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Bella Swan-23 years old

Edward Cullen-24 years old

Alice Cullen-24 years old

Jasper Whitlock-23 years old

Emmett Cullen-25 years old

Rosalie Hale-24 years old

Madison Swan- 7 months

FULL SUMMARY:Cannon Pairings/AH;Edward Cullen runs a family owned restaurant in the small town of Forks, Washington. Bella Swan is a single mother to a 7 month old baby girl. After signing over all rights to Bella, the child's father leaves, and Bella has no place to go. Hoping to find a new life for herself and daughter, she leaves and soon finds herself in Forks. She may just find what she was hoping for when she meets Edward Cullen and his family. As well as Edward finding something he never thought he needed. Fluff, lemons(later on in the story), slight drama, all the good stuff. Bella is the stubborn, clumsy, and blushing Bella , and Edward is the same Edward we all know and love, and his only fear is not being able to help Bella and her daughter, and feels the need to protect them from anything the moment he meets them.

Bella's POV

'The City of Forks Welcomes you' read the sign I had just pasted. I really had no idea where I was or how I got here. Hell I never even knew this place existed till just now. I just knew I was away from Colorado and that was good enough for me. Looking into the rear view mirror, I couldn't help the smile that grew when I seen my beautiful baby girl asleep in her car seat. Things have been a lot harder since I've had her, but I wouldn't trade any moment with her for anything in the world. I have no idea what I would do without her in my life now. She changed me for the better, and I love her even more for it. I was terrified when I first found out I was pregnant and that fear grew the closer I got to having her, but when I finally held her in my arms and seen her beautiful little face, and heard her cry I knew she was brought into my life for a reason and that I would never regret a single thing when it came to her.

I seen a small restaurant to my right and decided to stop and get a bite to eat since it had been a while since I had anything. And I was sure Madison needed a diaper. I pulled my red 1998 Cavalier into the parking lot and parked. It wasn't the best car, but it the first car I had ever gotten and got me where I needed to go.

Looking up I read the restaurant sign.

'The Cullen Family Restaurant'

Cute name. Simple, but cute.

Taking the keys out of the ignition, I threw them down in my purse before throwing it over my shoulder and getting out. I walked to the door on Madison's side, and opened it. I had just started to unbuckle her car seat when she started to whimper.

"It's ok baby." I whispered. "Mommy's just taking you out of the car."

Once I had the car sear unbuckled, I leaned back enough get it out of the car, and grabbed her diaper bag, throwing it over my shoulder with my purse. Shutting the car door with my foot, I headed towards the door of the restaurant. They seem to have a lot business for it being such a small town and restaurant. Maybe someone could tell me where the nearest the motel was. A shower and some sleep sounded amazing.

When I opened the door a bell rang causing a few people to look up, and I of course blushed and looked down. I knew people would probably stare at least a little considering everyone probably knew everyone, and I just randomly showed up. Glancing up I noticed a booth towards the back was empty and walked towards it, settling Madison's car seat into it, before sitting down myself. I set my purse between myself and the car seat and the diaper beg under the table at my feet, I then reached over grabbing a menu. I didn't have a lot money, but I was hoping I could find something that would fill me up that I could afford.

I could feel a few eyes on the back of my head, but tried to ignore it as I looked through the choices. I don't know if I mentioned this or not, but I HATE attention. Which was sorta ironic since I was super clumsy and was always tripping, knocking something over, and falling.

"Are you trying to reach for your bottle silly girl?" I smiled, when I heard Madison cooing and looked over at her.

Thankfully she took after me for the most part in the looks department. She had my dark eyes, and brown hair only it was a little lighter than mine.

I smiled at her again as I handed her, her bottle and she gladly took it from me drinking her juice. I had just went back to looking at the menu when I heard someone walk up to the table.

"Hello, my name's Rosalie and I'll be waitress today. Can I start you off with a drink?"
I looked up, and seen the most beautiful girl I had ever seen in my life. She was probably my age if not a year or so older. Why the hell she was working at a restaurant in a small town like this and not modeling was beyond me. My self-esteem definitely went down about 10 notches that's for sure.

I smiled and nodded. "A coke would be great."

Smiling back she nodded and walked away.

I continued to look at the menu and decided to get myself a grilled chicken salad, and small side of mashed potatoes for Madison.

"Your baby is beautiful." Rosalie smiled when she came back, and set down my drink.

I smiled back. "Thank you."

"What's her name?"


She nodded. "It suites her. Have you decided on what you wanted?"

"Yes. I'll take the grilled chicken salad and a small side of mashed potatoes."

Rosalie nodded as she wrote down my order. "I'll be right back with that."

"Thank you. Could you tell me where the restroom is?"

"Right through that door way, and down the hall to the left." She said, pointing to door way right in front of my table.

"Thank you."
"You're welcome." She replied before heading towards the back.

I reached under the table getting Madison's diaper bag and put if over my shoulder, as well as my purse before I took Madison out of her car seat and got up heading towards the bathroom.

When I got inside I walked over to sink, which was thankfully one of those long ones that ran along the wall and laid Madison down. Grabbing a diaper and wipes out of the bag, I set them down. After getting Madison undressed I threw her dirty diaper in the garbage and continued to clean her and put on the fresh diaper.

"Your being such a good girl for mommy." I cooed while finishing up, in which she smiled and squealed. I chuckled shaking my head.

Once I had her little outfit buttoned up I washed my hands, grabbing our stuff and picked her back up and headed back out to our table.

I had just finished buckling her back into her seat when Rosalie came back with our food.

"Here ya go. If you need anything else just let me know."

"Thank you. This looks great."

She smiled and nodded. "You are more than welcome." And with that she turned and walked away.

"Ok Maddie, you ready for some yum yums?" I asked stirring her potatoes.

She started to coo while clapping her hands. I laughed quietly getting a small bite on the spoon.


I had finished feeding Madison her potatoes and I was half way through my through my salad when I noticed a small pixie like girl walking towards our table. I figured she was going to the bathroom so I didn't pay anymore attention.
"Hi! I'm Alice!"

I looked up to see the pixie girl standing at our table, and getting ready to sit down on the opposite side.
"Oh, Rosalie was right! She's beautiful!" Alice gushed when she looked at Madison who was currently chewing on her toy.

"Um, hi. I'm Bella." I said looking back to Alice.

She smiled and stuck out her hand, which I did in return and shook.

"So what brings you to Forks? Do you have family here?"

Wow, straight to the point. Although she does seem like the type that doesn't beat around the bush.

"Uh, no. I sorta just stumbled upon you guys." I answered hoping that would be enough to make her happy. I really didn't wanna have to tell her that I was my 7 month old daughter and I were practically homeless.

"Where are you from?"

"Ohh. You're a long way from home. You'll love it here though. I promise! And I can tell that we will be the best of friends!" She smiled, slightly bouncing in her seat.

It was definitely safe to say that she was hyper, and very very friendly. I could see myself being friends with her, but I doubt we'll be staying here that long. Maybe just a few days, if that.

I smiled back and before I could say anything back Rosalie walked back up to the table.

"Alice, are you harassing this poor girl?" She asked, causing Alice and I both to laugh.

"Of course not! I was simply just welcoming her to Forks. And you were so right! Madison is a dollbaby!"

Madison cooed at her name and we all chuckled looking over at her.

"Can I get you anything else?" Rosalie asked and I nodded.
"Some more coke would be great."

Nodding she took my glass and looked back at Alice.

"Don't scare her too much Ali."

Alice stuck her tongue out at her and I laughed shaking my head.

Edward's POV

I pulled into the parking lot of my family's restaurant parking my Silver S40 Volvo in the back . My mother, Esme had called me asking if I could come in for her because she had some errands to run and wouldn't be able to make it. I didn't have anything better to do so I agreed. I pretty much spent all of my time here. My grandfather, Edward who I am named after, opened it back when he was in early 30's and pasted it down to my father, Carlisle. When he passed away my father and mother shut it down for a couple of months and re-decorated the whole inside and made sure everything was up to date. We always had a good crowd and made good money. Not that my family really needed the money. We were more than well off. Grandpa Edward was always really good at the whole stock thing, and made tons of money from it, and also taught my father how to understand it. He too had made more than enough from it, as well as working as a doctor. My mother mostly works at the restaurant, and when she isn't doing that she's doing interior design.

I tried the whole doctor thing when I went to college but learned quickly it wasn't for me. So I spent my time working at the restaurant and giving piano lessons every now and then. I love working at the restaurant, it carries all kinds of history from my family and I love being a part of it. My twin and very hyper active sister, Alice owns her own boutique across the street. She pretty much designs everything she sells. Fashion was always her passion and she definitely let's it be known. Our oldest brother Emmett is a local fire fighter, and every now and again will come into the restaurant to help out. His girlfriend Rosalie is a waitress for the restaurant, and Alice's fiancé Jasper is one of our cooks.

Heading inside through the back door, I threw my jacket in the office before heading to the kitchen.

"Hey man, I thought you had today off?" Jasper asked when he seen me.

"Mom had some stuff to do and wasn't able to come in."

He nodded, going back to what he was doing. "You never can stay away from here for too long."
I chuckled. "If I stayed away this place would go up in smoke when mom or dad wasn't here." I joked.

"Been busy today?" I asked, picking up the inventory sheets, checking them over.

He shrugged. "It's been pretty good. Nothing too crazy."

I nodded. "Thursday's has always been like that. I'm gonna head up front and see how things are going."

Walking up front, I said hello to a few of the customer's at the counter, before heading over to the register to make a drop.

"Hey brother. I see mom got you to come in for her today." Alice said walking up to me.
"You know how hard it is to say no to that woman."

She laughed nodding. "It's been a pretty good day."

"That's what Jasper said. Why aren't you across the street?"

"Came over to get something to eat. Angela has everything pretty much down so I trust her by herself." She replied.

I had just finished making the money drop when I heard a baby squeal and laughter. Looking in the direction it came from, I seen Rosalie sitting at the back booth with someone. I couldn't see their face, but they had long brown hair, and I was pretty sure I had no idea who she was.

"Who's that?" I asked looking back to Alice, who smiled. She was a social butterfly and whenever she seen someone new she was the first to find out who they were.

"That's Bella and her daughter Madison."

I nodded. "Where she from?"

"Colorado. She didn't tell me why she's here but I think she left home or something. When I walked over here I noticed her car in the parking lot, and seen the license plate. Her backseat has 3 duffel bags in it and looks like she's been living out of her car." She whispered the last part with a frown.

I looked back over at the table seeing Rose smile at the baby. I felt a tug at my heart hearing that she didn't have anywhere to go. Not only her, but her baby as well. It made me wonder where the father was, or at least her family.

"She's really sweet, and Madison is a total doll. I feel bad for her. Knowing that not only her, but that baby also hasn't been in a safe place for god knows how long." Alice said shaking her head. "I've been trying to figure something out in a way of helping her. I haven't really thought of anything too great yet."

I nodded, and we continued to talk about random things. I kept stealing glances at Bella's table. Something was pulling me to her and Madison and I hadn't even met them yet. I couldn't figure out what it was. Maybe it was the baby, maybe it was that they were pretty much homeless, I don't know. But I did know that we had to do something to help them. I couldn't just let them leave and not know where they were going, or if they were safe.

When Alice said she was going to the back to see how Jasper was doing, and I noticed Rosalie had gotten up and left, I decided to walk over and introduce to myself.

Putting the papers that were in my hands under the counter, I walked over to the table.

Bella had Madison sitting on the edge of the table, holding her hands and playing patty cake. I couldn't help the smile that formed when Madison started laughing. I still couldn't see Bella due to her hair being in her face, but Madison was definitely one of the most beautiful babies I had ever seen. She had big brown eyes that could make anyone do anything she wanted them too, brown hair that was just a little lighter than Bella's and chubby cheeks. Bella was just about to start another round of patty cake when Madison looked up at me and smiled. What I didn't expect was what I saw when Bella looked up.

I was greeted by the most beautiful woman I had ever seen in my entire life. She had big brown eyes just like Madison, and I could tell that she took after Bella a lot. On top of the beautiful eyes, she had the most perfect lips and I felt a sudden urge to kiss them. I had to remind myself that not only did I have no clue who she was, but she didn't know me either and we were in public. A slight blush rose to her cheeks, and it only made her even more exquisite.

After remembering what I was standing there for and how to speak I smiled.

"Hello I'm Edward." I said sticking my hand out.

She blushed a little deeper, returning her hand and when her skin touched mine I felt something that felt like a shock ran through my hand, up arm, and through my entire body. She jumped so I'm assuming she felt it too.

What the hell was that?

"Hi. I'm Bella. You're Alice's twin right?"

I smiled nodding.

"She told me about you. She told me about everybody." She chuckled.

Laughing, I nodded. "That's Alice. She knows everything about everyone and isn't afraid of anything."

Madison squealed making us both look at her and she clapped her hands.

"You're such a goofy girl." Bella smiled shaking her head.

"Who's this pretty little lady?" I asked sitting down across from them, and Madison turned her body slightly to face me.
"Say my name's Madison." Bella answered turning her to face me fully.

Smiling I tickled her foot making her laugh and kick her feet.

"It's very nice to meet you Madison." I said before looking over to Bella. "It's nice to meet you as well." I smiled. There was something about her that intrigued me and I had to know more about her. Everything about her.

She blushed averting her eyes for a second before looking back at me.

"Like wise." She said quietly.

"So Alice was telling me you're from Colorado?"

She nodded, messing with Madison's shirt. I could tell she didn't like attention and was easily embarrassed. Getting more information out of her maybe harder than I thought it would be.

"Um yeah. Oh, which reminds me. Could you tell me where the closest motel is? We're only going to be staying a few days."

I furrowed my eyebrows. Motel? They were staying in motels? That was definitely not going to happen with me around. I don't know what it was about these two, but I felt the need to not only help them, but also protect them. And it confused the hell out of me.

"You're not staying?" I pushed.

She shook her head.
"No...um, I don't really have that kind of money or know anyone here..." She trailed off looking back at Madison.

"You know me, Alice, and Rosalie."

Her eyes shot back to me and I smiled as the greatest idea I may have ever had came to me.

"We would love for you to stay. Alice really likes you, and Rosalie too. I know they would be more than excited about it." I said, formulating the plan in my head as I spoke.

"Uhhh, well...Like I said I don't have a lot money. Just enough for a few nights at a motel." She replied biting her lip.

The smile on my face just kept growing bigger and bigger. This was definitely the best idea I've ever had.

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