out" Bella's voice warned me as the vampire Bella almost sliced my whole backside open. Luckily, I ducked just in time.

"Bella where are you?" I spoke to the phantom voice of my beloved Bella as her body tried again and again to slice me open from different fighting stances. I knew I would not last much longer against this very deadly monster.

"Edward there isn't much time you have to save me!" I dodged another attempt at my life.

"What do you mean? I would do anything to help you Bella." The body hollered at her failed attempt to even be able to touch me yet.

"I can't reach her Edward! There isn't much time she's pushing me farther and farther away you have to help her find me!"

I looked at the creature in front of me for answers she was breathing heavily, obviously not used to not having to breathe anymore. I needed to find a way to bridge Bella so she could return to her body. "Pleaseā€¦. Edward" The voice was growing very feint.

The vampire Bella noticed the non-aggressive look I was giving her once again. I reached my hand out in the most peaceful manner I could manage. She swatted it away looking puzzled at my attempts to touch her. Something happened when our hands touched. I could feel it. It felt, almost, like I was alive again. I knew I had done something right.

"Get away!" the vampire Bella shouted at me as I tried to repeat my motions again. I could tell she was about to bolt for it. Being much more frightened by this act of genuine kindness than of aggressive battling.

Thinking quickly, instead of waiting for her to respond to my outreach hand again. I grabbed her wrist and pulled her whole body in close and shoved my lips to hers. No matter if this was the real Bella or not, it was incredibly magical; I could feel the warmth emanating from her skin as our lips touched.

This moment lasted no more than a brief second before I felt long claws being dragged across my cheek. The flesh I could barley call my own was being ripped from my face. I fell backwards and lay motionless on the ground for a whole minute. All the warmth was gone.

"Edward!" I could hear Bella's voice again shocked and dismayed at my pain. I tried to get up and seem strong again for her benefit. But before I could get the chance, there was a hand lifting the hair out of my face to examine the damage.

"Edward I'm so sorry, I didn't mean for you to get hurt! Are you alright do you need help with anything?" Bella's hands lifted my head up so she could see my face from both sides. The scars were already gone. My heart was in overdrive.

"Bella!" I exclaimed at the kind warm fleshy face that looked at me with concern. "You- you're you! What did you do?" I grabbed her hands and saw a warm smile come over her face. The one I was so familiar with. I loved the feel of her touch more than I ever could have imagined.

"I didn't do anything it was all you. You just needed to bridge my soul and body together and ta-da! Although the kiss was a little excessively dramatic, a nice long touch would have sufficed and then we wouldn't have had to deal with your messy face now." She smiled playfully and tightened her grip on my hand. "If you try again I promise that I won't unleash the animal inside of me. Unless you're into that kind of thing"

She started laughing at her own joke, and before I could let her finish, I kissed her again, this time without any unexpected interruptions.

The next day I took Bella home to meet everyone in the family officially. Although the surprise of it all was ruined by Alice's explanation of why I was gone.

"Well I knew you were bringing her back silly, remember my vision? I could see you and Bella together? If you weren't dead then I knew something must have happened to make her alive again, and what a splendid surprise it was to find you!" Alice then hugged Bella very tight.

The rest of my family welcomed Bella in as quickly as I did. It wasn't hard with her; she has such an amazingly warm presence for a vampire that it's hard to not love her.

"Edward?" Bella called me from the porch where she was looking out at the mountains.

I grabbed her from behind and slid my arms around her waist and rested my head on her shoulder. "Yes?" I asked then kissed her on the cheek.

"Thank you for all of this. I never would have been able to be here if it weren't for you."

I tightened my grip on her waist for a moment, "you don't need to thank me. Even with all the difficult times we've had to go through, I couldn't imagine living my life with out you."

She turned around in my arms. "You know, even if you hadn't killed me that day, and somehow found a way to restrain yourself long enough for me to get to know you when I was alive. I bet we would have still ended up exactly the same as we are now."

I smiled at her, "I wonder what that would have been like. It probably would have been torturous, you smell soooo good Bella."

She laughed, "I love you Edward." I leaned down and kissed her sweet and gently and I knew I'd never be haunted by my past again.