So I'm a trekky.

I have been all of my life, and always will be one because I love Star Trek and I'm proud to admit that I do.

I have seen the new Star Trek movie already twice, and plan to see it a third and fourth time.


Because I liked this AU universe soooooo much, and Zachary Quinto is one of my FAVORITE actors (I would love to be his lover) and Spock has always been, and always will be, my FAVORITE Star Trek character.

And though I hate Kirk with a passion…AU Kirk played by Chris Pine was pretty cool.

Anyways…since I always loved Spock, McCoy, Scotty and Sulu, I wanted to write a Star Trek fic that probably no one will read.

But oh well, I'm posting it anyways.

And you guessed it—its set in the AU world of the movie, and it's about my first love…a nerdy/beautiful/sometimes obnoxious/logical/sexy Vulcan by the name of Spock.

It's because of Spock that men that speak logic and science turn me on.

Yeah…I'm biased when it comes to him because he owns my soul.

Oh and one more little note: this story is gonna be kind of lusty.

I'm exploring the emotions under the Vulcan exterior, but their lust and intrigue for each other are bigger emotions for them than love at first.

So expect shameless flirting and some dirty limericks that will result in a strange relationship that I already love creating.



My first day on the U.S.S. Enterprise was interesting to say the least. First of all, my best friend, my younger sister and I started on the same day, and my older brother was already on board the Enterprise, and awaiting our arrival.

"It's bigger than I thought it would be." Megan (my younger sister) said as she looked out of the shuttle window.

"I can't wait to start getting ordered around." Janet (my best friend) told Megan and I with a shrug.

I smiled out the window. "I'm planning on seeking Leo out first, and then assuming my position on the bridge."

Janet sighed. "I hate that you already get to go onto the bridge. I mean how come you get to be all ambassadory and sciencey?"

Megan rolled her eyes. "Because of her heritage and her mind, Janet. Oh, and before I forget—please keep your flirting with our brother down to a minimum, all right? He's not interested."

"Yeah…his divorce was rough, and frankly…he's a little too old for you." I told her.

"Whatever—I'm 25 so it's totally legal." Janet said. "Besides…you're brother is hot, and his paranoid nature is addictive."

Megan and I laughed and shook our heads, and sat in silence as the shuttle docked. Megan and I smiled as we stepped out of the shuttle, Leonard McCoy (our older brother, whom Megan called Bones like Kirk did but I called him Leo), waiting for us with Spock. I'd heard about him, but never had the pleasure of meeting a Vulcan before. Granted they were kind of endangered now, but as a half Betazoid I was highly intrigued because while Vulcans suppressed their emotions, Betazoids were forced to rely on them due to our telepathic abilities.

"Leo!" I exclaimed, hugging him fiercely after he was done scanning all of the new arrivals to serve on the ship and then sent everyone but Megan and I off to their stations with a man I didn't know just by looking at him. "I should warn you now that Janet's going to be serving under you to help you in the Med Bay."

Leonard sighed. "Figures she'd try to do the medical thing just to stalk me."

I shrugged. "I think she's just super excited that you're divorced now."

"Yeah…frankly it's annoying the way she idolizes you." Megan told him, hugging him too. "So…when do we get to see Jim again?"

"Soon—he'd like to council with Lily first." Leonard said, looking in my direction. "He's kind of excited to have you on the ship, really."

"Great…your friend had better keep his hands to himself." I warned, and as we turned to leave, I smiled at Spock. "You must be Commander Spock."

Spock nodded his arms behind his back. "You are Lillian McCoy. You're skilled in negotiations and you speak several different languages."

I smiled. "That I do, but you already have a linguistics expert—I'm here mostly for negotiating with alien species. Wow…you're fascinating."

"Fascinating?" Spock inquired.

"Fascinating. I've never been this close to a Vulcan before, but your species has such strength…such power. You suppress your emotions, but you have them…and they're strong. It's amazing." I said happily, studying his face hard and then getting up in it just a little bit. "You're intrigued by me."

"Stop flirting, Lily." Leonard told me, and took me by the arm. "Sorry, Spock—she doesn't really understand the meaning of personal space."

Spock nodded but kept his eyes fixed on me. "That's quite all right. Captain Kirk is waiting in his ready room for your arrival, Counselor McCoy."

I bit my lip as I smiled. "So formal."

"I am a professional." Spock reminded me.

I nodded. "I'm quite aware. We'll see each other again, Commander."

Spock nodded at me, and then we parted ways and Leonard shook his head.

"You are such a flirt, Lily." Leonard told me. "He's not big on emotions, and you're ruled by them—it's like oil and water."

"I dunno…he was eyeing her quite a lot, Bonesy." Megan said with a shrug.

"Well opposites attract, Leo." I added, agreeing with Megan. "Now…Jimmy-Jim?"

Leonard rolled his eyes and we went into the ready room after Megan went to go and check in with Lieutenant Commander Scott, and once Kirk saw me again he smirked a little and told my brother that it was fine and he could leave us, my brother sighed and then left Kirk and me alone.

"Alone again, Lil." Kirk said.

I rolled my eyes. "Still not sleeping with you, Jimmy."

Kirk sighed. "It was worth a try. So…you got through Star Fleet with extremely high marks, and you seem genuinely excited to be here."

"Of course I am. My brother's here, Megan's been planning on being in Star Fleet since she was little, and I have telepathic advantages so why not be a counselor? On top of that, space fascinates me, and since you're going to be meeting new aliens, I figured why not?" I told him with a smile. "Have I ever said I was proud of you, by the way, Jimmy?"

Kirk shook his head. "No you haven't, Lil."

I nodded slowly. "Well I am. You deserve this."

"It's really a 'no' on the sleeping together?" Kirk asked.

I laughed and rolled my eyes. "Yes, Jimmy—it's really a 'no'."


After getting settled into my quarters, I smiled a little and looked around. I was in space. I was in space with my family, I had a Vulcan to follow around and pick apart, and I had a friend to call in favors from—which helped since he was the captain of the Starship I was currently on. A little hungry, I got up to go and eat in the Mess Hall, replicating myself some food and then sitting down at a table on my own with a datapad.

"I take it I can concur that you're settled in Counselor McCoy?" Spock asked me.

I smiled as I sipped my coffee, already completely attracted to his voice. He talked in a register that was manly, and the way his voice caressed his words was enchanting. I looked up into his emotionless and yet completely emotion-filled eyes and smiled some more.

"I am settled in, thank you, Commander. Join me?" I offered, motioning to the chair next to me.

Spock sat down slowly, and I giggled a little as I sipped my coffee again. Spock wanted me to tell him about myself—he was just as intrigued by my embrace of my emotions as I was intrigued by his suppression of his.

"Leo and Megan are my half siblings. My mother is a Betazoid, and left me on our father's door step when I was 4…Leo was 9. Needless to say, she didn't really want to be a mother. The only reason that Leo's and Megan's mother didn't leave him, was because she was expecting Megan." I began, watching his face but only feeling the expressions he refused to physically display.

"I find it illogical to stay with a man who committed adultery—especially for a human." Spock told me.

I shrugged. "She's a much bigger woman than I've ever met. She raised me like her own daughter. She's been there for me my entire life, and she might as well be my mother. I may not be hers by blood…but she took me in and accepted me and raised me. I am thankful for her, and I am thankful for my siblings."

Spock nodded. "Do you ever find feeling everything exhausting?"

I looked him in the eye. "Feeling everything is just as exhausting as pretending not to feel anything."

"I do not deny that I have emotions." Spock protested calmly.

"I never said that you denied you have emotions—but you refuse to use them. That's just like pretending you don't feel." I explained. "You're hard…stoic. You're logical, and though that is a very helpful trait, you miss so much by not embracing your feelings."

"There is great satisfaction in being in control." Spock told me. "Satisfaction is a feeling."

I smiled. "Again…fascinating. Tell me, Spock…do Vulcans have urges? Do you experience lust like humans? You are half human, are you not?"

"You and I both share that common bond." Spock answered.

"Then do you?" I asked him. "I know it's a personal query, but we're trying to figure each other out, are we not?"

"You are a very faceted woman." Spock told me and paused a moment. "I believe I have felt that urge before, yes."

I nodded. "Then I suppose you've satisfied it? Or just suppressed it like everything else?"

Spock raised an eyebrow for a moment. "Are you asking purely to figure out more about me, or is there an underlying motive to your question?"

I laughed. "You mistake me for a temptress, Commander. I am merely trying to figure out how Vulcans tick, and you're the closet to one that I am going to find here."

"I do not indulge in such activity. I am a professional, and there is no reason for me to have such with relations with anyone." Spock replied. "Seeing as how we seem to be opposite, I assume you have?"

"Megan jokes that I'm a very sexual being, but I merely flirt…occasionally grope. I have no reason for such relations with anyone either. I love to feel, I do—but there are some things that demand a certain time and place." I admitted, sipping more coffee. "Again personal, but aren't you and Lieutenant Uhura together? Surely you've felt the need to indulge, Commander."

"When Lieutenant Uhura and I became permanently stationed on the Enterprise, we severed our relationship. It is unprofessional to have relations with someone that you work with—it is illogical to put yourself in a position to have feelings cloud duty." Spock replied.

I smiled. "I already feel like I know you, Commander."

Spock nodded. "And I, you, Counselor."

I drank the rest of my coffee. "I hope we can have more conversations like this in the future, Commander. As of right this moment though, I should meet with Janet."

"Cadet Ferris." Spock told me, standing when I stood up.

I nodded. "Cadet Ferris. She's training in the Med Bay, and most likely soliciting my brother for improper and unprofessional relations."

I couldn't help but smile as I felt the emotion in Spock—he was amused. He was aware that I was jokingly making fun of him, but he wasn't smiling or laughing. Part of me wanted to try and peel back enough of his exterior to figure out how to get him to smile, but I knew I had to save some excitement for our next encounter.

"If you'd like to continue this, Commander, we can make a regular meeting for breakfasts. I'm not convinced I understand you, yet…but I'd like to." I told him.

"It would be unprofessional to set up dates, Counselor." Spock replied.

"Oh, Commander…this would be strictly business research." I said.

Spock paused a moment and then nodded. "Breakfast meetings it is then."