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A/N: Okay guys, you were patient, and now, your patience has paid off. At least, I hope it has paid off, as I hope you like what it has earned you. What your patience has earned you is the first chapter of the second season of Sarah vs. the Alternate Universe. Just to catch you up quickly, at the end of the first season, Sarah had agreed to General Casey's plea to become a "real spy". Sarah and Chuck have admitted their feelings for one another, and currently, Sarah's handlers, Chuck and Alex Forrest, are recovering from injuries they suffered while trying to rescue Sarah, first from her own government, and then from Fulcrum. A big shout out to my friend Zeretica who is the reason this chapter was written. She's been a big supporter of this fic from the time it started, and I promised her I'd get her a chapter of season 2 out, and here it is, Z. I hope you'll like the start here, everybody, and please review. Thanks!

Cast in order of appearance

Sarah Walker…Yvonne Strahovski
Chuck Bartowski…Zachary Levi
Alex Forrest…Tricia Helfer
Devon Walker….Ryan McPartlin
Ellie Carmichael…Sarah Lancaster
Mason Whitney… Sanjaya Chandani

Sarah vs. the Alternate Universe: A Very Sarah Christmas Part 1

Casa Walker
West Village, New York
December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas to me, Sarah thinks silently to herself, as she wakes up once again in what is fast becoming one of her favorite places in the world: snuggled against Chuck with his good arm wrapped protectively around her. Sarah's training won't begin for several more days, and in the mean time, the human Intersect is determined to soak up every last moment of down time that the team has with her real boyfriend.

She lets out a deep, contented sigh as she snuggles deeper into Chuck's embrace. It has been too long since she's had something like this. Not that I've ever had anything quite like this.

Chuck stirs just slightly. He is generally a light sleeper; years of being a spy kind of yields that behavior. But between the pain medication he is on for his shoulder, and sense of security, and belonging that he feels lying next to Sarah, it is difficult to be on his guard as much as he usually would be.

"It better just be the medicine. You know what it means if you're off your game because of her. You want to stay around? You have to tighten up!" Chuck admonishes himself.

He shakes off the negative thoughts and presses a small kiss to the back of Sarah's neck. She shudders at his touch, and immediately turns her bright blue eyes to face him.

"Merry Christmas, Chuck," Sarah says softly.

"Merry Christmas," Chuck replies.

They lean in to kiss one another, but just as their lips touch, the door to Sarah's bedroom swings open.

"Merry Christmas to you, too," Alex Forrest dead-pans. "I've been sent to retrieve the two of you. It's urgent."

Sarah and Chuck scramble out of the bed. Forrest can't help but notice that they're both still fully clothed, and honestly, she's relieved, if a bit surprised. After the NSA agent told Bartowski that surveillance on Walker's room would no longer be necessary when he was there, Forrest assumed that the other two members of her team would be getting horizontal as soon and as much as possible.

"General Casey wants to talk to us this morning? On Christmas? I think it's Christmas for the bad guys, too," Sarah says with annoyance as she's slipping on her shoes.

"Terrorism doesn't take a day off, Walker," Forrest says gruffly. "But no, the general didn't call. That's not the urgent matter."

"Then?" Chuck asks.

"Ellie made chocolate-chip pancakes and ordered me to bring you two to breakfast, post-haste." Alex chuckles to herself as she walks back down the hall of the apartment. That was every bit as fun as she thought it would be.

Breakfast went by with very little conversation. Devon and Ellie have taken the news of Sarah's secret life as well as could be expected, but the change in their perception of the younger Walker has put them on eggshells when the two doctors are around the team of spies. Neither Devon nor Ellie are sure what is alright to talk about, and they're even less sure that they can ever get a straight answer about anything.

After breakfast, the collected gather in the living room to open presents. The rapid progression from cover to real relationship hasn't left a lot of time for the proper upgrades in gifts from Chuck or Sarah, but neither of them seems to mind.

The title for gift giver of the year is taken by Devon, however, when after all of the presents have been given out he pulls one last package from his pocket.

Sarah knew it was going to happen. She has been holding onto their great-grandmother's ring for over a week now so that Ellie wouldn't find it in any of Devon's normal hiding spots. Chuck knew it was going to happen, because Sarah had to tell someone. Forrest knew it was going to happen, because, well, she's Alex Forrest, and it's her job to know things other people try to keep as secrets.

Ellie, on the other hand, is completely surprised. Such is the value in trusting your secrets to people that are professional secret keepers, and it pays off in Devon's favor, this time.

Plans are made for a celebration later on. Dinner, drinks, dancing, and general merriment will be had by all.

That night, on the streets of Manhattan…

"I still can't believe you kept this a secret!" Ellie exclaims, wrapping Sarah in a hug from behind. Sarah, who has been walking hand-in-hand with Chuck, turns to face her brother's fiancée.

"Well, it's kind of what I do, Ellie," the blonde replies nonchalantly.

"Well you're the best, sis!" Ellie says excitedly. Part of the excitement no doubt comes from intoxication from the drinks they've just enjoyed, but then, Ellie really has never needed alcohol to reach another level of excitement of which few are capable.

The outpouring of emotion is a little more than Sarah is comfortable with. She really loves Ellie, and she loves Ellie with her brother, but the constant, unyielding joy is something beyond the reach of the blonde.

"Hey," Ellie says, keeping Sarah's attention. "Pretty soon, you will be my sis!"

"That I will," Sarah answers, forcing a light laugh.

Sensing his asset-come-girlfriend's discomfort, Chuck decides to step in.

"Sarah, can you help me with something?" he asks, trying to pull her away from the Ellie onslaught.

Ellie, however, refuses to be deterred from her verbal blitz on her boyfriend's sister, and Chuck's interference only draws him into the path of the storm.

"And if you play your cards right, bucko, you might be my brother at some point," the brunette points out to Chuck. "Of course, if you two are ever going to get to that point, there are some other things you need to take care of first."

Both Chuck and Sarah stare at her, confused expressions on their faces.

"Sex!" Ellie blurts out. "Don't think I can't tell. I might not be a," suddenly, the lady doctor realizes how loud her voice has gotten, and quiets her tone to a whisper. "I might not be a spy, but I'm fairly perceptive. You guys still haven't slept together. Oh, you've slept together, but not the way you're supposed to."

"Ellie? Babe? Not awesome," Devon interrupts, trying his best to come to the rescue of the two spies who are now beet-red with embarrassment.

"What? Devon, you know as well as I do that they're not doing it. And I don't know why!" Ellie exclaimed. "I promise, you'll like it, guys," she says, turning towards the younger couple.

Before Ellie's "birds-and-the-bees" talk can continue, a ruckus breaks out in a group of people just ahead of the celebratory party. The crowd that has gathered on the sidewalk parts slightly to allow a stumbling man to make his way through. The seemingly intoxicated individual takes two more awkward steps before collapsing to the ground.

In an instant, pleasantly drunk Ellie switches into doctor mode. The ER physician in her is immediately on top of the stranger, checking him for any sign of what might have caused the fall.

As Ellie works up the stricken man, she pulls his wallet from his back pocket and tosses it to Sarah, instructing the blonde to look for any type of drug information, or anything at all really that can help with his care. What Sarah finds instead is a government ID for one Mason Whitney. The identification card causes a stir within Sarah's mind, and she' suddenly beset an onslaught of images.

An ostrich
Mason Whitney's employee record
Plans for nuclear weaponry
An ostrich

Before Sarah can say anything to pull her future sister in-law away from the victim, who the blonde now believes to be a less than savory character, an ambulance is on the scene, loading Whitney into the back with Ellie jumping in behind him.

Sarah begins to panic. She knows she can't let Ellie pull away with this guy that could very well have some nefarious intentions. But before the younger woman can fully regain her bearings from the flash, the ambulance is away, and any chance to get Ellie free and clear of danger has passed.

"We have to go after her!" Sarah says.

"What, why?" asks Devon.

"She – she could be in danger," Sarah says lamely.

"She'll be fine, Sarah, I promise. Ellie's a doctor. It's what we do. We save people's lives," Devon assures her.

"Yeah, I'm sure she'll be fine, Sarah. Ellie is a professional," Chuck says, adding to the conversation for the first time.

"No, I know," Sarah says, frustrated that she's not getting her point across. "Listen – Devon, Chuck – Ellie's in trouble, okay? Trust me."

Sarah turns a hard gaze to her male companions. It takes only a moment for what she's implying to sink in with Chuck. Devon takes a little longer to see the true meaning behind his sister's words, but when it finally dawns on him what she's saying, his eyes grow wide, and he begins a small panic of his own.

"Wait, you mean," Devon leans in close to Sarah, and lowers his voice to a whisper, "spy stuff?"

Sarah nods her head slowly, her face showing the potential severity of the current situation.

"Then what the hell are we waiting for? Let's go!" Devon exclaims, stepping to the curb to try to flag down a cab.

A/N: Okay, so it was a little short, but I think that's a good stopping point, and it will lead right into the action of this "episode". I'll warn you up front that season 2 is not going to be all sunshine and rainbows for our couple. They'll have to work through some tough issues, if they want to stay together. You'll see a number of familiar faces in this season, and some new ones that I've made up! Hopefully you'll enjoy the ride. So now it's time for the bad news. You friend Wepdiggy will be shipping out for basic training (Army training, sir) soon (I'll know when tomorrow), and when that happens, I'll be away for quite awhile. I'll try to put a notice on this story, and my other serials before I leave, but I'm just giving you fair warning that at some point, it may go a little while without updates. I'm sorry about that, but real life calls sometimes. Thank you so much for reading my little story, and I look forward to your feedback. You guys are awesome. Peace.