Authors Note: This is a Meggie/Dustfinger fic. Just a really short little drabble.

Disclaimer: I own nothing.

Meggie's POV


I walked down the stairs from the door Aunt Elinor had just shut behind me.

I started to hear music, it sounded like a carnival or a fair. I walked the short distance to where Dustfinger stood waiting.

His pale skin shined in the moonlight and I was mesmerized. I wanted nothing more than to just run to him and hold him.

It would of been wrong of me to do that, yet I didn't care. I wanted him. More than anything.

Mo had been so secretive lately, I was starting to lose myself.

I looked and saw that the music was coming from a cassette player sitting next to a bench.

I walked the few steps toward Dustfinger, and he smiled at me. So sweetly, that smile he only saved for me.

I lived to see that smile. I had been frightened of Dustfinger when I first met him, now I felt like I couldn't live without him. He was the air I breathed, and this morning I was worried that he had left, until I found him, standing right there, in the same spot he was now.

So beautiful, so serene, and so mine.

I reached Dustfinger and placed my small hand on his cheek. He was so warm, he felt like fire underneath me fingers.

He closed his eyes and leaned into my touch. Then he smiled, just a little smile. It was the most perfect moment of me life.

And then he opened his eyes, looked straight into mine, and moved backwards.

I felt like I had been stung. I blinked back tears that were forming in my eyes, and walked over to the bench and sat down.

He blew a kiss in my direction and I smiled one last time.

Then he said "I was waiting for you. It's time for the show"

He began his show, and I was amazed, but I wanted him more than his flaming tricks.