She was pretty enough to warrant attention, though not so gorgeous that every man in the room was after her. She was by herself in a corner.

It was an easy shot. Her head snapped up, eyes wide. She looked around for a moment, and then looked down at her drink. She was obviously confused. But then, she had no idea of what had just happened to her.

Now to find her a mate.

Ah. A likely target. Sipping a drink at the bar, looking relaxed. A decent looking specimen by the planet's standards of beauty. And no woman by his side, only strangers.

Careful. There were others. The hit had to be precise. Slowly, now. Slowly…


The man blinked, jerking slightly in his chair as though he'd been struck by something. Which, of course, he had. He just didn't realize it.

He smiled at the girl. She glanced down, then smiled back. He got another drink, spoke a few more words to the bartender, and walked towards her. He sat next to her. They talked for a while. They danced. And laughed. And finally kissed.

The kissing went on for a bit. He whispered something to her. She nodded. They both stood up and headed for the door.


They left holding hands. Time to follow them. They were probably going to a hotel, or her home, or his. Or they thought they were. They wouldn't make it that long. Not with what was in their bodies.

Sure enough, after a few minutes, they detoured into an alley. Now it was a waiting game, guarding them and giving them time to consummate the desire. Then on to claim the prize.

Right now, they were locked in the throes of an ecstasy they had never felt before, and would never feel again.

But by the time they knew something was wrong, it would be too late.

"We're going… where?"

The Doctor's head jerked up slightly from twiddling TARDIS controls. "Rhapsora. Comes from the word rhapsody. Humans colonized it, oh, around 4380 I think. Lovely spot. Nice blend of old and modern."

"Right." Martha eyed him carefully. "And it's what kind of place again?"

"A pleasure world," he answered absently, glasses slipping slightly down his nose as he peered closely at a dial. "Like a vacation getaway."

"Ah." She looked down, fingers smoothing her wrinkle-free trousers. She pursed her lips together slightly. "And… why are we going there again?"

Now she had his full attention. "Because I never took you anywhere that didn't involve danger, pain or death," he said quietly. "I always wanted to. It just… never worked out that way. And I want to now."

"Right," she said again, silently cursing herself for sounding so skittish. This was the Doctor, for goodness sake, and she was engaged. He just wanted to do something nice for her, try and make up for all the other things that had gone on. And truth be told, it would be nice to go relax for a bit. Sun, sand, fizzy drinks with strange names… she worked hard. She deserved a break. And it would give her a chance to spend time with him. Who knew when that might happen again.

So she smiled. "Sounds great."

He grinned at her. "That's the Martha I know!"

She laughed. When he had that look she couldn't help it. Some things would never change… "And Jack doesn't want to go?"

He shook his head. "After what happened he wants to spend time with Gwen and Ianto," he said.

"So… just us, then," Martha said.

He nodded. "Yeah. Just us." He made one final adjustment then looked her straight in the eyes. "Ready?"

She nodded, still unable to shake the slight feeling of unease, and just as unable to figure out why she had it to begin with.