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Chp.3 "Till' Death Do Us Part"

"Do you Phil, take Renee to be your lawfully wedded wife?"

"I do."

"And do you Renee take Phil to be your lawfully wedded husband?"


"Then by the power invested in me, I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may now kiss the bride." As the couple's lips met, the audience erupted into applause.

Everyone could clearly see that Renee was the happiest woman alive. I mean even a blind man could easily tell that the she was jumping with joy and crying tears of pure happiness. She paraded down the aisle with her hand snuggled into Phil's. The crowd threw rice over their heads as the newlyweds ran out of the church and into a white limousine. As the rattling cans tied to strings were dragged on the asphalt, the car sped off, the "just married" sign disappearing.

Before I knew it, my entire well-being changed. Deep down inside I knew that I was suppose to be happy for my mother, after all it was her big day but yet I couldn't bring myself to smile, not even once. Instead I found myself standing on the staircase crying rivers and I hated the feeling. I wanted so badly to be happy for her but I could bring myself to congratulate her or even appear to be happy, even if deep inside I knew I was just pretending.

But my consciousness did allow me to lie.

My fingers clutched the railing as I walked back into the church. I had to face reality, my mom married another man. I kept my hand over my mouth, trying my best not to scream in frustration. It wasn't that Phil was a horrible man.

To be truthful he seemed like Renee's soul mate, they were destined to be with each other. I just didn't like that my mother's attention was focused on him. Maybe I just felt jealous? Couldn't she see that I needed her more than Phil. I knew that I was really being selfish but I couldn't find it in me to care or think it mattered.

"Bella, cheer up!" Alice, my new step-sister touched my shoulder and smiled trying her best to comfort me in my time of desperate need.

"It all happened so quickly. Why did it all go by so fast?" I asked, my throat was choked in tears.

I remembered that a few months ago, I left my father to live with my mom. I was happy with her for about a few weeks before she broke the news to be that she was getting married. Charlie couldn't make it to wedding, so I just assumed that he just couldn't handle seeing Renee get married to someone else. It was just as hard for him as it was for me.

Turns out she was already planning to get married before I had to came to L.A. to live with her. I realized that I delayed her wedding by a month's time and that she had already prepared everything that was necessary for the wedding. At that time, I was happy for her but although I was a horrible liar, she grew so accustomed to it that she actually began to believe me.

Even with my hesitation, I couldn't help but agree to be her maid of honor. There are some things that I just cannot say no to.

"I know it seems like it happened fast but your mom was already in love with my father. Don't you want your mom to be happy? Besides I don't think she likes being lonely."

"I'm such a horrible daughter. I such an ugly person, inside and out! I'm a total monster with a cold heart." My voice broken into hiccups. Alice took a hold of my hand and placed it gently on her cheek.

"All things change for the better. Do you believe that Bella?" Alice asked in the utmost sincerest voice possible.

"What?" My voice was flat, I wasn't paying much attention to her because my mind was somewhere else.

"Just answer me." She whined.

"Well it depends on the situation." I justified.

"How about you? Would you like to change for the better." I was flabbergasted, what was she trying to tell me?

"Alice, what in the world are you talking about?" Now my attention was entirely focused onto her.

"Listen closely Bella. I'm sick of how people look at you. They never take the time to even get to know you. This is the twenty-first century, it's all about looks, clothes, and money." Her voice was weak and trembling, it was awkward for her to talk to me, especially about this particular subject.

"You think I don't know that? I spent my whole life hiding, hoping that someday I would turn into Renee. As you can see, that won't be happening to me—ever."

"Not if I can help it." She grabbed my hand, dragging me into a car.

Alice remained quiet throughout the whole car ride, which was definitely something that would never happen again my life. When we arrived at out destination, I felt as if we have somehow been transported to Barbieville.

Literally everything was pink, the house, the yard, and even the freaking car.

Against my will, Alice pushed me onto the doorstep forcing me to ring the bell.

"Who is it?" The most girlish voice you can ever imagine came from inside the door.

"It's me Alice." Alice almost sang. That was when this life size Barbie opened the door. Her strawberry blonde hair hung in ringlets and she seemed plastic, to perfect to be real.

"I need your help Rosalie. As you can see, I need it badly." Barbie looked at me once and then pretended to vomit. How nice?

"Why should I help her? I don't even know her." She questioned, while flipping her hair over her shoulder.

"Please Rosalie, I need you help or else I can't make it happen." Alice was a very persistent person.

"I still don't see why I should help that—thing." Blondie sure had manners.

"Rosalie!" Alice yelled.

"Seriously Alice, I don't even think plastic surgery would do anything." Was it really that impossible for me to be pretty, was I really that ugly?

"Alice just forget it! Who am I kidding? She's right, I'm just a hideous beast." I had enough of this.

"Bella don't say that. Blondie over there just has attitude problems." Alice left brow was twitching.

"And you don't?" Rosalie snarled back.

"Rosalie!" Alice jabbed her manicured hands at Rosalie's arm.

"Sorry it's an automatic thing gosh." Rosalie defended.

"Ugh… will you help or just let me down, you do owe me remember."

"Fine…I'm doing this because I love you and for that limited Summer edition Chanel dress you bought me."

"Rosalie thank you, thank you!"

"Yeah well, you can thank me later. Come on you two, we have a lot to do work to do."

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