005: Toad

Toad looked at his watch as he was heading back to Mushroom City, screaming as he began to panic. Running faster than he normally would, the humanoid mushroom boy slipped and landed flat on his face in the damp mud, groaning in disgust as he looked for a source of water. Spotting a green water hose nearby, Toad turned the faucet on, and was blasted several feet by the water, colliding into a maple tree.

Moaning in pain as he felt dizzy, Toad stumbled into the lake nearby, coming back up and screaming for help as he was unable to swim. After several seconds of flailing, Toad drowned, going unconscious as he was unable to make it back up. A passing red-colored Cheep Cheep spotted the unconscious Toad and gobbled him up, minding its own business as it headed deep within the lake.