By AnitaB

Chapter 5: Holding on

Elle loved this, loved the need so obvious in his face, his body. She adored the sense of power she felt watching his hands clench on that headboard and hearing his rasp of a plea. Jason Gideon was hers, hot under her hands and opening eagerly for her kiss. Elle pressed closer, desperate for the heat of his skin against all of hers, for the hard length of his need between her legs. Rubbing her breasts against his chest, she cupped his face in her hands and drank in the desperation of his kiss.

And through it all, his hands stayed above his head. //That's my good boy.// He deserved a reward. "Jason," Elle dragged herself back from his lips even as he groaned and tried to follow. "Lay back, it's still my turn." She sat up across his hips, rocking against the hard length of his erection. "I'm not done touching you."

Elle loved the way his every muscle tightened and arched into her movement. And his hands stayed on the bars. A growl low in his throat became words. "So touch me, Elle, please."

She was helpless to ignore that plea, spreading her fingers wide over his heart. Closing her eyes, Elle leaned down to kiss, lick, and nip her way over his broad chest. Under her mouth and hands, Jason arched and groaned and that pushed her further. Elle circled the tip of her tongue around his nipple and slid her hands to his belt. His body arched against her fingers. "Jason,"

"Elle," Suddenly his fingers caught hers at his belt buckle, dragging her hands up to his chest. "If you touch me there, it's gonna be all over. And I need to feel all of you first." Elle shivered as he cupped her check and whispered against her lips. "I need to touch you, really touch you, please Elle." His other hand slid up her thigh to her waist, fingers hesitating on her belt buckle.

"Yes, yes, please." Elle melted against his chest, into his kiss as his hands fought open her buckle, button, and zipper. Hot fingers slid down the skin of her stomach to slip into the heat between her thighs. "Oh, god, Jason." Her head slumped to his shoulder as her body arched and rocked desperately into the heat of his hand. Those fingers pressed and explored as her body trembled and shifted.

"That's my woman, wanting me. Hot and wet, sweet Elle." His voice rumbled low and soft against her ear. "How bad do you want me?" Speech simply wasn't possible as Jason suddenly plunged two long fingers deep inside her. Her every muscle clenched and stuttered as she arched helplessly above him. "Hmm, that bad, huh?" He smiled against her gasping lips, fingers still playing her nerves like a master.

She couldn't speak, but she could act. With a mindless sound, Elle dragged those teasing lips hard agains her own and rode the feel of his fingers inside her. Eventually, she dragged in enough air to speak. "Jason, need you, need more. Now, Damnit."

"That's my sweet Elle," Then his fingers were gone, both hands shoving her clothes off over her hips and down her thighs. Ell dragged in a breath and returned the favor, fingers struggling open belt, button, and zipper to finally close around the hard length of his erection. "Elle, damn, sweetheart."

He felt gorgeous in her hands, hot and hard, and every inch for her. "That's my man, wanting me." Elle adored the wordless sound on his lips and the sharp arch of his back. "How much, Jason, how much to you want me?"

In her hands, under her hips, Elle could feel him planning something. She'd bet her gun, she was going to love it.


She was fire in his arms, around his fingers. Her gorgeous body rocked and trembled above him. Jason adored the desperation in the bite in her nails on his shoulders and her kiss. He loved knowing that he'd done this to her, that this beautiful woman needed him so much. "Jason, need you, need more. Now, Damnit."

//You're gonna get me, sweetheart.// "That's my sweet Elle," And if she was gonna get him, their clothes had to go. Hers first. Already missing the heat of her around his fingers, Jason shoved her slacks and underwear down her thighs and off. Before he could do anything else, Elle had his belt and pants open and her fingers were sliding hot and tight around his erection. "Elle, damn, sweetheart."

Jason found his hands clenched on her thighs as every inch of his body arched into the delicious touch of those beautiful hands. Her voice held need and pleasure. Elle was enjoying the power she had over him as she whispered sweet words in his ear. "How much, Jason, how much do you want me?"

//Elle, stop, baby.// Her hands were, god they felt like heaven, about to break him in half with soft heat and a careful stroked. If Jason let her fingers explore him, he was going to explode all over her hands. "Elle," He caught her hands and dragged them up his chest. "Sweetheart, I want all of you, not just a bit." Her heat, that was what he needed, he'd felt it around his fingers, felt how ready she was. But he hadn't tasted it. Jason caught her lips for a hot kiss before rolling Elle to her back and pinning her hands above her head. "I need you, Elle. I want a taste."

Her eyes widened and her body arched against his, trying to tempt him with a low, sweet moan. "Jason,"

He kissed his way down her throat, over the curves of her breasts, and paused against her stomach. "Hold on tight, Elle, 'cause I'm nowhere near done with you." Jason adored the look of almost panicked heat on her face as she fisted her hands around the bars and locked her eyes to his face. //Perfect, sweetheart, I wanna see it in your eyes. // Holding her gaze, he shifted between her knees took his first taste of just how much his sweet Elle wanted him. "Delicious,"

Her body rose to the stroke of his tongue, arched and rocked to the rhythm of his grip of her thighs, danced to the pleasure and exploration of his mouth. And the sounds she made… god, Elle's voice moaning his name made every inch of his body tighten and shake. In his arms, she was shaking, her eyes lost to his gaze as she arched.

Closing his eyes, Jason lost himself in the taste and feel of her. This was heaven. Her legs tightened, her heels dug into the mattress as her body arched up against him. "Oh, Jason, please." Then her hands left the headboard to clench in his hair. Her hips jerked and lifted as his tongue plunged deep. Her nails bit into his neck and shoulders as she pushed him back an inch, enough to catch her breath. "Goddamnit, Jason Gideon, get up here and take me." Her fingers caught his chin, tilted his face up to hers. "Now, Jason."

She was so beautiful and asking, demanding the one thing he wanted more than his next breath. "Elle," Weakly, he pulled back to shove the last of his clothes away. It was all he could do to fight for air at the feel of her skin against every hungry inch of his own. "Elle," He couldn't resist a kiss, pulling her closer against him with trembling arms. "I need you so much, sweetheart."

"Then take me, Jason," Delicate fingers slid between their bodies to place his tip in position. "I'm right here," Her lips met his and somewhere in the middle of the best kiss he'd ever had, Jason slid himself inside her, slow and hot and deep. He was home, buried in the sweetest heat he'd ever felt. Elle was holding him close and tight with every inch of her body and he still needed more of her.

He needed to see her face, to watch it in her eyes. Jason had to feel what this was doing to her, had to share the intense pleasure he was drowning in. Even if it meant giving up this kiss. Jason cupped his hands around her face and forced himself back from her lips. "Elle," He got his eyes open to find hers still closed. Elle sank her teeth into her lips as her body tried to arch against his. //No, not yet.// He pressed harder against her, holding her still beneath him. "Look at me, Elle. I need to see your eyes, sweetheart."

Her hands tightened and her ribs heaved against his as her eyes slowly opened to meet his. "Jason," She was so beautiful, looking up at him with an ocean of heat in her eyes.

"There you are, sweet Elle," Jason tightened his arms, his hips making the first small thrust inside her. He adored the little sound the move brought to her lips. He loved even more the heat in her eyes and the arch of her hips.

"Hmm, yes, Jason, right here, with you." Her fingers trailed along the edge of his face to stroke over his lips. "Right here, needing you." Her hips shifted, helping Jason slide even deeper inside her to the sound of both of their groans. "Feeling you, hmm, more." Her thighs tightened at his waist, her hips rocking against his to the pleading of his every nerve. "Please, Jason."

Yup, she had the power to shatter him like thin glass. "God, Elle," Without any control from him, his body answered her call, thrusting hard and deep inside hers. "Yes, Elle, yes."


He was inside her. So gentle, so hard, so deep. Jason Gideon was buried inside her, holding her so tight and kissing her so sweetly. It was so beautiful, she felt like her heart was going to melt out of her chest, all over his bed.

Elle couldn't breathe as those delicious lips pulled away. Her body tried to move, wanting more of him. Her eyes were still closed to let her concentrate on every single inch of contact. And the sound of her name on his lips. //Oh, yes, Jason, please.//

He matched her move with his hips, pressing hard to hold her still. "Look at me, Elle. I need to see your eyes, sweetheart."

Anything, she'd do anything he wanted, needed. But right now her concentration was zip, zilch, nada. "Jason," Elle dragged her eyes open and lost her breath, dear lord, she loved his eyes.

"There you are, Elle," He moved, just a little and she matched it mindlessly, still fighting to breathe.

"Hmm, yes, Jason, right here, with you." On their own, her fingers stroked along his face and over his lips. //Love your kiss.// "Right here, needing you." Elle shifted against him, groaning at the heat of him sliding just a little bit deeper. "Feeling you, hmm, more." His body shifted, just a little, letting her hips shift and rock against his. //So damn good,// "Please, Jason."

His eyes, somehow she could see him lose control in his eyes. "God, Elle," She barely had time to get a solid grip on his shoulders before Jason went about driving every inch of his body deeper into hers. //Yes, Jason, please.// "Yes, Elle, yes."

His eyes stayed on her face with every delicious thrust of their hips. Elle adored the heat in his face as she locked her legs around his hips and met every thrust of his body with her own. "Jason, oh, yes, please."

Elle could head the need and heat in her own voice before Jason gave her a pleased smile. She knew he'd heard it too. He pressed a short, teasing kiss to her lips and locked his eyes to her face. That strong body shifted over hers, rough fingertips gliding along to the sensitive skin of her thighs.

"Right here, Elle. You're perfect and close, so damn close, aren't you?" His hand cupped her knee and guided it higher up his side. The change in angle drove her breath from her lungs. All Elle could manage was a gasp against his lips and a nod as her nails dug into his back. He was so breathtakingly deep. So hot and hard and driving her every nerve into screaming life. //God, yes, Jason, so close, almost… please.// "Reach for it, Elle, show me."

Fighting for the scraps of her self-control, Elle hooked her knees around his ribs and arched into the arch and thrust of his hips. "Ja-Jason!"

"That's it, Elle, take me. Feel me. Come for me." Jason groaned into a kiss, moving harder and faster with each of their ragged breaths. Elle was lost in the heat and rush of it all, clutching him closer as the wave crashed over her every nerve, dragging his name from her in a shout.

In her arms, her body, she felt that same pleasure crash over Jason, tightening his every muscle and bringing her name to his lips in a harsh shout.

Jason collapsed in her arms, holding her tight and panting against her skin. Elle pulled him even closer, wrapping her shaking body in the heat of his skin and the strength of his grip. Her own breath rushed and hitched against his shoulder as their heart rates slowed.

Far before she was ready to let him go, Jason shifted. Elle tightened her arms and legs around him to keep him close. "Jason,"

His arms tightened, keeping her close as he lifted his head to meet her eyes. "Elle,"

Now her breath caught at the ocean of heat in his eyes. No one, ever, had looked at her like that before. No one had ever said her name so sweetly that she felt it in every nerve. No one had ever cupped her face in shaking fingers and stolen her heart clean out of her chest with a tender kiss. //Jason,// Elle clutched him closer and deepened the amazing kiss. It was perfect, heaven, and would never be enough.

It was only when Jason pulled back that Elle noticed he'd rolled to his back. "Jason," Strong hands rubbed up and down her back, pulling her tight against his chest. She could only respond to the feelings he caused in her. Elle cupped her hands against his jaw and felt unstoppable words on the tip of her tongue. "I love you, Jason. I need you, need this."

If she thought his eyes held heat before… god, know the fire in his face was about to explode. From mere inches away, Elle watched as his breath caught and his lips moved. Then he caught a hand in her hair and dragged her down for a desperate, needy kiss. "Sweet Elle." He held her gaze with his. "I love you, Elle. I need you, need this so damn much." She couldn't breathe past the words on his lips and the grip of his arms. But she needed this more than air. "I need you, don't leave me, please."

Elle smiled against his lips, body arching over his. "I'm right here, Jason. Not leaving you. I'm not going anywhere, not ever. Don't you get it, Jason? You're mine now."

She simply adored the relief in his smile in the moment before another kiss closed her eyes and heated her nerves. Jason Gideon loved her.