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Note: Hikari's POV

Dedicated to: Uchiha Kirara, she requested this one so I'm dedicating it to her. Hope you like it!


The cold water just splashed at me took me by surprise. I turned to who had splashed me with a shocked face, mouth ajar and all.


"Hey!" I shouted, "No fair!" He laughed, and after a moment I joined him. Then I splashed him back. I earned myself a surprised look for that action and it was preceded by him splashing me back. Thus a water fight ensued.

Somewhere along the lines the water ended up in my mouth and I couldn't help but cough rigorously. Bleh. Saltwater tastes absolutely awful. Takeru noticed my lack of participation and stopped to ask what was wrong.

I shook my head, "I just got saltwater in my mouth, that's all." I smiled as he shook his head.

"Want to go inside to wash away the taste?"

I nodded. Somehow he always knew what I wanted: even if I didn't.

So Takeru grasped my wrist and tugged me inside, disregarding the fact that we were both soaking wet and would get water everywhere. Besides, the floors are wooden; they're supposed to be able to endure water.

I dashed for some towels as Takeru fetched me a glass of ice cold water. When I dashed back though, I hadn't thought about the now slippery floor, and being the clumsy me that I am, I slipped.

And chaos ensued.

First, I slid into Takeru causing him to drop the glass. The towels in my own hands were flung into the air as well. Somehow, I ended up face-to-face with Takeru. He was on his back and I had fallen on top of him leaving only a few inches of space between us and our noses nearly touching.

Instantaneously, I felt heat rise to my cheeks and I scrambled to get off of him. I couldn't slow my fast misbehaving heart though, nor my sudden shortage of breath. How come he can always do that to me? We somehow manage to end up in those situations consistently and I'm beginning to wonder if they were accidental or planned.

Suddenly the floor was interesting, but it always was when I ended up too close to Takeru. I already knew I like him, a lot actually. I just don't know if the feelings are mutual, and I definitely don't want to risk our close knit friendship if they aren't. I mean, what if he likes me as a sister or family, and not as a potential girlfriend? I searched for something to preoccupy myself.

Then I spotted the broken glass on the ground and dropped to my knees to start picking up the mess. I kept my vision carefully limited to the floor.

Apparently Takeru had other ideas because before I could even pick up a few pieces, he'd caught my wrist with his hand and picked up the pieces with the other. "Careful, don't need you getting your hands cut up." I felt the heat in my cheeks increase.

"I-I'm fine." I insisted, hating how I stuttered.

He sighed and shook his head. His hand found its way under my chin and he gently pushed said body part up so that I was looking him in the eyes. "Hikari. I like you. I really, really like you."

I felt my eyes go wide and my breath caught in my throat. He likes me!!! He really, really likes me!!! Before I could think about my next set of actions, I lunged at him causing him to fall on his back with a chuckle. And I grinned, "I really, really like you too Takeru."

Dreams do come true.

I found myself leaning down and him leaning up till we were kissing. On the inside I was jumping for joy.

I guess saltwater isn't that bad after all.

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