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Prologue: Emerald Twilight, Emerald Dawn

"Give it up, old man," sneered the man in yellow. "Your time is over."

Abin Sur looked up at his enemy. The Green Lantern of Sector 2814 was in a bad position. When he had heeded the distress beacon coming from the lifeless rock at the very edge of this solar system, he had never once imagined that it would be a trap set by one of Sinestro's newest disciples.

And even if he had suspected he would find an enemy here, he never would have guessed who it would be.

"My son," Abin spoke softly, "it doesn't have to be this way."

"Yes it does!" Amon Sur snapped. "You made it so it had to be this way! If you'd ever been there, this could have been avoided! But your precious corps was always more important to you! And without you, I was left to find my own light. And I have."

He lifted up his fist, displaying the power ring he wore, yellow light shining from it. It was a small thing, but both men knew it was immensely powerful.

It was also very similar and yet very, very different from the one Abin wore.

"I am deeply sorry to hear that, my son," the older man said slowly, his green ring lighting up in answer to his son's.

Despite how grim his situation was and how gruesome the injuries he'd already sustained were, the Green Lantern forced himself back to his feet. If he was to die, he would do so standing on his own two feet and fighting till his last breath.

"But I am a Green Lantern, and I cannot allow one who worships evil's might such as you to defeat me," Abin said resolutely. "Even if you are my own son."

The young Sinestro Corps member shook his head. "How noble," he sneered, "and yet how utterly futile."

The ring on his finger flared brightly and then spat out a hailstorm of knives made from yellow light. Abin reacted on instinct, focusing his mind and will reflexively. A beam of green light shot out from his own ring, materializing into a large shield.

But it was useless; the yellow impurity, perhaps the greatest weakness of one of the most powerful weapons in the universe, held fast. His shield failed to so much as slow the luminous knives down, and Abin released a cry of agony as the blades easily pierced his force field and left deep lacerations and punctures all across his body.

In spite of his best efforts, Abin Sur again sank to his knees.

"Tell me, Father, are the icy fingers of fear starting to curl around your heart?" Amon taunted. "Does panic grip you as you realize that death is nigh?"

Abin looked up at his foe defiantly. "Those who wear the rings of Oa know no fear."

With these words, Abin unleashed an enormous blast of energy from his ring, the most powerful, brute force attack he could will into being. His enemy just smirked and erected a shield of yellow light, knowing it would protect him regardless of how powerful the Green Lantern's attack was.

Pity that the young Sinestro Corpsman wasn't Abin's target.

Instead, the burst of emerald light crashed into the great, jagged spire of stone behind him, creating an instant rockslide. The younger man screamed, realizing too late his enemy's intentions. Amon raised his fist, his ring aglow with its terrible power, but he was not fast enough. He was completely buried under a tidal wave of rock.

Abin Sur's face scrunched together as he warded off tears. It was one final victory in the eternal fight for order and justice, but at such a terrible cost.

With great difficulty, the Green Lantern made his way back to his ship, applying pressure to the worst of his wounds on the way in a mostly futile effort to staunch the bleeding.

It is fortunate, I suppose, that sentimentality has made me use this vessel, for I am in no shape to fly without it, he mused.

"Ring," he spoke as he finally collapsed into the pilot's seat of his star ship, "what is the nearest world to here that is inhabited by sentient life forms?"

"The planet Earth is located approximately six light years from your current position," his power ring answered. "Coordinates are as follows…"

Abin Sur punched the coordinates his ring gave him into his ship's auto-pilot, and soon he was soaring away from this place that one of his sworn enemies had tried to make his grave.

His space vessel made the jump to transluminal space just as Amon Sur exploded out of the mountain of broken rocks, murder blazing in his yellow eyes.

Misato Katsuragi was feeling seriously disturbed as she drove back to her apartment from NERV headquarters, so much so that she was actually obeying the traffic laws as she went.

Anyone who knew her usual driving habits would have immediately demanded to know who she was and what she'd done with the real Misato had they seen her now, but fortunately she was alone. The simple fact of the matter was that too much of her mind was mulling over recent events for her to pull off her usual insane road stunts.

She just couldn't stop thinking about the recent mission to Mount Asuma.

"Captain Katsuragi, have you forgotten that there's a human being in there?" Makoto's appalled voice whispered from her memory.

"Shut up, Hyuga," she growled. "Why did you ever have to open your damn mouth?"

The truth was, she probably would never have given her decisions at the volcano a second thought if the technician hadn't spoken up. Asuka had agreed with her, and Shinji hadn't had the nerve to say anything to make her scrutinize her actions.

But Makoto, damn him, had made her realize that she was ordering a teenager be lowered ever further into boiling hot lava.

The German could be a brat sometimes…okay, most of the time, but that didn't give Misato the right to gamble with her life for the sake of getting her revenge. Indeed, Asuka was Misato's responsibility twice over, since she was both commanding officer and guardian to the redhead.

Thinking about it further, she realized that it didn't bother her so much that she'd made the decision that she had. What really bothered her was that the fact she was endangering the life of a child hadn't even entered into the mental calculus she'd used to reach said decision.

Ignoring factors like that could make someone commanding a battle unduly reckless, she knew.

And for what? An organization she knew was keeping all kinds of secrets from her? For some feeling of satisfaction that she knew merely commanding the battles against the Angels didn't give her?

Clearly, making these issues go away was going to require Yebisu. A lot of Yebisu.

She was so fixated on her thoughts that she didn't immediately notice it when she took a turn which would not bring her back to her apartment. Frowning, the Ops Director tried to correct her course, but she found herself unable to turn the wheel the way she wanted.

Misato then glanced down at her hands…and gasped as she realized that they were both enveloped in an aura of green light.

"What the hell?!" she exclaimed.

"Misato Katsuragi," spoke a flat, otherworldly voice that seemed to come from all around her. "You have been chosen."

"Chosen? Chosen for what?!" she demanded.

No answer came, and Misato tried desperately to wrest control of her hands, and control of her car along with them.

It was no use, however. The green light had an iron grip on her, and she couldn't even take her hands off the steering wheel. She soon discovered that the same light had also taken control of her feet, and with them, the pedals. She was powerless, a passenger in the driver's seat of her own car.

"Let me go!" Misato shouted defiantly as she continued to struggle. "Damn it! I never thought I'd be fighting an Angel like this!"

It was an incorrect, but understandable assumption.

The Ops Director was forced to drive her car to the outskirts of the city, cursing and resisting futilely the whole way. When at last she was in a fairly isolated spot, the green light that bound her then forced her to turn her car's motor off and step outside the vehicle.

"Okay, now what?" she demanded irritably.

A moment later she wished that she'd kept her big mouth shut. The green light that imprisoned her hands and feet abruptly left her extremities and forced a perfect sphere of emerald light around her, trapping her. The Ops Director beat her fists against the walls, but it was like punching solid stone.

She briefly considered drawing her gun and trying to shoot her way out, but the chance of the bullet ricocheting around her emerald prison and killing her seemed too great.

The sphere lifted into the air and flew off, away from the city and civilization in general. Misato nearly fell thanks to the force of inertia, and only managed to avoid an undignified tumble by leaning against the side of the sphere.

With a sigh of resignation, the purple haired woman finally decided to cease her futile resistance for the moment. She sat down, waiting for this thing to arrive at its destination.

At least it's fast, she thought, observing the way the landscape blurred by.

After a few moments had passed, the green sphere slowed and then stopped, well away from any sign of civilization. Indeed, the only thing not created by nature so far away from any city or town was some kind of bullet shaped vessel which had crashed to the earth and created a long trench in the ground as it had done so.

Okay, maybe this isn't the Angels I'm dealing with here, Misato thought.

The sphere deposited Misato on the ground near the crashed vessel, then broke apart, the light which had composed it again grabbing hold of her hands and feet. This time, however, she didn't fight it, too curious about the space ship.

The Operations Director pried open a hatch on the side of the ruined vessel and carefully stepped inside, prodded on by the green light the entire way.

Seated upon the only chair in the little shuttle was a man surrounded by a halo of green light. He was dressed in a form fitting, black and green outfit that had a simple emblem on the chest which consisted of a circle with a horizontal line on the top and bottom.

Yet the two things Misato noticed first were the numerous wounds all over his body that oozed purplish blood, and the almost brick red hue of his skin—not a skin color that normal humans had.

"Greetings," the man said, looking up at her.

Misato barely hid her reaction when she saw his eyes; instead of corneas and pupils, this being had only glowing green circles of light.

"My apologies for summonsing you here in this manner, but I couldn't go to you," he said.

A ring of luminescent green metal on his hand pulsed with emerald light, and Misato's bonds vanished. She noticed that the strange glow left his eyes once he'd done this, turning them into a normal but piercingly green pair of eyes.

"Who are you? Are you all right?" she blurted out at once.

The man smiled weakly for a moment before grimacing in pain. "I'm dying," he said bluntly. "As for my identity, I am Abin Sur, the Green Lantern of this sector."

"Green Lantern?" Misato asked.

"We are a corps of officers drawn from all sentient races of the universe, selected one and all for our ability to overcome great fear," he said. "We are tasked by the Guardians of the Universe with enforcing order and justice throughout the cosmos. A Green Lantern is empowered by the ring, which is one of the most formidable weapons in the universe. The power ring is fueled by the wielder's willpower. It can make your thoughts and wishes a reality."

"And what does this have to do with me?" Misato asked, even though she had a sinking feeling that she already knew.

"You, Misato Katsuragi, have been chosen by the ring to become my successor," Abin answered. "To serve in the corps is a great honor. Do you accept this duty?"

"No, oh no," Misato said at once, holding her hands up in a warding gesture. "I already have a crazy job with incredible responsibilities. I can't possibly…"

"Haven't you ever watched powerlessly as an injustice was being committed, or seen a tragedy unfolding, and wished that you could do something about it?" Abin asked.

Misato couldn't even pretend that she hadn't. She had seen too many terrible disasters and things that were just plain wrong during her life, not the least of which was the way NERV and she herself sent children off to war against the Angels.

"Yes," she said softly.

"As the Green Lantern, there will never be a wrong greater than your power to make things right," Abin promised.

Misato was silent for a long time, just staring at the slowly guttering Green Lantern as she considered.

On the one hand, the idea of accepting this offer seemed nothing short of insane. She had nothing to go on about this power ring but Abin Sur's word, and really, her life was more than insane enough already without the addition of some alien artifact.

On the other hand, though…

The most formidable weapons in the universe, Misato thought. How can I turn down something that might help humanity defeat the Angels?

She realized that if she turned down the ring, and then Shinji—or either of the other EVA pilots, for that matter—died in combat, then she would never forgive herself.

"All right," she said. "I accept."

Abin Sur smiled faintly. "Good," he said. He pressed a button on the arm of his chair, and a small compartment near Misato slid open. "Take that. You'll…need it."

Misato reached into the compartment and withdrew what looked like an old fashioned lantern. Appropriately enough, it was made entirely out of green metal, similar to that of the ring.

"What is it?" she asked.

"A power battery," Abin answered, coughing wetly. "The ring cannot…hold an infinite charge. You must recharge it periodically…with that."

"I see," Misato said, though she wasn't at all sure if she did or not. "Is there anything else I should know about?"

"The yellow impurity," Abin Sur said, his voice becoming softer and softer with each passing moment. "The ring's power cannot directly affect anything...colored yellow."

"Is that all?" Misato asked, silently wondering how many more strings were attached to this power ring.

"No, but those are the most important things," Abin said, a hint of amusement in his expression, as though he'd read her mind. "The ring itself can...tell you the rest of what you need to know."

"It's alive?" Misato asked, eyes widening.

Abin shook his head. "Ask it questions, and it will answer. It may also offer you advice at times," he said, "but it has no will of its own."

Misato nodded. "I understand."

"Good," Abin gasped out.

He gestured for her to approach him. She did, and the Green Lantern removed his power ring. Immediately, the halo of green light that surrounded him winked out, and his eyes became dark blue instead of green.

"Here," Abin said, holding out the ring, his voice no more than a whisper now.

Misato held out her hand, and Abin Sur placed the ring within her palm and then closed her fingers around it. "Good luck, Green Lantern," he said. "Be fearless in your pursuit of justice."

His final task at last completed, Abin Sur leaned back in his chair, a trace of a smile appearing on his face. "A human. I never thought I'd see the day," he whispered, then he seemed to sober and added. "I am sorry, Amon."

With that, Abin Sur, one of the most respected Green Lanterns who ever lived and the protector Sector 2814 for over a century, released one last, shuddering breath and died.

A few minutes later found Misato standing outside the crashed space ship, feeling almost numb from everything that had just happened, the power ring still clutched her fist.

She opened her palm, then picked up the ring. However, she didn't immediately don it. Instead, she inspected it closely. It was a rather bulky thing, similar in shape and size to a class ring one might purchase from a university upon graduation. Except that on top, in place of large stone, was the same symbol Abin Sur had worn on his chest. That was the emblem of the Green Lanterns, she supposed.

C'mon, Misato, she thought to herself, you're not going to accomplish anything by just standing here.

Taking a deep breath, she slipped it onto the middle finger of her right hand.

Immediately, a corona of emerald light surrounded Misato Katsuragi's form, the bright shine heralding the dawn of a new Green Lantern. She opened her mouth to let out a cry of surprise, but no sound came out.

"MISATO KATSURAGI OF EARTH," the ring spoke in that same flat, otherworldly voice she had heard earlier, "YOU HAVE THE ABILITY TO OVERCOME GREAT FEAR."

What looked like green flames washed over her body, not hurting her in the slightest but sweeping away her NERV uniform, leaving a form fitting black and green uniform befitting a member of the Corps in its place.


After several seconds, the light subsided, leaving Misato panting and staring down at the green ring on her finger.

What a rush! She thought.

"Okay," she finally spoke after several moments had passed. "Ring, how do I use you?"

Author's Notes: First of all, a big thanks to orionpax09 for giving me leave to write a second Superwomen of Eva series. The idea of a DC-based SOE series has been rattling around in my head for months now, and I'm glad to be doing it. For those who may be wondering, I've picked out powers for all of the canon Eva girls, except, ironically, Hikari. If anybody would like to throw me an idea for which hero she should be, I'd be glad to listen.

Now, for notes on the story itself. For those who don't follow the Green Lantern comics, I hope I haven't confused you with this. If I have, however, don't worry; you get to learn along with Misato what being a GL is about.

Fellow Green Lantern fans will note that I'm playing with the mythos very loosely, as Abin Sur died long before Sinestro formed his corps. Also, I don't believe Abin and Amon ever fought one another. In my first draft, Abin was fighting a random Sinestro Corpsman, but as this is an Eva fic, a clash of a father and his son seemed kind of appropriate.

I have to say, Misato as the Green Lantern strikes me as the best fit I've made when it comes to matching Eva women with DC heroes. She's a lot like Hal Jordan when you think about it. They both have major issues relating to their fathers' deaths (though admittedly Hal's aren't as bad, since his feelings regarding his father are quite unambiguous). They're both also brave to the point that one might occasionally wonder if they're a little nuts, and they cannot bring themselves to ever surrender. And, in Secret Origin, Hal struck me as being at least somewhat self-destructive, and Misato definitely has her own self-destructive tendencies, such as her drinking.

It also doesn't hurt that Green Lantern is probably my favorite comic book, and Misato is the only Eva woman I could see being given a ring. Really, Asuka is the only other one I could maybe see getting one, and then only because she reactivated Unit Two in EoE with seemingly nothing but sheer willpower.

But I've rambled for too long (sorry, I'm excited about this new project, and this story in particular). So, as always, thanks to my readers and reviewers.


Dirty Old Man

"MISATO KATSURAGI OF EARTH," the ring spoke in that same flat, otherworldly voice it had used earlier, "YOU HAVE THE ABILITY TO OVERCOME GREAT FEAR."

What looked like green flames washed over her form, not hurting her in the slightest but sweeping away her NERV uniform, leaving her…completely nude.

"Welcome to the Green Lantern Corps!"

Misato gasped and turned toward the direction of the ship, finding Abin Sur standing there, looking perfectly fine and gazing at her lecherously.

"You damn hentai!" she shouted.

A jet of green light suddenly shot out of the ring, forming a giant mallet. Abin gulped. "I knew there was a flaw in this plan…" he mused as the hammer came down.