By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: Well, hey, I might as well attempt this, since now is the perfect opportunity. Or, at least in a less subjective case, it would, but anyhoos, here it is - a very pathetic attempt of mine to get short POVs from all of the (current) four hundred and ninety three Pokemon, including Arceus. Well, them and all of the entirely brand new Gen 5 Pokemon who won't be new within several months or so. And we're going in order, starting with Bulbasaur, because we're not having crap like Missingno or M or any other glitches involved. Okay? Okay. And that's all I have to say. Not to mention, a little adding here and there. Read and enjoy!

Disclaimer: Pokemon belongs to Nintendo.

Gardevoir woke up, stretching her arms as she stood up. She gasped as she was greeted in her bed by Lucario and Zoroark, who both had their hands behind her back.

"Happy birthday, Gardevoir!" They both said in unison as they smiled, trying to mae a good impression.

Gardevoir blinked several times as she giggled with glee, clapping her hands together. "Oh, you boys sure are so sweet! Knowing it was my birthday and all..." She then tapped her chin with her right hand as she began pondering. "But wait a minute... how old am I?"

Lucario coughed as he rubbed the back of his head, while oroark folded his arms, rolling his eyes.

"It doesn't matter, Gardevoir. You're going to have a great birthday," Zoroark stated as he grabbed Gardevoir's left hand and kissed it, making Gardevoir blush.

Lucario got an idea as he raised his right index finger, proclaiming loudly, "You know what? I'll go make us some nice big breakfast to feast on!" He then placed on a white apron as he headed into the kitchen. Breakfast for champions, that is.

Gardevoir and Zoroark looked at each other and laughed as they followed Lucario into the kitchen, to celebrate with a great, big breakfast.

001: Bulbasaur

A male specimen Pikachu, the most famous Pokemon species of all, was visiting an old fellow friend of his. The Pikachu looked all over the beautiful grass meadows as he spotted a particular odd spot in the grass, gasping with joy as he smiled, running towards the spot. A lone Bulbasaur yawned as he woke up, turning around to see his fellow friend Pikachu.

"Hey! Bulbasaur, it's me, Pikachu!" The Pikachu exclaimed as he hugged the Bulbasaur, giggling with glee.

The Bulbasaur chuckled, using his vines to pat the Pikachu on his shoulders. "Hey hey, Pikachu. How are you doing on this fine, peachy day?"

Pikachu sighed as he rubbed the back of his head with his small left, yellow paw. "Aww well, you know. The usual." His ears peaked as he remembered why he came to see the Bulbasaur. "Oh yeah! I meant to tell you! Gardevoir has a birthday party coming up... you wanna come?"

The Bulbasaur slightly hesitated as he chucked nervously. "Ehehehe... well, actually, I was just thinking of munching on grass..."

Pikachu narrowed his eyes at Bulbasaur as he sighed, shrugging as he shook his head. "Well, okay. But if you change your mind, just come find me." And with that, Pikachu headed towards the western direction, taking off like a speeding bullet.

The Bulbasaur sighed as he rolled his eyes. "Well... I can't really be bothered to go to a birthday party. Maybe on some other day." He turned around, heading towards the eastern direction with a grin on his face, "But for now..."

Nearby, Meowth and his companion Mime Jr. were snooping as usual, having overheard what Pikachu stated.

"Did ya hear every last word, Mimey?" Meowth stated as she grinned, rubbing his paws together. "Gardevoir is having dat dere birthday party. And we're gonna ruin it!"

Mime Jr. giggled as he placed his hands on his face. "Ohohoho! I hope Mr. Pikachu plans to make lotsa spaghetti!"

Meowth slapped Mime Jr. Twice.

Later, the same said lone Bulbasaur was in the middle of a beautiful grassy meadow, eating away at a spot of grass as several more Bulbasaur nearby were resting their selves in the nice, hot sun. The Bulbasaur sighed as he munched down his grass.

"Bulba... munching on this grass, basking in the sunlight, tackling into my rivals... that's all I ever do in my humble life. Could there be at least a bit more to ask before I evolve?"

As the Bulbasaur continued to wonder of what more it could do, it was quickly challenged by another Bulbasaur, a blue-colored variant. All of the Bulbasaurs in the meadow were colored pure green, as was the lone Bulbasaur. A quick smirk across his face surely meant something more.

"All right, tough guy, give me something to actually enjoy about." The lone Bulbasaur muttered as he fired off a razor leaf towards the opponent Bulbasaur, but the opponent dodged into the air and slammed right on top of the Bulbasaur, wounding him. As the Bulbasaur tried to recover from his pain, the opponent ran straightforward into him with a tackle, followed by several whips from vine whip. As the lone Bulbasaur stumbled a bit backward, the opponent began to gather sunlight, and with enough energy, fired a solar beam straight at the lone Bulbasaur, knocking it off the earth and causing it to pummel on its back.

Greatly wounded, the lone Bulbasaur coughed as he chuckled, muttering before being knocked out, "Well... at least it was a good challenger this time... cough..."

Nearby the beautiful peaceful grassy meadows, a Baffuron and a Mebukijika in its winter form were both hiding behind a set of bushes, watching the flock of Swanna fly overheard, discussing their top secret mission.

"There's plenty of conspiracy going about, Discodeer," Baffuron referred to the Mebukika by its name. "We can handle this mission, right?"

Discodeer merely smirked as he patted his Baffuron partner on the head. "You have that right, Buffafro. Now let's get out there and kick some ass."

They both high fived each other as they jumped out of the bushes, both wearing swavy black outfits as they ran together on all fur of their feet.