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Bella Swan, 17, has never heard anything in her entire life. She is completely deaf and is scheduled to get a hearing implant soon. After her mother died when Bella was only 16, she moves to Forks, Washington to live with her father. She just started her Junior year so everyone knows she's deaf. Her best friend, Angela, knows sign language and is her translator.

What happens when the doctor who works at their hospital decides to live here permantly? He already commutes 2 hours every day so why not bring his family to the town so he doesn't have to travel so much.

What happens when they move right next door to Bella's house? And who has the room right across from hers with the large glass walls?

HEHEHEHEHEHe....yes its an Emmett/Bella story.

Couples. Rosalie+Edward, Jasper+Alice, Emmett alone...for now....

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Bella POV

I pressed my fingers against my wall length window and closed my eyes. I felt the vibrations of the rain dropplets hit the window and smiled. How I loved the rain. I didn't like the wet part but I did love the feel of it.

It was very windy. I could see the trees bending with the wind in some kind of a silent dance.

It was days like this I wished for hearing.

I never was able to hear anything and I've been deaf my whole life. I mastered sign language when I was five and my mom worked with me. My eyes stung when I thought of her. A stupid car accident...with the other driver as a drunk killed my mom and he lived.

That wasn't never was...

After she left I came here to live with my father, Charlie. He's been learning sign language very smoothly and it's getting easier to 'talk' with him. THough it's much easier with my best friend Angela. Her aunt is deaf so she mastered sign language and translates for me all the time.

the first day of school was torture. I couldn't talk to anyone and my language teacher only knew so much in sign language. And then Angela became my best friend and now we are like inseperable.

A hand on my shoulder made me jump. I whipped around to see Charlie's apologetic face. I smiled.

You should go bed. School tomorrow. He signed slowly. His sentences were sometimes hard to put together but it was okay. I smiled and nodded and climbed into bed as he turned the lights off.

I woke up at five out of habit this way Charlie didn't have to wake up. It was a cloudy day but there was supposed to be no rain. i put on a white camisole and a navy blue low v neck shirt. With the undershirt it was just enough to show my too pale neck. I put on a pair of simple jeans and thought I looked presentable enough. I walked down stairs, careful not to trip, and grabbed my truck keys. i grabbed a granola bar and ran out the door to my beaten old red truck which I loved.

I got to school nice and early and saw Angela's black bug already parked. She looked up and ran to me when I got out.

"Hi" I read her lips. It was easier now that I was used to it. I nodded, my own way of saying 'hi'. "How is Charlie?" I saw her ask. I shrugged and she smiled. "We're getting new students today." She said. I wondered what her voice sounded like. Not that I was to judge, I'm sure her voice would be just as beautiful as she is.

How many? She held up her whole palm and i stared wide eyed. 5 new students? Damn... She reached in my bag and grabbed my emergency white board and marker.

That surgeon/doctor who is doing your surgeory has five kids. Jasper and Rosalie Hale. Edward, Alice, and Emmett Cullen. Such old fasioned names. Well what is to be expected, it is Dr. Carlisle Cullen. I nodded and she suddenly alerted to her right making me do the same.

Mike Newton, a sweet but somewhat annoying boy was jogging over to us. He was nice to have a crush on a girl who couldn't hear him though so he was a good buddy.

"Hi. Bella." He said slowly. I laughed making no noise. I didn't want to be embarrassed at what my voice sounded like if I didn't even know. I turned to Angela and signed 'You don't have to talk slowly. it's easier if you talk normally.' I watched her lips as she spoke to Mike and he looked down embarrassed and nodded. They both alerted to what I assumed was the bell so i followed Mike and Angela to our first class.

Emmett POV (Before they moved in)

Still couldn't believe my dad made us move again. He promised that Alaska to Washington would be the last. But at least we were going only two hours away. I heard kissing sounds from the back seat and groaned.

"Alice Jasper stop your fucking making out back there." They immediately shot up to a sitting positionn in the rear view mirror of my Jeep Wrangler, my baby.

"No one said you had to listen." Jasper mummbled.

"I don't need to hear you violating my baby sister either pervert." She blushed and looked down. Alice only a year younger than me but I still looked out for her. Even if Jasper is my best friend, she is my sister.

"You worried about a new school?" Edward asked from the very back. Him and his lover, Rosalie, were always together.

"Nah." I sighed. "I'll join the football team and maybe make these Spartans somewhat able to win a game." I joked making everyone laugh.

"Lots of girls for you too." Jasper chimed in making me glare at him in the rear view mirror.

"Maybe you'll find 'the one'." Alice said hopefully. She and my mother, Esme, were so afraid that I was always alone. The only girlfriend I ever had was with this girl named Kate and turned out she was only in it for the money.

"We can't all have the perfect relationship like you Alice." I said rolling my eyes heavily. She shrugged. She knew how lucky she was to have Jasper. They've been in love for so long, actually ever since Carlisle and Esme adopted Jasper and Rosalie when they were five. Alice was only four but they were inseperable back then and when Alice was in sixth grade they decided to date. Edward and Rose weren't so hasty in their relationship. They kept denying that they were in love til ninth grade when they were fighting and suddenly started kissing. I shuddered remembering that.

My phone vibrated so I picked it up quickly.

"Slow down dear." My mom said worried. I didn't realize I was doing ninety.

"Sorry mom. Just a little hasty you know." I saw my father's Mercedes far from us on the highway. She said thanks and hung up.

How I wished for that girl. That perfect girl. We passed a large sign saying Welcome to Forks, Washington

Bella POV (Just getting home)

School was boring, turns out the new kids were moving in today not coming to school today. Angela apologized several times even though it wasn't her fault. She was unnaturally sweet. We had a project today so she was coming to my house. I saw a large oranged van as I rounded the corner and at first I thought something was wrong with the house. My fears subsided when I realized they were for the large vacant house next to us. It was huge compared to ours and I wondered if the new kids were moving there.

As I pulled into the driveway I saw Charlie talking to a familar man. His pale skin, perfect features, and beautiful blonde hair gave him away. My doctor, Carlisle Cullen. I pretended like I didn't notice Charlie waving for me to come over. I didn't want to scare the family.

As I opened the door there was a hand on my shoulder and I got scared like I always do. Charlie was looking at me, oblivious to my escape plan and he pulled me towards the tall doctor.

Dr. Cullen looked at me and smiled and I returned it eagarly. He was such a kind man and he was always reasuring me.

I didn't notice Angela by my side till she poked my shoulder. I turned to her, thankful I could 'talk'.

Are you going to be our neighbors? She asked my question to Dr. Cullen. He nodded at me than turned to most likely call someone. Five extrordinarily beautiful people approached.

The girls were possibly the most beautiful women I had ever seen. One was like model because of her mile long legs which were showed off in a perfect red sun dress. She had beautiful long blonde hair that went past her hips. She also had beautiful piercing ice blue eyes that I felt so incopetent in her presence. The next girl was beautiful in her own special way. She had ocean green eyes and was so tiny compared to the blonde girl. She was very petite but that didn't bug her. She had pitch black hair that was flared out in all different directions in a spikey form.

The boys were the defintion of beautiful, hot, and sexy. The first had his arms wrapped around the tiny one's waist. He had honey blonde hair and the same piercing blue eyes as the beautiful blonde girl. He was so beautiful. The next was just as beautiful. He had his arms around the blonde's waist and his head was on her shoulder. He was more muscular than the blonde but only by a little. He had beautiful eyes that were like the little one's but more green instead of blue green. He had a mess of auburn hair on his head that looked soft and rough at the same time. The last was the most beautiful and the most sexy. He was huge!He had perfectly toned muscles that made him look dangerous. He had a perfect smooth and pale complexion over his strong muscles. He had short, dark, and curly hair that seemed to fit him. He had bright emerald eyes that were absolutely beautiful. He was smiling and I noticed the cutest dimples on his face.

Emmett POV

I couldn't stop myself from staring at her. She was so beautiful, a word I didn't use often. She had a perfect petite body with the perfect amount of curves in the right places. She had long mahogeny hair the went past her shoulders and was brushed perfectly so it shined in the dim light. Her eyes were a lovely chocolate brown that were wide an honest. She was smiling shyly at me and when we locked eyes she blushed and looked down.

"Charlie these are my kids, Emmett, Edward, and Alice." Dad started gesturing to us all. "And these are my adopted children, Rosalie and Jasper Hale."

Charlie was wearing a police badge that said cheif...I should avoid him.

"This is my daughter, Isabella but call her Bella." He said gesutering to the beauty in front of me. "And her best friend, Angela." He said gesturing to the cute girl next to Bella.

"Hello Bella." I said with a grin making her freeze for a moment. She turned to her friend and did some odd things with her hands.

"Hello Emmett, my name is Bella." Angela said making me very confused. I turned to my dad in confusion. He sighed and looked at me.

"Emmett, Bella is deaf she can read lips and talk in sign language but Angela is her translator." My eyes went wide. She was deaf? Holy shit that's unfair.

"Are any of you thirsty?" Charlie asked, trying to divert my attention away from his daughter. I smiled and nodded and he turned to Angela who signed something to Bella. She smiled and nodded. She turned to me and lifted her hands, gesturing for me to follow which I did eagarly. When we were inside the tiny house she ran to the kitchen and I found myself joggin behind her.

She grabbed a white board and a blue marker and wrote quickly.

What would you like to drink? It read.

"Water?" I said allowed, forgetting she was deaf. But I'm guessing she read my lips because she got a class and poured some water. I drank a sip and noticed her staring at me than blushed and looked down.

I tapped her shoulder and she looked up.

"What grade are you in." i asked carefully. She smiled and jumped up on the counter. She held up both her palms and a foot and I started to laugh.

She was a junior, just like me.

She smiled when she realized I understood. maybe her being deaf wouldn't be a problem...I really liked her.

She started to write something but the marker ran out so she threw it at the floor angrily making me laugh. She thought a minute than grabbed my hand and pulled me up the stairs.

The pulses running through me were almost painful and I was so dazed I let her pull me up the stairs. She pushed open a door and I walked into a nice room. The wall was the main focal (what??) point. The whole wasll was a window leading out to my house that had a same window. Oh that is so my room.

"Emmett?" Alice called.

"Up here!" I shouted and it broke my heart when Bella didn't even notice. Alice came running up and stopped in amazement at the room.

"trying to get her in bed already." I gaped at her and jabbed her in the sides. Bella flew back when she saw Alice here too so I looked at her with an apologetic smile and she shrugged.

"Alice shut the hell up okay?" I whispered in her ear. She nodded and skipped over to Bella.

"Hi Bella." She said for once in her life slowly. "I'm Alice and I hope we can be friends." Bella looked a little taken back but nodded. After she left I pointed to the room across from her window than pointed to me. She looked pleased.

I really like her...too much...

Bella POV

After Emmett left I stayed in my room the whole rest of the day with Angela. She left early and I kept staring at the room across from my window. Wondering if Emmett would open his curtains. Just when I was about to shut mine, his opened. I sat up on my bed and looked at his perfect form.

I lifted my hand as a wave and he did the same. I grabbed my white board and wrote in huge letters Good night. He nodded and shut his curtain as I did the same.

For the first time in a long time, I was excited for school.

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