The Epic T-Rated Contest

The rules are simple:

1. No lemons. Must be rated 'T.'

2. Has to have a line or reference to a cannibal.

3. Has to have a line or reference to a fireman.

4. All canon pairings.

5. Has to be a one-shot, but is allowed to be continued once the contest is finished.

6. Must copy/paste these rules to the top of your submission. Two entries per person. Collaborations acceptable.

7. Must PM either Daddy's Little Cannibal or Bronzehairedgirl620 to alert them of your entry so we can add your story to the C2 if it fits the requirements.

The contest will run until June 6th, 11:59 MST (Mountain Standard Time.) Submissions need to be posted to FF and must follow the rules above. Have fun with it! We look forward to reading your entries. :)

"Holy crap. Look at Emmett!" Bella shrieked pointing across the room to where my brother was stumbling around pretending to bite people."

"What do you think he is?" I asked her, trying to figure it out myself. "A cannibalistic fireman? I mean, he IS dressed as a fireman… but he's got fake blood all over his face and he's pretending to bite people."

"I'm really not sure. A vampire fireman?" Bella guessed, winking at me in my Dracula costume.

"He's a zombie." Alice announced skipping up beside us in her Southern Belle costume.

"Ohh, that makes sense." Bella muttered irritably, picking at her slave girl costume. "Alice why did you make me wear this?"

"You know why. It looks great, stop complaining." Alice danced off towards Jasper. I shuddered as her thoughts turned to riding her cowboy.

"I swear this family seriously goes overboard every Halloween…" I muttered, watching the drunk humans rubbing up against each other on the dance floor.

"No, ALICE goes overboard every Halloween." Bella amended. "Now, my scary vampire… come have a nibble." She winked and pulled me towards the stairs.

"Oh. My. God." She stopped pulling me and stared across the room at Rosalie who had now joined Emmett. "The fireman zombie, and the burns victim zombie. Emmett SO picked those costumes out."

I snickered. "It doesn't really look like Rose is wearing a costume, it's mostly make up and burnt scraps of cloth." I laughed out loud as a vase came flying at my head.

Shut up Edward, go nibble on your pet human for a while. Rosalie's thoughts were bitter, she hated looking so repulsive, even for Halloween.

"Ahhh ZOMBIES!" A very drunk Mike Newton screamed, turning and running straight into a wall. He really should have cut eye holes into the sheet he wore draped over him.

I shook my head, I hate Halloween parties.

A/N: Lol, it's short, it's lame... I was bored, sue me.