Hello. Yeah, it's me again. And if you haven't guessed, or are just dense, this is a Detective Conan fic. This series is also known as Case Closed. I'll be using the Japanese names since I'm so used to them. So, on with the story already, yeah?

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It was a normal, boring, summer day at the detective agency. Business had been slow lately, very few cases had come to light, and none were even challenging. Conan Edogawa, a.k.a. Shinichi Kudo, sighed and slumped against the back of the couch. It was bad enough that he was stuck in the shrunken body, but to be completely bored was just too much. And, just to mock him, the AC was broken, so it was sweltering in the place.

"Man, this is ridiculous. Nothing here to distract me from this heat except for the news on that new thief."

Recently, there had been a rash of thefts in certain cities. The thief used the same method as Kaitou KID (calling cards), but hadn't been seen yet. There was a lot of speculation about the mystery thief, who called himself Nightwing. Not much else was known about the thief, including the gender. However, he didn't strike often, and when he did, there was no telling where he'd be.

Conan rifled through the papers, looking at all the articles on the thief. The locations were random, not having any pattern or center to trace. The items were unrelated, at least in truth. There were rumors about the items having curses, but that was superstition. After a few minutes of going over old news, Conan gave up with a frustrated shout. Nothing added up with this one. His one truth theory wasn't holding up at all.

A loud noise and giggles reached his ears. The door opened and Ran entered with one of her female friends trailing after her. The two were laughing over something. Ran looked over to where her father was conked out, and the mess of beer cans on his desk.

"Ah! How many times do I have to tell you not to drink? Or to at least hide the evidence."


Ran blushed as she swept the cans into a trash bag. Her friend smiled and covered her mouth to stifle her giggles. Conan looked her over. She was about 5' 10", with brown hair skillfully done into a bun and sky blue eyes. Her outfit is simple, a blue top and long blue skirt. As Ran disposes "the evidence", she looks around the room. Her eyes land on Conan, and she smiles brightly.

"Hi. You must be Conan. My name is Luna Annett."

"Nice to meet you."

Luna walked over and went with Ran to her room. More giggles were heard faintly. The afternoon passed, and the temperature finally went down. The two girls came down to make and eat dinner. Ran woke her dad and they all ate together. The conversation was polite, but it took a turn.

"Oh yeah. Luna here offered to let us come with her to her beach house later this summer."

"Why would we go in this heat?"

"My place has air conditioning and an indoor pool for when it's too hot outside. It also has a hot tub for when it's cool."

"Really!? We'd love to come!"

Conan and Ran sweat dropped at the abrupt change in the old man. How typical.

"So Luna, why are you up here anyways? It's been so long, I barely remember you."

"I have some business here. And since I was in the area, I decided to pop in."

"When did you two meet?" asked Conan.

"Ah, fourth grade I believe. But I left here near the end of sixth. We met up again at the mall."

"So you have a lot of money?"


"It's okay Ran. Sort of. When my parents died, they left me their businesses. My mom had a fashion line, and my dad had several high-tech based companies."

After that, Ran directed the conversation elsewhere. Dinner end soon after, and Luna agreed to spend the night. Conan had been straining his memory, but he couldn't recall Luna at all. She must have changed a lot. As silence settled, Conan's mind drifted back to Nightwing. It had been quite a while since he'd last struck. He should show soon.

The next morning, it appeared that the girls had planned on going to the museum. Conan decided to tag along, just so he wasn't completely bored. As they walked to the museum, the two turned to personal stuff.

"So Ran, whatever happened to that Kudo boy?"

"Oh, he's off working on a case somewhere."

"Not what I meant. Did he ever ask you out?"

"Wh-wha? Silly, we're not like that!"

"You were made for each other. Have you at least snuck a kiss?"

While Ran blushed and stuttered, Conan looked the other way. He had a small blush across his cheeks. When the museum came into sight, he was relieved. They paid and went inside the cool building. As the trio went around viewing the displays they talked about simple things. Then, a huge commotion went up a few rooms back.

"Hey, let's see what's going on."

They went back and were surprised to see security blocking a section off. When they got close enough, they found Inspector Meguire talking with the museum curator. He recognized Ran and Conan, and allowed them and Luna through.

"Hey, how come you're always at the scene when it happens?"

"When what happens?" asked Ran.

"They found a notice from that thief, what his name again?"

"You mean Nightwing?!? He was here?"

"Yes. The card was left where it was found, on the display case over there."

Conan dodged around the police and laid eyes on a small piece of paper. An elegant and flowing hand had penned the warning and then signed the name of the thief. There was also a sketch of a black feather underneath the signature. It was stuck to the large case surrounding a display of feudal era items. Getting closer, he just could make out a thin penned border. The note itself read-

"I shall come for the Sword of Rulers tonight at 11:30. If you wish to stop me, you may try. Good luck keeping up, ~Nightwing ~ "

It was amazing. How could no one have seen him place the note? Conan's head reeled. Nightwing had been in the museum already, he might have passed by him in person! This was clearly a challenge for any who'd take it. And take it he would. A large grin came over his face and he chuckled lowly.

They left not long afterwards. Luna parted from them at an intersection, promising to check in on them later. Ran and he continued back to the house. They retold the story to Kogoro, who dismissed it. Conan was irked at this, he'd have to find a way there on his own. Getting an idea, he excused himself and went to the phone and dialed a familiar number.

"Hey professor, it's me."

"Oh, Shinichi. What's going on?"

"I need the entire arsenal, and a ride to the museum tonight. It's being targeted by Nightwing."

"Really? He left another notice. Alright, come on over and we'll get busy."

So Conan made an excuse and ducked out of the detective's office to run to Dr Edogawa's. The two planned and adjusted, talking about the layout of the museum. As the time got closer, Conan became much more antsy. He actually started twitching around 10:45. So they left a bit early to prevent a full spasm.

They arrived at the museum at 11:05. After a bit of convincing, the police allowed them in. Conan got Dr Agasa to ask about the setup of security. It seemed that there would be lasers turned on at 11:15, and guards posted every so often outside of the room. But not in it. While the doc led the conversation away and distracted the guards, Conan slipped away and hastily made his way to the room. He had to work to dodge the security arrangement, but he made it.

He got settled in a place where he could watch and not be spotted easily. Time passed, and he saw the lasers turn on. They were interwoven very thoroughly, you'd have to move very carefully to get through them. Even then, it would take quite some time.

Finally, the time came. Conan's eyes continually scanned the room, but nothing moved. About six minutes later he heard a shout from outside the room.

"Nightwing's been spotted, he's already taken the sword!"

Before Conan could do anything the guards jumped into action. They tripped the lasers, setting off the alarms. While Meguire yelled at the security, everyone moved towards the exits. Conan shook his head, couldn't these people think?

His thoughts were interrupted when a guard ran into the room. He couldn't see the person's face from where he was. But what made him suspicious was the low chuckle that came from the male.

"Man. Why do they always fall for that trick? Too easy."

Conan's eyes widened at the statement. No, there was no way! The male went over to the case and opened it easily, taking out the sword.

"And here I was thinking I'd have to deal with competition. Feh."

Conan twitched and then quickly adjusted his voice modulator. He set it to his voice and spoke up as the thief was putting down the secondary "thank you" card.

"Nightwing! You're under arrest!"

The thief jumped and froze. He tweaked down the hat he was wearing, to further hide his face, then laughed.

"So, how long have you been in here? I didn't see anyone come in."

"It doesn't matter. Come quietly, we have you surrounded."

"No you don't. It's just you. Am I right in guessing the teen detective, Kudo Shinichi?"

Conan bit his lip in frustration. How could this person know? In fluid movements, the thief put on a mask that hid his face from the nose down and looped to the back of his head. He tossed the hat into a corner of the room, then turned and looked around. His eyes were hidden by black bangs.

Nightwing moved back slowly as he scanned the room. Conan shifted, and the thief swung his head to look directly where he was hiding. The way his body stilled gave away that he'd spotted Conan.

"Now what's this? A kid?"

"Tch. Rats," muttered Conan. "Oh well, I did want to confront him."

Conan walked calmly out of his hiding place. He kept his hands behind his back, opening the aiming system in his stun watch. The thief watched as he came to stand near the middle of the room. Conan smirked at the male, trembling faintly with excitement.

"My name's Conan Edogawa. I'm Shinichi's helper, and I'm also a detective."

The male tilted his head slightly. Then he laughed. Swift movement, then Conan's view was blocked by the police outfit. He moved around it, and was stunned to see that the thief had disappeared. The door thudded and he ran through it. He ran as quickly as the small body would allow, following the slippery thief. They went up the stairs and Conan nearly tripped when they emerged on the roof.

That was when he finally got a good look at the thief. He stood at 5'11 or 6'. His hair was pure black, and his skin was ivory. He wore a top that tied behind the neck and lower back, with form fitting black pants. The sword was tied onto the belt at his waist. He turned when he was near the edge of the roof, and Conan finally saw his eyes. They were blood red, blazing against the dark night and black hair.

Conan skidded to a stop, wondering why Nightwing had stopped. He could see the smile in the thief's eyes, and it irked him. The night behind the thief seemed to come to life, moving and writhing. Conan's mouth fell open as he realized what was happening. Wings as black as the male's hair formed behind him, spreading and blending with the darkness.

"I haven't had so much fun since I started this. I think I'll stick around the area. Here's to another good chase, tantei-kun."


Nightwing moved backwards until he hit the edge of the roof. He spread his arms and Conan whipped around his stun watch. He started to aim, but it was too late. The male fell backwards. Conan rushed to the edge of the roof, and watched as the thief flew off into the night. He sank to the roof, silent. Then, he started to laugh. He laughed so hard tears came out of his eyes.

"I haven't had much fun lately either. I accept your challenge, Nightwing!"

Afterwards, Conan found Dr. Agasa and left the museum. While they drove back to the doctor's house, Conan went over everything he had done and seen. The older male was thoroughly surprised when he learned of the thief's unique traits.

"So he didn't just make up the name, it was based on appearance."

"Yeah. I hate to admit it, but it was pretty cool. And those eyes, blazing red..."

"Looks like you're hooked on this case!"

"You bet! I'm gonna catch this thief, you watch and see!"

Conan was really excited about the case now. He reviewed the night in his mind, going over the details. Nightwing was smart, he knew how to manipulate the police. And to get the item in such a way, it was impressive. There had to be some serious planning before the thief struck again.


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