Welcome to my new television obsession! Hopefully ironic coincidence doesn't stamp its approval on the "Hey, let's cancel/end ANOTHER show right when Crystal gets into it" papers, because Chuck is much too good to go to waste, especially after the spectacular season finale we were given.

Anyways, just trying to get a feel of the characters before I attempt to chuck some stories out this summer break (pun intended). I figured I could give you all a taste of the various random, eccentric, and downright amusing music I listen to. I should be embarrassed, but for some reason I'm not. Yay me!

Disclaimer: Don't own Chuck. A third season would be awesome, though.

Chuck Versus the iPod Playlist

Drabbles by crystalelements

Reflection – Christina Aguilera

Sarah's PoV

Who is that girl I see

Staring straight back at me

When will my reflection show

Who I am inside

She brushes on the final touches of her makeup, rechecks her hair, adjusts the slim blue straps on her shoulders. The beauty in the mirror stares back at her wordlessly; she knows, without a doubt, that the eyes of every single man will be preying on her tonight. A small, bitter smile appears on her lips, and without another glance she turns towards the door, purse in hand.

The mission is almost too easy – she barely has to bat an eyelash before the target melts into the palm of her hand. She's painfully aware of another set of eyes watching her as she pulls him into the elevator. Stomping down the conflicting emotions already bubbling to the surface, she instead focuses her attention on the lovesick puppy in front of her, whispering sultry words that make him fall back against the wall for support.

They don't even make it to the bed. She has him disarmed the moment they step through the door, and Casey steps out from behind the curtains, a gun pointed at the his head. The target is taken into custody for questioning, the stolen government blueprints recovered. Mission accomplished.

The ride back to Casa Bartowski is silent, and before he opens the door, Chuck turns to her and offers an agonizingly forced smile.

"You did..." The smile flickers for the briefest of moments - "You did great tonight, Sarah."

He holds her gaze for only a split second longer, but then again, that's all it really takes. The pain, understanding, and pure longing are all clashing together in the chocolate pools of his eyes, and once again she sees her reflection staring back at her, mocking them both with the reality they can never have. Chuck quickly turns away and mumbles a soft goodnight, walking into the apartment complex and leaving her with the distinct feeling of knives twisting into her chest.

She's always known the consequences of working for the government, for serving her country at her own expense. But, once again, as she stares resentfully at the beautiful-yet-deadly CIA agent in the mirror, Sarah Walker wonders just how much more of this she can take before the mask she's forced to wear breaks her completely.

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