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Bella POV

I was doing homework on my bed. Calculus yuck! Who the hell cares about all this anyway?

A tap on my shoulder scared me half to death.

Charlie stood their holding a small vase of flowers. I smiled as I grabbed it.

They were tiger lilies. Wild tiger lilies. My favorite. I looked up at Charlie, confused.

Not me. He signed and I scoured the flowers till I came across a card.

To my secret Love.

Wow…who sent this? I looked for any other signs or notes but found nothing. I looked up but Charlie was already gone.

A secret admirer? That's so romantic. I put the vase on a small desk by my window and admired them from my bed. They were so beautiful. As I stared them I got lost in my thoughts.

After the fight between Tanya and I, Emmett dumped her preppy ass. He dumped her right in front of me and ended up throwing his arm around my shoulder to prove his point that she hurt someone he cared about. After she ran off, crying all her cheap make up off, Skye took me from Emmett and we walked to lunch hand in hand.

I frowned at the thought of Skye and Emmett.

Memories of what happened after the fight flooded my memory.


Emmett came to a stop in my driveway and I was appalled at his driving. He could've killed us! I got out and slammed the door shut, too angry with him.

Though…it felt wrong to be angry with Emmett. Like it was too much of a workout.

I tried to stay focused on why I was angry with him. He didn't believe me. He believes his little whore. Well than screw him! I wanted to stop. Turn around. Walk back into his car. And apologize but I was too furious.

Suddenly I felt strong hands grab my shoulders and pin me against the door.

"I believe you." He pronounced each word carefully and I smiled with relief. Good. I didn't have to stay angry.

It was then I noticed our position. I was at his will. Our faces were so close I could smell the spicy cinnamon coming off his breath and my eyes almost rolled at the sensation.

Kiss Him. A voice inside me ordered. More like begged.

Oh no! Don't you ruin things with Skye. Emmett is just insane.

But look at his eyes! And I really did and I saw him fighting with himself. Our lips were so close when suddenly he pulled back and jumped in his car and drove into his driveway. I felt rejection wash through me-clear and strong. But then I saw my truck round the corner and I looked at him as he smiled and ran into his house. My dad was driving my truck and I smiled, breathlessly, to him. He apologized for the millionth time about having to interrogate me. I smiled and ran to my room, wondering what it would be like to kiss Emmett Cullen

****Flashback End****

I had almost kissed him while I had just kissed Skye no more then half of an hour before. What was wrong with me?


Ha! Don't know what the hell you're talking about! Ugh!! Literally the crazy voices in my head screamed. Ever since that fucking almost-kiss they won't leave me alone! I was confused considering the fact I didn't know what voices sounded like. So it was more like, I saw the signs in my head. Even worse!

Feeling like I was being watched I looked up and saw Emmett sitting on his bed staring at me with a stupid grin. Freak.

Psh! A sexy freak you retard! I couldn't even argue with myself there.

Emmett POV

I walked in my room and saw Bella staring at the plants I sent her intently. It seemed like she was thinking of something and the flowers had put her in a trance. I felt pleased that I had done that.

I sat on my bed and watched her. Letting my own thoughts run away.

****Emmett's flashbacks are like a hundred times sexier****

"Emmett!" Tanya squeaked as I was standing by Bella in the hallway. I turned, which made Bella turn. Tanya glared at looked at me lovingly.

"Tanya we have to talk." I said sternly. She looked up at me innocently.

Sexy. I shuddered away from my stupid "Man" mind. I looked at Bella and saw her eyes were already doubting me.

For her. My heart seemed to tell me.

I could deal with that.

"Tanya I'm breaking up with you." I said loudly making everyone around turn to us.

"What!" She shouted most likely damaging my ears.

"You heard me. You can't expect me to be fine with what you did to Bella." She looked honestly shocked. It was funny.

"No way! You do not break up with me!" She shouted. I laughed.

"I believe I just did" Everyone around laughed.

"You're going to break up with me for a freak like her." She gestured. I stared at her and threw my arm around Bella.

"She's my little freak. You dumb bitch." She ran off, tears in her eyes. I smiled at Bella.

"Captain." Skye said, suddenly in front of us. He held out his hand, as if asking permission from me to take Bella. I didn't want to.

But she wasn't mine.

"Here you are Ass kisser." He smiled and they walked hand in hand to lunch.

***End of the sexyness***

I had given Bella back to him when I should have told him to buzz off.

I stared at Bella and I watched as she unthinkingly grabbed her head in annoyence. I wonder what was going through her head right now..

She looked up and glared at me before her expression softened.

One day I was going to marry her.

Emmett= Bold Bella= Bold italicized

Hey.I wrote to her. She smiled and grabbed her board.

What are you so happy about? Oh…was I still smiling?

Just your expression. Are crazy voices in your head talking to you? I wrote with a smile. She grimaced.

Yeah! They won't leave me the hell alone! I laughed out loud.

Speaking of voices. When do you get that ear piece? I wrote. She smiled sadly.

Soon. I could tell how happy she was about this.

Make a promise to me? I asked. She looked confused.

Anything. She vowed. I smiled.

Let me take you to the beach after you do so you can hear it.

Okay… I smiled victoriously and I got up and shut my curtain. I went to bed thinking of a life with Bella.

Bella POV (I was texting Ilana yesterday and she got her earpiece! So she can hear stuff now just at a lower frequency in a way. So she wrote what it was like, sent it to me, and I'm putting it in here.)

I sat on the stupid medical bed anxiously. I was playing with my fingers so intently I didn't notice when the doctors came in. They tapped my shoulder, making me flinch. Dr. Cullen and Dr. Carter stood in front of me with a box. I tilted my head curiously at it.

This is your hearing aid. The directions are simple. Don't wear it in water, don't sleep with it, and try and take very good care of it. Dr. Carter signed and I nodded. Now I know you would much rather put this on now and activate it but all the sounds might be overwhelming. So is there someone who is going to help you learn words? I nodded and he smiled. Dr. Carter left and I jumped up and hugged Dr. Cullen.

I pulled back and he was smiling kindly at me. He put the box in my hands and kissed my forehead. I ran out to the waiting room and hugged Charlie. After Carlisle explained the rules we drove home in happy silence. Angela was waiting for me at the house but she was talking to Emmett. She looked angry, a face that was different for Angela, and Emmett looked ashamed.

She ran to me and hugged me when I got out of the car. I waved to Emmett and he just nodded. We ran to my room and locked the door. We sat on the ground and Angela took out the hearing aid.

Okay. I'm going to do signs while I talk so you understand. I nodded and put the piece in my ear. I clicked a small button and adjusted it and the room, though still quiet, was unexplainably louder.

I flinched when it started. A voice. I watched Angela's motions as she talked.

I was right.

Her voice was…shy.

"Hello Bella. My name is Angela." Tears flooded my eyes and she held me. We started with the alphabet. She said each letter at least eighty some times. "Can you try to speak?" She asked. I was glad that I didn't need the signs for some of her words.

How? I asked. She smiled.

"It's a natural instinct. Just…hum almost." It kind of made no sense but it was already two in the morning and I was learning this ASAP.

I tried to move my lips but nothing happened. I closed my mouth and hummed. I had only hummed once by accident when Angela wanted to know. It tickled my throat.

I opened my mouth again.

"Ah." I covered my mouth. Angela nodded and I saw tears. "A." She had me say. We started crying and when we pulled back she laughed a small laugh. I titled my head curiously.

"That is called a giggle." I smiled at the word. "It's a tiny laugh." I nodded. At four we got tired and I sadly took out the ear piece and went to bed. At seven we were wide awake and learning again.

Maybe…I could hear the ocean by Sunday. Tomorrow.

(Thank you Ilana!!!! It helped! I'll take it from here)

Emmett POV

I was washing my car when Angela came over to Bella's.

"Emmett!" She called and I turned to her. I walked over to her. "Is Bella back yet?" She asked, giddy.

"No. Why?" I asked curiously.

"Why? Emmett today she gets her hearing aid." I smiled and hugged Angela.

"I can't wait. I promised to take her to the ocean as soon as I can." I said once we pulled away.

"That's so great. And romantic." She nudged me. I laughed.

"I wish. Bella doesn't like me that way." She looked at me with her wide light brown eyes. Her mouth was open as she stared at me in shock.

"You've got to be kidding me." She said angrily. I stared at her, confused. She sighed and folded her arms. "She is practically in love with you for God's sake." MY eyes widened. "That first day all she could do was talk about you. Then you went and dated that whore Tanya, even though she tried to tell you that she has had sex with almost everyone on the team. While she was dating you, I saw John K. all over her. I think she was cheating on you with him." I froze. No way. I remembered the lunch incident when he grabbed her thigh to shut her up.

"But why would Bella not tell me." I asked. Angela threw her arms up and rolled her eyes.

"Because she likes you too much. She thought maybe you could one day like her like that but no. You have to be all…you like." She shouted. I heard a car coming. When Bella got out of her dad's cruiser Angela glared at me and ran to her.

Bella waved and smiled at me. I nodded. They ran into the house. That night, Bella didn't open her curtains even though the light was on. The next morning, the light was on but the curtains wouldn't open. I got really depressed thinking about what Angela said and how much of a horrible friend I've been.

There was a knock on the door at six thirty. I stood at the top of the stairs as Alice opened the door.

Bella stood there with the most beautiful smile on her face. She walked in and Alice was jumping with excitement as we all sat at the dining room table. I glared at Rosalie. We hadn't talked much anymore since Bella said she attacked her. I hated her now.

Bella POV

I sat at their dining room table waiting for someone to talk. But they didn't. I looked at Alice and pointed to my ear and she…squealed? I think that was the word Angela had used when she did that.

"Guys Bella can hear!" Her voice was beautiful…like bells.

"Hello Bella. My name is Jasper Hale." Jasper said nicely. His voice was smooth and raspy at the same time. He was perfect.

"Bella. My name is Rosalie Hale." Though I hated her, her voice was perfect as well.

"Bella. My name is Edward Cullen." Edward's voice was so smooth. It was like velvet.

"I'm Esme Cullen dear." Esme said motherly. She had a calm and gentle voice.

"I'm Carlisle Cullen." I loved how his name rolled perfectly. I looked at Emmett who was still staring wide-eyed.

"Hey there Bella. I'm Emmett Cullen." My heart melted and stuttered at the same time. His name was as unique as his voice. I had been right so long ago. It was deep and masculine, but still had a fun and childish edge. I smiled at him and he smiled right back.

I took a deep breath. "My. Name ish. Bella Shwan." I know I was stuttering a bit but I had most of it down. They all looked surprised and Emmett was looking at me with…love?

Emmett POV (Sorry Switching.)

As everyone said their names I stared at her.

Could she like me like I liked her? Could I one day hold her hand and kiss her lips? I realized that she was staring at me.

"Hey Bella. My name is Emmett Cullen." Her breathing picked up. I could see that from here.

Jesus how the hell did I miss that.

"My. Name ish. Bella Shwan." She stuttered.

Everything in the universe shifted for me. The way she said her name made my heart explode and stop beating at the same time. I knew that I could no longer imagine a future without Bella there.

I couldn't imagine another girlfriend unless Bella was her.

I couldn't imagine my future children unless Bella was the mom.

I couldn't imagine anything without her.

I love her.

I love Bella Swan.

The rest of the night flew by in a blur. Everyone talked to her as if she were never deaf. She looked to Alice sometimes if she didn't understand a word and she learned quickly. Every time she looked at me she blushed and looked away when she noticed my stare. At the end of the night I was walking her back to her house when I suddenly picked her up.

"What?" She yelped. I ran to the car and put her in.

"Buckle up." It took her a minute to put together the words but she did as I whipped down the road.

"Where are we go?" She knew it sounded wrong but I guess she might've possibly been afraid. I drove for fifteen minutes before stopping in front of the La Push beach. I grabbed her and covered her ears as we ran down to the water

When I let go her eyes widened and her eyes filled.

Love. No more words could help me.

Bella POV

He ran us down to the beach covering my ears so I couldn't hear. I don't know why he was so excited for this. It was already dark out, so maybe the sound wouldn't be the same. He stopped us right by the water and let go of me. That's when I heard it.

It was a…rushing sound? I watched the waves as she crashed against the shore and I heard that exact sound. It was a crash in a way. The water trickled back into the ocean with a sucking sound and then came rushing back. Above me I heard…squealing? I looked up and saw birds making that annoying but…beautiful sound. The way they called with the ocean made me cry.

I had missed out on this when I was younger.

I couldn't believe it.

And then it started raining. Really…really raining. I felt as though I could hear every drop hit the sand. Each making their own tiny crashing sound. I fell to my knees and cried. He fell beside me and held me to him.

I didn't care that I was soaking wet.

Or that he was too. But when I looked up at him, something pulled me close.

Our lips met.

His lips were warm and soft and hot and rough. They were more perfect than I had ever imagined.

He grabbed my face and I thought he was going to push me away but he pulled me closer to him. My hands locked around his neck and I couldn't think rationally anymore. One of his hands slid around my back and pulled me tighter against him. We were both on our knees, soaking wet in the rain, no one was around, and yet…

I pulled back. And tired to speak.

"Sk. Skye." I stuttered and he looked like I shot him.

"I can't…let you go back to him Bella. I…I." I cut him off with my lips and he eagerly returned the favor.

I knew things with Skye would end.

I knew things with Emmett would begin.

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