A/N: For those that found the ending too depressing or unsatisfying, here's a moderately more upbeat happy ending.

Alternative Ending

Metropolis Airport - Inside

Last boarding call had been announced, yet Zatanna still stood in the terminal. She had her bag over her shoulder, but didn't want to leave. Her eyes anxiously roamed over everyone and everything, hoping he would be there. Somehow in her mind she felt he would. He just had to, she told herself.

"Miss, I'm sorry, but you're either going to have to board now or miss the plane." An airline employee said to her.

"Just another minute, please." Zee pleaded with the woman.

"I'm sorry, you're going to have to make a decision, Miss," the woman responded. Zee looked at her and then scanned the crowd one last time. He wasn't there. A tear rolled down her check as she allowed the woman to usher her to the gate and onto the plane. Zatanna's heart broke all over again as she watched the plane door closed behind her.

Metropolis Airport – Outside

Clark stood in the rain unsure how he'd even gotten here. He'd been thinking of Zee all day and just found himself walking. He knew her plane was leaving today. Since she'd ended things, he'd been going over and over all of it in his mind. It still didn't make sense. He was in love with her and still believed she was in love with him. Was it all a lie? Clark couldn't accept that. It had to be something else. For the past two weeks, he hadn't been able to get her out of his mind. He needed to see her, even if it was just once more. Part of him feared she would turn away from him again, but he wasn't going to let it rule his life. If she rejected him, he knew his heart would break wide open, but he wanted to look into her eyes and hear her say the words for it to be real. He could walk away then, if that's what she wanted. Quickening his pace, he desperately hoped that wasn't what she wanted. He could see planes moving towards the runway to take off, but he didn't stop. Just as he reached the edge of the parking lot, his cell phone went off. He resisted answering but it might be important.


It was the hospital in Smallville telling him the news about his mother. She was gone. The world seemed to go out of focus for Clark. The cell phone slipped from his fingers and smashed against the ground. Grief like he'd never imagined consumed him. Clark's body seemed to collapse in on itself. He felt to his knees as the anguish overtook him. Tears rolled down his face mixing with the raindrops. Knelling on the hard asphalt, his body shuddered with emotion. He leaned his head back and let out a primal scream of sadness, but it was overwhelmed by the sound of a jet taking off overhead. Clark was lost. He was in the abyss.

On the Plane

Zatanna sat glumly looking out the small window at the rain. She was miserable and wasn't sure how she would ever be happy again. She could feel someone looking at her. A flicker of hope went through her as she turned. A young woman, perhaps the same age as Zatanna was standing in the aisle.

"I think this is my seat." The woman gestured to the one next to Zatanna.

"Oh, sorry," Zee said, picking up her coat so the other woman could sit down. The woman smiled and took her seat. Zatanna turned her head back to the window staring out at the rain. Her eyes were red and puffy from all the crying.

"Excuse me, are you okay?"

Zee turned to see the young woman now sitting next to her, looking at her with concern.

"Um, ah, yeah, yeah, rough day." Zee managed to say, not wanting to share her troubles with a complete stranger.

"Okay" The young woman said, nodding as she strapped herself in. Zatanna couldn't help noticing a large diamond ring on the woman's finger.

"That's a beautiful ring," she offered. The woman blushed and took her ring hand in her other.

"Thank you. It all happened so fast, I'm still trying to get used to it," the woman admitted. "Getting married is such a big step and a little scary, but that's life, right?"

Zee just smiled and nodded. She felt her heart skip a beat and her breath catch in her throat. In that moment, she suddenly understood the meaning of her dream and the message from her parents. Images flooded through her mind and seemed to finally make sense to her. It had been a warning. Each of the sequences in her dream was traditionally thought of as a transition from being a girl to a woman. They were symbolic of embracing the future and your role in it. That was the warning her parents were trying to give her. She could continue to live the comfortable and safe life that she was familiar with, fearing the unknown or she could embrace her future, no matter how scary it might seem or what it might bring.

Outside the Airport

Everything was white noise as the roar of the jet overwhelmed everything. How long it lasted, he neither knew nor cared. Clark knelt there, just feeling numb. When noise finally abated, the sound of someone running reached his ears. His eyes were blurry from his tears. The footsteps slowed as they grew nearer until they stopped right in front of him. The despair was devastating to him. He felt so utterly alone in the world. It was the nightmare he'd experienced confronting Nathan come to life. He slowly raised his head, the anguish plain on his face.

And there she was.

Standing in front of him crying was Zatanna. Neither seemed able to speak as their eyes locked.

"I'm-I'm sorry, Clark, I was-was just-just I-I was-was afraid," she stumbled to say, the emotions threatening to overwhelm her. In the next moment, she was in his arms. She embraced him fiercely, never wanting to let go. Zee tried to kiss away his tears, even as her own rolled down her cheeks. Taking his handsome, grief stricken face in her hands, Zatanna kissed him with all the love she had.

"I love you Clark. I don't want us to ever be over."

He couldn't speak and just kissed her in return. Even in all his sadness, he knew he wasn't alone.

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