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Bella POV ~ Prologue

"No, really! Alice, you don't have too…" I hurriedly told Alice as she started dressing me up… again… in the fourth outfit since I walked into the room.

"Yes, I do!"

I opened my mouth to start trying to get her to leave my hair alone, but she beat me to it, snapping, "No, Bella! You will let me do your hair, or else!"

I closed my mouth with an audible click before wondering why she needed to do this. It's been about ten minutes since I was called in. At first, I thought that she needed me for something. I should have known she would get me roped into a round of Bella Barbie. Really, I should have known.

When Alice flitted back to the closet (or somewhere, I don't know), I turned back hastily, wanting to ask again. But before I could, I heard something plastic hit the ground with a dull thud on the carpet. I darted up, ready to crouch down or attack. I stopped when I noticed Alice had her vision face on, her eyes blank and face straight.

I straightened up, brushing off imaginary wrinkles in my clothes. When Alice came to, she smiled warmly and sadly, something I hadn't seen since I woke up after my change almost eight years ago.

My daughter, Renesmee, who I had given birth to before I was changed, did end up with my former love Jacob, as strange as that sounds. Edward still doesn't like him as much, but he's warming up to him. Ren, as Renesmee likes to be called (I call her my 'Baby Bird' now), was proposed to on the start of her eighth year of growth. Edward still wasn't happy about it, but he went through with it, realizing how much Jacob and Ren loved each other.

Right now, they had just gotten home from their honeymoon, all daze faced.

Edward was somewhere down stairs helping Esme with a new paint job got the kitchen because the heat from the cooking was peeling the paint. He, no doubt, was hearing what Alice was thinking.

The next thing I knew, Edward was next to me, his arm wrapping around my waist. "Should we be able to hold him off?" he asked, thus confusing me more.

I gave him my confused look, which he ignored, still addressing Alice. "We won't need to. Listen for yourself what his problem is. I only get the part where he is running from something. He should come under your range in… three, two, one…"

I felt Edward stiffen.

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