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Summary: Bella had a crush on Edward since the day he moved next door. Too bad they are complete opposites. She's always been bullied and teased for her looks. Sick and tired of it she returns later with a hot new body and a whole new attitude.

The Girl Next Door

Chp.1 "Pulling Off an All Nighter"

The booming music from next door played with my patience. I had a ten page essay about physics due tomorrow and it looks like I'm not going to get it done. Thanks to the rowdy neighbor next door. I sighed; the boy next door.

His name was Edward Cullen; reigning king of Forks high, every girl's dream. He had every girl in high school fawning for him. Those gorgeous green eyes, sculpted muscles, supermodel looks, and rock hard abs. Too bad he was a conceited, ignorant jackass. My god, he would have been perfect if he could just keep his mouth shut.

But who am I to talk? I don't stand a chance with him; I should just keep on dreaming. I'm at the bottom of the social ladder with the AV geeks and resident loners. I'm a nobody; I spend lunch reading in the library and if it's bad enough, I am a teacher's pet. I wear glasses that are held together with scotch tape. I have flat, plain brown hair. I have absolutely no curves and can barley fill a size B cup.

Tomorrow would be last day of school before summer vacation. Edward and I are going to be seniors next year. Hopefully things may change or maybe not.


I walked into school and I felt like complete shit. Eye bags appeared below my eyes and there was an excruciating pain in my head. I only got 3 hours of sleep believe it or not, but I still got that paper done. I ran to my locker and grabbed my books. I turned around to see the school power couple walking through the halls hand-in-hand. Of course that would be none other then Edward Cullen and Tanya Denali. I hated her with a deep passion. I wanted her to burn in hell, where she truly belongs.

No doubt Tanya was a gorgeous blonde but her brain size was probably the size of a pea. In reality, she has beautiful strawberry blond hair that unwinds down her back. In my imagination, she is like Medusa; with snakes uncoiled as hair and if you look into her eyes you turn into stone. God, she was such a bitch. Her voice has a nasal-like tone and her high pitch screams can burst the eardrums of any innocent victim.

My eyes were glued to the couple. I felt jealous somehow and I saw Tanya smirk. She knew I was watching and she intentionally crushed her lips against Edward's. Tanya wrapped her arms around Edward's waist and started flirting with him. I gagged at the sight and walked away.

I walked into my first period classroom and sat on my seat. The teacher had not arrived yet so the students were fooling around. On my way to my seat, I tripped over Mike Newton's leg. I slammed onto the floor and I felt my cheeks heat up.

"Oh… I am sorry. Did I trip you? By all means I didn't see you coming. You just seem invisible to me." My eyes welled up into tears as I took in his harsh words.

"Why don't you just eat shit, you pig face!" I yelled back in anger.

"Ooooo….Are you going to take that Newton?" The crowed emitted. Mike sneered and rolled up his sleeves.

"Look who's talking. Have you seen yourself lately? You're a hideous creature. Now why don't you run along and hang with you friends. Wait… you don't have any!" The whole class bursted into laughter after his remark. I felt my chest tightened and I raised my fist. Before I could punch him, he grabbed by arm and shoved me against the wall. He grabbed my glasses and took them away from me. I could not see his face for my blurry vision made me feel blind. All I could see was a fuzzy image.

"Give me back my glasses you dickhead." I threatened harshly.

"Now…Bella, has you mother ever taught you manners?" He said smoothly.

"Don't talk about my mother. Now give me back my glasses before I crush your bones!" I muttered in annoyance.

"As if you can. Why don't you run back to your grandma and cry your ugly ass off." He snorted. Once again, the class began to laugh and they even cheered him on. I could barley contain my anger and my blood began to boil. I pushed him off and kicked him in the groins. He cursed in pain and his eyes hardened ever so slightly.

"Now you done it! You bitch!" His words intoxicated me like poison. He threw my glasses up in the air and didn't even bother to catch them. The glasses pounded onto the floor and the lenses cracked.

"Now for the finishing touch!" He lifted his foot and stepped on the glasses. The metal and glass broke in half as I heard a crunch. I was outraged. I was mortified. I heard footsteps enter the room. I looked up and saw those compelling green eyes that I loved so much.

"Pathetic." Edward's words hit me like a flock of daggers aiming for my heart. I was stunned. I was speechless. He walked past me and made no effort to help. I felt the tears stream down my face.

I ran out of the classroom and drove home in my battered red truck. It looked like a pile of trash and I felt guilty for admitting it. Charlie had bought it for me as a sweet sixteen present. I knew that it the money came out of his life's savings. I opened the door and ran to Charlie.

"Dad. I'm leaving. I'm going to live with Renee." Charlie face became grave in sadness and he gave me a questioned look.

"But I thought you were happy here." He tried to reason.

"Dad. I love you but I can't stand those people. I already decided. I'm going to L.A. to live with mom." With these last few sentences, I ran upstairs and packed my clothes. I felt guilty for leaving Charlie but I knew I made the right choice.

I drove myself to the airport and called Renee. I told her that I would be coming. I got on a plane and left the dreaded town of Forks.

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