Piplup and Mijumaru were both selling chocolate bars. Why were they selling chocolate bars? Because they had to in order to pay a debt for taking 30 pieces of candy. That's right, thirty pieces of sweet, sugary candy. That's as many as three tens.

And that's terrible.

"Aww man, why do we have to do this?" Mijumaru groaned as he tilted his head to the right, complaining, "It's not like there isn't any more candy ars back there..."

Pipluo growled as he got annoyed by Mijumaru's complaining. "Because, if we don't pay off our debt, we'll never be allowed back into our freedom." He slapped Mijumaru as he snapped, "Now come on, stop being a baby. We got chocolate bars to sell."

Mijumaru only sighed as he followed Piplup's lead towards the foggy swamp nearby.

Squirtle yawned as he got out of his watery bed, heading into the bathroom to brush his teeth. The tiny turtle Pokemon yawned as he drank some water, spitting the remaining water out as he headed into his living room, sitting down on the couch and turning on his television set. He groaned as the doorbell rang, causing him to get off the couch and move his fat ass. Opening the door, he saw Piplup and Mijumaru smiling at him.

"Oh, what the hell do you two losers want?" Squirtle growled as he twitched his neck.

Mijumaru giggled as he covered his mouth. "Ehehehe... we're selling chocolate. You want some?" He squealed with delight as he acted naughty.

Squirtle eyed Mijumaru suspiciously. "And just what is this... "chocolate" do you speak of?"

Piplup sheepishly rubbed the back of his neck, slightly blushing as he looked upwards. "Well... uh... its sweeter than normal chocolate, and it can make you aroused..."

That one sentence was enough to allow Squirtle to slam the door in front of Piplup and Mijumaru. Sadly for Squirtle, his entire home fell on top of him, crushing the tiny turtle Pokemon and knocking him out. Piplup and Mijumaru looked at each other and shrugged as they went to try and sell chocolate to the other water-type Pokemon.